Hunter x Hunter Filler List 2023 (Episodes To Watch or Skip)

Hunter x Hunter Filler List

There are a lot of debates surrounding which Hunter x Hunter Filler List is better, 1999 or 2011. Is it worth the watch? Can I skip it? Well, if you weren’t already aware, filler episodes in any Anime don’t add up to the main arc. 

Sure, in some specific anime, it helps in character development (even if it’s supportive characters). But overall, filler episodes in Hunter x Hunter are not that extraordinary. 

So, if you feel like skipping it, you can. Regardless, I will cover everything you need to know about Hunter x Hunter Fillers in this article. 

Hunter x Hunter Fillers

Are There Two Versions of Hunter x Hunter?

The original Anime was released in 1999. However, the creators seemingly went through the Manga version as the years passed and decided to make a Hunter x Hunter reboot. 

However, the 2011 Hunter x Hunter version has no connection with the 1999 version and is completely based on Manga. 

So, coming back to your question, yes, there are two versions of Hunter x Hunter: 1999 and 2011. And since the previous version was too popular, they had to create a rebooted one with high-quality animation and complete Manga-based arcs. 

What Are Fans’ Views On Hunter x Hunter Fillers?

Fans view on Hunter x Hunter fillers

As you know, Filler episodes of any Anime usually differ from the main arc. And Hunter x Hunter fillers are no different. Moreover, many fans are not happy with the fillers, especially because it’s not written by the original writer (Yoshihiro Togashi). 

In fact, if you go through the lowest ratings of Hunter x Hunter, then you would notice filler episodes of Hunter x Hunter 2011 (Episodes 13 and 26) have received the lowest ratings. 

Hunter x Hunter Filler List: 1999 and 2011

I have added the filler episodes of Hunter x Hunter 1999 and 2011 versions in the following table. Along with that, I have also listed their respective arcs and titles. 

Original Release YearEpisode NumbersHunter x Hunter ArcsEpisodic Titles
19992Hunter Exam ArcEncounter x Intimidation x Departure
19997Hunter Exam ArcTrauma x Limit x Sweet Trap
199918Hunter Exam ArcTreasure x Memory x Hotel Room
199919Hunter Exam ArcSeparation x Diary x Water Inflow
199920Hunter Exam ArcGiant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush
201113Hunter Exam ArcLetter x From x Gon
201126Zoldyck Family Arc (Unofficial)Then x And x After

Hunter x Hunter Filler List: 1999 and 2011

Hunter x Hunter filler list

The first ever arc of Hunter x Hunter is the Exam Arc, which covers episodes from 1 to 21. 

Most of the arc revolves around Gon and his journey toward becoming the most powerful hunter. And to do so, he ends up visiting an event called Hunters Exams. 

The event is specially created for any aspiring Hunter, as they receive training there. 

So brace yourself, as there will be tons of adventures along the way! 

Moreover, you will meet a few other main characters as well. And if I talk about the second arc (Zoldyck Family Arc), it covers episodes from 22 to 26. 

Additionally, most of the arc revolves around Hunter’s family. 

Having said that, let’s go through the filler episodes of both Hunter x Hunter 1999 version and 2011 in the following list:-

(1999) Ep 2: Encounter x Intimidation x Departure

(1999) Ep 7: Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap

(1999) Ep 18: Treasure x Memory x Hotel Room

(1999) Ep 19: Separation x Diary x Water Inflow

(1999) Ep 20: Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush

(2011) Ep 13: Letter x From x Gon

(2011) Ep 26: Then x And x After

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In terms of better animation and story arc completely in tune with the Manga, the 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter is better. 

However, its only drawback is assuming that viewers are already familiar with the characters and hence, need no introduction whatsoever. In that aspect, I recommend watching the first episode of the original version and then switching to the 2011 one. 

Now coming to fillers, the episode numbers have been reduced in the reboot version. 

So, for those who don’t like to watch a chunk of episodes as fillers, it’s a win-win situation. (Including me.) 

Hence, personally I would definitely go for the Hunter x Hunter 2011 version, and recommend you the same.


Does Hunter x Hunter have any fillers?

Hunter x Hunter indeed has fillers. The original version (1999) has five filler episodes, whereas the reboot version (2011) has two filler episodes. With that in mind, the episode list is as follows:-
Hunter x Hunter Filler Episodes (1999): 2, 7, 18, 19, 20. 
Hunter x Hunter Filler Episodes (2011): 13 and 26.

What episode can I skip in Hunter x Hunter?

You can skip the 26th episode of Hunter x Hunter (2011 version) as it is somewhat a recap of another filler episode (13). 

Is Hunter x Hunter 1999 and 2011 the same?

Hunter x Hunter (2011) is the reboot version of the original Anime. 
So, essentially it is the same. However, the animation quality has enhanced, plus the rebooted version is 100% based on the Maga series. 

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