23 Most Liked YouTube Videos (September 2023)

Despite YouTube’s messy algorithm and deleting likes, aren’t you curious about the most liked YouTube video? Is it Justin Bieber’s global hit, Baby? Or BTS’ Dynamite?

However, the chances of the former being the number 1 is quite slim, as people were unleashing their suppressed hatred by making it the most disliked one. Regardless, in this article, I will discuss the top 23 most admired YouTube videos. 

So stay tuned to check out whether your favorite videos have made it on the list!

Which Is The Most Liked YouTube Video?

As of 2023, the most liked video is an original Spanish song, Despacito, with 51.23 Million likes. The song is led by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, and ever since its release, it went on to win several important awards, including:-

  • Latin Grammy Awards
  • 18th Latin Grammy Awards

Not just that, but Despacito was also declared as the best Latin song of all time, which further sustained the position of the most-viewed YouTube video between August 2017 and November 2020. 

10 Most Liked YouTube Videos At A Glance(2023)

In the following table, I have mentioned the top 10 most-liked YouTube videos! Further, I have also added their YouTube link, the creator’s names, and of course, the number of likes!

Sr.NoTitle of the VideoUploaded fromNumber of LikesLink
1.DespacitoLuis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee52 Million Here
2.See You AgainWiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth41 MillionHere
3.Baby Shark DancePinfong41 MillionHere
4.Would you fly to Paris for a BaguetteMrBeast38 MillionHere
5.DynamiteBTS36 MillionHere
6.OMG Best TeacherDednahype35MillionHere
7.If Cleaning Was a Timed SportDaniel LaBelle
34 Million 
8.Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping RaceHow Ridiculous33 MillionHere
9.Shape of YouEd Sheeran31 MillionHere
10.How Zach King Gets Away With Doing GraffitiReuploaded by: DollbillOriginal creator: Zach King31 MillionHere
11.Home Alone in a RushDanielleLaBelle30 MillionHere

23 Most Liked YouTube Videos As Of 2023

In the list given below, I have added 23 highest-liked YouTube videos, which include music videos, shorts, random videos, etc. 

Along with that, I have briefly explained the specialty of the said videos and who has created them. So on that note, let’s go through them:-

1. Despacito (52 Million Likes)

Spanish original single, Despacito, by artist Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee has held the title of the most-liked YouTube video for about 900 days now. 

The primary reason behind its hype is fans’ desperate need to learn the lyrics at the time. 

2. See You Again (41 Million Likes)

Before Despacito dethroned it, See You Again was the number one liked YouTube video. 

The Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack, led by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, gained immense popularity and love globally, gaining 5.8 Billion views along with 41 Million likes. 

3. Baby Shark Dance (41 Million Likes)

If you read the title and started humming, then you are not alone, as almost everyone is familiar with the tune. This nursery rhyme got popular worldwide, which led to the rhyme being translated into multiple languages for kids to hum along to!

4. Would you fly to Paris for a Baguette (38 Million Likes)

As the title suggests, Mr “Kind” Beast goes around asking people whether they’ll go to Paris to bring him a Baguette (or Bread). And as a few commenters pointed out, the man who asked the right question visited Paris on a free flight! AND RECEIVED EXTRA CASH!

5. Dynamite (36 Million Likes)

If you haven’t heard about the best K-pop group, aka. BTS, then you’re surely living under the rock! After releasing Korean songs (and occasional Japanese ones) for eight consecutive years, Dynamite was their first-ever English single. 

And the international ARMY definitely embraced it with their whole hearts! In fact, it was the fastest-growing YouTube video to reach 10 Million views in under 20 Minutes.  

6. OMG, Best Teacher (35 Million Likes)

The 35 Million Liked short shows a little boy subtly getting bullied: First, his wired earphones get cut, and then there is a straw bullet hits him. 

Of course, his teachers see this and further give him Bluetooth earphones, and there’s an aaye aaye aah moment when the boy solves the (simple) expression on the board. 

7. If Cleaning Was a Timed Sport – Part 2 (33 Million Likes)

As the title suggests, this immersive short covers fast-paced cleaning. 

You know when you’re chilling till the last minute and then hear your parents’ car arrive? Most of the 97K comments expressed the same sentiments. 

8. Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping Race (33 Million Likes)

Another short that covers a race between two guys, and all they are doing is bursting green and yellow balloons with the help of darts. 

And yet, 33 Million people were invested in it, especially for the iconic commentator!

9. Shape of You (31 Million Likes)

Ed Sheeran’s club groove Shape of You was a global hit, where the lyrical genius has discussed how clubs aren’t the best place to find love, so he visits the parties instead. 

And since the hook is immensely catchy, it further climbed up the global charts rapidly!

10. How Zach King Gets Away With Doing Graffiti (31 Million Likes)

Zach King’s 27 seconds video was enough to capture the attention of 3.9 Million people (and their likes!) And all he did was displayed his talent by painting Grafitti. 

However, if you have not watched the video, then you’re definitely missing out!

11. Home Alone in a Rush (30 Million Likes)

Have you watched the film Home Alone? That’s what this short covers in fast forward. 

And if you go through the comment section filled with 97 K people, then you’ll see different POVs as well. My personal favourite is “POV: You’re Watching Tom & Jerry!”

12. Boy with Luv (28 Million Likes)

Boy with Luv feat. Halsey was primarily the reason behind BTS’ far more international exposure. Additionally, the song represents finding joy in small moments. 

I personally love the WINGS reference, which is my all-time favorite era that delves into one’s shadow side. 

13. Gangnam Style (27 Million Likes)

Gangnam Style was the first Korean song to break out on Global charts. Everywhere you go, people are doing the viral horse dance. 

In fact, 2012 was a wild time for Psy, as even Guinness World Records mentioned the song to be the first ever YouTube video to reach 1 Billion views. 

14. Faded (27 Million Likes)

Following its release, Alan Walker’s Faded topped in over 10 Countries and garnered 3.4 Billion Views and 27 Million Likes.

Moreover, it was the first ever EDM song to receive the kind of traction it did!

15. Make This Video The Most Liked Video On Youtube (27 Million Likes)

Do you remember the most-liked Instagram picture of an egg? This YouTube video has seemingly taken inspiration from it. 

And that’s what the uploader (Mr Beast) said in the video: If not number 1, make this video second-most liked non-music video. 

16. Lovely (25 Million Likes)

Although Ocean Eyes was the reason behind Billie Eilish’s initial recognition, Lovely further emphasised her popularity even more. 

The mellow track featuring Khalid is truly one of Eillish’s best songs, as it perfectly captures what goes inside a depressed mind. Moreover, the vocals are goosebumps-inducing!

17. Alone (24 Million Likes)

Produced and written by Marshmallow, Alone is a track that charted on 56th and 60th position on Canadian Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 100, respectively! 

Moreover, currently, the music video has 2.3 Billion views. 

18. How You Like That (24 Million Likes)

Black Pink’s debut single gave them instant stardom. Following that, they kept coming back with chart-topping singles, and How You Like That is one example.

Upon its release, it topped several charts, including Gaon Digital Chart, Billboard’s Kpop Hot 100, etc., making it their third-number single. 

19. Kill This Love (24 Million Likes)

Kill This Love is another chart-topping single by K-Pop girl group Black Pink, which broke several records, including the most viewed YouTube video within 24 hours of release. 

20. Baby (24 Million Likes)

The Bieber fever was so contagious back in the day! The release of the single broke all records worldwide, making Justin Bieber a Global pop star. 

In fact, “Baby” was so widely spread that after a point, people started disliking it, and hence, the likes are reduced to 24 Million now. 

21. Ddu-Ddu Ddu-Du (23 Million Likes)

Damn, Black Pink (or shall I credit Blinks?) is surely on fire with their third song in the most-liked YouTube video list. 

In fact, they were the first ever K-Pop group to surpass 1 Billion views. 

22. Butter (23 Million Likes)

Following their first English single, Dynamite, Butter was their second all-English release. 

Moreover, it was another summer bop that perfectly captured members’ charm with an even better dance break. Further, making it the 22nd most-liked YouTube video. 

23. DNA (22 Million Likes)

When the DNA teaser was dropped, the whole world went crazy over the 7 Korean Boys. 

In fact, that was the beginning of BTS’ international success: The iconic whistle, intense dance break, and how can I not mention my blue-haired bias? (aka, MY worldwide handsome, V). 

To conclude, DNA is one of their commercially successful singles. 

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The Final Verdict: Most Liked YouTube Video

In the article above, I have mentioned the top 23 most liked YouTube videos, where the first five are Despacito, See You Again, Baby Shark Dance, Dynamite, and OMG Best Teacher. Moreover, these videos have likes ranging from 51 Million to 34 Million. 

Though keep in mind this article is curated by considering the latest data. So, in case the numbers change, the list will most likely shuffle. Regardless, I will keep the article updated!

Do let me know whether your favorite artist made it on the list. If not, who is it?


What is the second most liked video on YouTube non-music video?

OMG, Best Teacher is the second-most liked video on YouTube, which is a non-music video.

What is the most viewed non-music video on YouTube?

The most viewed non-music YouTube video is Baby Shark Dance, which garnered 12 Billion videos. 

What is the most liked YouTube short of all time?

OMG, Best Teacher is the most-liked YouTube short of all time, with 34 Million likes as of 2023. 

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