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YouTube came into our life in 2005, and after easy access to the internet, this media platform has become one of the important applications in day-to-day life. People use the application for different purposes; some use it to learn new things, while others surf it for entertainment. 

Like any social media platform, content creators use the application to share their content. For other people, consuming content becomes easy through YouTube. The platform started in 2005 and has spread across the world. According to Statista report, YouTube has 2.5 billion monthly users. 

Three former Paypal employees created this wonder for the users who can easily access the video, whether it is a simple makeup tutorial or a music video. Another study by Statista says that YouTube has 62 % user penetration which is quite large from other social media platforms.

Other data shows that YouTube is the 2nd mostly used search Engine after Google, so people get their solutions from YouTube Videos. 

So, if you want to know the most watched video on YouTube, this article is just for you. Here we will reveal about top 15 most-watched YouTube Videos. 

1. Baby Shark Dance 

The song is about the shark family, which was created for children. Different people re-created the chant differently, but the video of Pink Fong got 3.3 billion views worldwide, making the song the most-viewed YouTube Video. 

Baby Shark Dance

2. Despacito 

Who does not know the popularity of this song? After being released in 2017, these lyrics snatched popularity in no time. Luis Fonsi’s song got the entry in Billboard 100 as a Spanish song. The song was in the top 10 global songs. 


3. Shape Of You 

Shape of you by Ed Sheeran takes 3rd place as the most-watched YouTube video. It received almost 5,722,090,415 views to date, and the song is still played in every other club or party. It was his 3rd studio album which got a super hit. 

Shape Of You

4. See You Again 

See You Again comes in 4th place with  5 513,461,122 views, and the song becomes the anthem for friendship. The melodious voice of Charlie puth with a super fast rap from Wiz Khalifa made the song worthy of occupying a spot in the list. 

See You Again

5. Masha And the Beer

The 5th rank holder most watched YouTube Video is Masha and the Beer, a Russian folk story in animated form. Маша и Медведь is the Russian version which received more than 17 million views. The video was uploaded from Masha Medved tv, an official channel. 

Masha And the Beer

6. Up Town Funk 

Up Town Funk takes the spot at 6, receiving around 4,572,887,830 views. The song is a collaboration of the British music producer Mark Ronson with Bruno mars. It was released in 2014 and consecutively held the position of top 1 on Billboard for 14 weeks. 

Up Town Funk

7. Gangnam Style 

The superhit song of PSY took no time to reach 1 million, and after releasing in 2012, the song touched 2 billion views in 2014. At that time, it broke Justine Bieber’s record. Till 2016, this song was the most-liked video on YouTube. 

Gangnam Style

8. Sugar- Maroon 5 

With 3,696,858,426 views, this song ranks at 8, and it was the 5th release of Marron. After releasing this song, it took 2nd place on US Billboard 100. Based on the wedding theme, Maroon 5 tries to banish the stereotype of the wedding. 

Sugar- Maroon 5

9. Sorry 

The number 9 most watched video on YouTube is Sorry by Justine Bieber. Released in 2015, this was the 5th Studio album of Justin Bieber. It stayed as the top song in Canada for 2 weeks, and people bought more than 10 million copies globally. 


10. Roar – Katy Perry 

The number 10 most-watched YouTube song is Roar by Katy Perry. People get the wild vibe through this song of hers and give 3,583 864,287 views. The song tells the fictional story of taming the tiger after falling from a plane crash. 

Roar By Katy Perry

11. Counting Stars 

Released in 2013, this song is the original of the One Republic band. The song created the vibe of a gloomy atmosphere with beautiful dancing and pointed lights. However, this video is the first song to reach 1 billion. 

Counting Stars

12. Thinking Out Loud

In number 12, again, Ed Sheeran took to space with his song Thinking out Loud. In 2015, this song became the top hit among the UK Top 40. 

Thinking Out Loud

13. Dark Horse

Another hit by Katy Perry, Dark Horse, spotted the 13th in the most-watched YouTube Video. The song was released in 2013, and it was a collaboration with rapper Juicy. 

Dark Horse

14. Faded

The song was released in 2013 by Dj Alen walker. The soothing music captivates people in a way that they use the music in their personalized videos. 


15. Shake it Off

Taylor swift’s song shakes It Off takes 15th place. Among all the styles like hip hops, Balle, and Jazze, the cheerleaders’ twerking attracts most of the viewers. 

Shake it Off

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