How To Send Fireworks on iPhone (Easy Instructions)

How send fireworks on iPhone

What better way to congratulate someone through text than by sending fireworks on iPhone? 

Thanks to technological advancements, it is now possible to express your gestures through text in a much-improved manner. 

iPhone’s in-built messenger, iMessage, allows users to add special effects to certain texts. For example, fireworks, confetti, and balloons. 

If you’re wondering how to use this iMessage feature, you’re at the right place. 

In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide to send fireworks as well as other effects on iPhone. Let’s get into the details without further ado. 

Steps To Send Fireworks On iPhone

Whether it’s your first iPhone or you’ve been using one for ages, the method to send fireworks on iPhone is extremely straightforward. Follow the steps below: 

1: Open the iMessage app on your iPhone. 

2: Open the chatbox of the person you want to send fireworks to. 

3: Type your message to the person. But do not hit send yet. 

Type your message

4: Press and hold the send button to reveal the “Send with effect” page. 

 Press and hold the send button
How to Send Fireworks on iPhone-Send with effect

5: Tap on “Screen.” 

Tap on screen

6: Keep swiping right until you find the fireworks effect. 

How to Send Fireworks on iPhone-Firework effect

7: Tap on the blue arrow to send the message. 

How to Send Fireworks on iPhone-Tap on the blue arrow

Once you send the text, you’ll see the chatbox light up with fireworks.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to send a message with fireworks on iMessage. 

Note: You can only send text messages on iPhone with the fireworks effect if the recipient also has an iPhone. 

Words You Can Use To Send Effects On iPhone Automatically

We’ll let you in on an iPhone secret– you can send fireworks on iMessage automatically without going through all those steps we listed! How does that happen? Let’s find out. 

There are certain words that can automatically activate special effects without the extra hassle. For example, the text “Happy New Year” activates the fireworks. Your message will be accompanied by a colorful firework show without the longer manual process. 

Some other words that activate special effects include: 

  • “Happy Chinese New Year”- Red fireworks with haptic feedback. 
How send fireworks on iPhone-Happy Chinese New Year
  • “Happy Birthday”- Balloons.
How send fireworks on iPhone-Happy Birthday Balloons
  • “Congrats” or “Congratulations”- Confetti. 
How send fireworks on iPhone-Congrats
  • “Pew Pew”- Laser beams. 
How send fireworks on iPhone-Pew Pew

Other Fun Animations On iPhone

Besides adding special effects to your messages on your iPhone, you can also animate them! Why send a boring text when you can add a bit of fun?

Here are a few animations you can add to your texts: 

  • Slam- The message bubble slams onto the screen as if pushed with force. 
  • Loud- The message bubble grows large in size and shakes to give the impression of a shout. 
  • Gentle- Sends a tiny text which comes back to the original shape. 
  • Invisible ink- This one’s quite interesting. The text you send using this animation remains invisible until the recipient taps on the bubble to reveal it. 
How send fireworks on iPhone-Invisible ink

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iMessage effects and animations allow you to add an exciting twist to your regular texts. The best part is regardless of whichever iPhone model you or your friend may have, these effects work on everyone. They also work on iPad, iWatch, and Macs. 

With the steps we’ve mentioned, you can easily send effective and animated messages. 

We hope this article helped you find the answer to your question. Please drop your questions or suggestions in the feedback section below.


Why can’t I send fireworks on my iPhone?

If you’re not able to send fireworks to someone via your iPhone, it may be because the recipient does not use iPhone and have an iMessage account. The blue bubble indicates the recipient is using iMessage, while the green bubble shows they are using SMS. 

How to send effective messages?

You can send effective messages on your iPhone by typing certain words or phrases or by long pressing the send button. 

Can I send fireworks in regular messages?

Yes, it is possible to send fireworks with any message. Type your message, long press on the send button, and choose the fireworks effect from the options. 

Can I send photos and videos on iMessage with special effects?

Yes, you can send photos and videos on iMessage with special effects and animations with the same method used for text messages. 

Why can’t my friend see the special effect messages I’m sending?

Your friend may have disabled “Auto-Play Message Effects” in their device’s settings. Users can disable iMessage effects if they prefer not to see them. 

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