BTS Net Worth 2023: Who Is The Richest Member In Band?

BTS Net Worth

How does it look going from a nobody to somebody? That’s what BTS showed to the world!  

Coming from a small country and dominating the music industry globally is no easy task. But BTS is a living example of making the impossible possible. 

With their immense fame and popularity, it is worth wondering what is BTS net worth in 2023? How much do these 7 members earn exactly? 

BTS Net Worth 2023

With their heart-touching music, amazing dance skills, production, and writing, the famous South Korean boy band –BTS is one of the richest boybands, bringing a massive $3.6 billion to the table. 

But that’s all about the group combined. The seven members also have their individual earnings and assets. 

Let’s check it out!

BTS Net Worth as of 2023: At a Glance

BTS net worth in 2022 was reported to be around $150-220 million. However, this report came before HYBPE went public with its IPO, adding additional millions to BTS’ net worth in 2023!

The combined net worth of BTS is $3.6 billion, but does that mean that’s all they own or earn being the biggest boyband in the world? 

Definitely not! 

The seven members have a base salary of $16 million each annually (considering HYBE shares, too), but that doesn’t stop them from grabbing additional deals left and right! (pun intended, BTS fans!)

Note: The figures mentioned above are an estimated calculation. The amount is expected to change with the changes and their brand deals.

BTS Net worth 2023$3.6 billion
BTS annual salary$60 million
BTS Monthly income/salary Unknown 
Contribution to Korea’s economy $4.6 billion
Source of incomeAlbum sales, online and live concerts, merch, brand endorsements, variety shows, etc. 
HYBE Shares owned68,000 (per member)
Brand endorsements (group)Louis Vitton, Puma, Samsung, FILA, Coco-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsonite, Seoul Tourism, Chilsung Cider, etc. 

BTS Net Worth -Individual Earnings

Since their assets are not officially visible, BTS still owns some expensive luxuries known to the public. 

Let’s check out BTS members net worth -J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jin, V, RM, and Jungkook below!

1. J-Hope Net Worth

Currently enrolled in the military, J-Hope is known to be the richest member of BTS, with an estimated net worth between $24-26 million. The additional cash flow into his net worth was added following his solo mixtape “Hope World” in 2018, giving birth to his hit “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

J-Hope Net Worth

As the lead dancer, rapper, and unique vocalist, J-Hope reportedly owns a luxurious $1.6 million apartment in Seoul. Moreover, he also became the brand ambassador for Louis Vitton. 

2. Suga Net Worth 

Known for his raw songwriting, rapping, and producing, Min Yoongi or Suga’s net worth is reportedly $23-25 million. He actively participates in producing, co-producing, writing, composing, and mixing music for BTS and other artists he collaborates with. 

agustd - Net Worth

The producer and rapper also own a luxurious $3 million apartment. Also known as Agust D, Suga is currently on a Solo Tour after his solo album “D-Day,” which will add extra millions to his net worth by the year-end. Moreover, he earns through his brand deals with NBA and Valentino as of 2023. 

3. RM Net Worth

The group leader, RM, is known for his biggest contribution to songwriting, rapping, and dancing for the group. Kim Namjoon or RM net worth is estimated at around $20-25 million. He is also the homeowner of a $5 million apartment which he gives a glimpse of through his Instagram stories and vlog. 

Kim Namjoon Net Worth

With 130 songs under his name in the Korea Music Copyright Association, RM is seen to be the smartest of the group. Furthermore, RM is currently a brand ambassador for Bottega Veneta, and his solo mixtape “Mono” and the recent album “Indigo” adds further to his fortune. 

4. Jin Net Worth

Being the first member to leave for the military in 2022, Jin is the oldest BTS member with an estimated net worth of $20-22 million. Besides his earnings from his music career, Jin also owns a Japanese restaurant with his brother -Seoul Space. 


Besides his $3.4 million apartment, “the astronaut” singer is the proud owner of TurboRoyal Lamborgini Aventador S, and Porche Panamera GTS.

5. Jimin Net Worth

Tying the net worth estimate with V and Jungkook, Jimin’s net worth is $20-22 million. However, seeing his recent chart-breaking solo releases and brand deals, his net worth definitely splurged. Currently, he is a brand ambassador for Tiffany & Co and Dior. 


Known for his unique voice and amazing dancing skills, Jimin is a proud owner of a $5.3 million apartment in “Beverly Hills of Korea” -Nine One Hannam. Additionally, it is also reported that his old apartment is worth $3.9 million. Talking about his love for cars, he owns Porsche Panamera GTS.  

6. V Net Worth

Kim Taehyung, or V, has an estimated net worth of $20-$22 million, but with his brand deals with Celine, the crowned “most handsome man” has definitely added hundreds of thousands more to his existing empire!


V has a $4.55 million apartment in Gangnam. Besides his earnings through BTS, V is also the only member who has debuted as an actor, playing in Korean historical drama. His solo and self-produced music, including Scenery, Sweet Night, Christmas Tree, etc., has also played a vital role in captivating the hearts of millions worldwide!

7. Jungkook Net Worth 

The youngest of the group, known as “golden maknae,” Jungkook has a net worth of $20-22 million. The “all-rounder” of the group also owns a two-story house for $7 million and a $2 million apartment in South Korea. 


If we talk about his car, he owns a Mercedes Benz GT63 S. Besides his wealth from the group, he recently became the brand ambassador of Calvin Klien. He was also the only member to perform at FIFA World Cup 2022 with his solo release “Dreamers.” 

How Does BTS Earn Money: Source of Income 

Since the seven members also have their solo projects and deals, the source of earnings varies from one member to another. 

However, the primary source of income for BTS is music projects, concerts, album sales, online concerts, brand endorsements, merch, variety shows, and HYBE shares. 

Each member is estimated to hold 68,000 shares in HYBE -their label. 

Besides individual endorsements, BTS is also a brand ambassador for various brands, including Hyundai and Samsung as a group.  

Bulletproof Boy Scouts

Since Suga is currently on a world tour, it is safe to assume that its net worth will rise by whopping millions by the end of 2023!

BTS Net Worth: 2013-2023

Here is an overview of the net worth of BTS over the years and how they climbed the ladder of success from their debut in 2013. 

BTS Net worthUSD
2013Not known
20143 Million
201511 Million
201622 Million
201734 Million
201855 Million
2019157 Million
2020172 Million
2021190 Million
2022220 Million
2023$3.6 Billion (combined)

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Final Thoughts 

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see BTS wearing a crown of $3.6 billion! BTS net worth has only seen a massive jump over the years, thanks to ARMYs worldwide for bringing their talent to the limelight. 

With their bright personality and heart-warming music, the record-breaking South Korean boyband has swooned the world!

Since the members are currently on a break from their group activities due to their military enlistment, HYBE has assured fans of their comeback in 2025.

Let’s all hope the members return with another banger when they return, as we cannot wait to see what’s in store for BTS in the future!


How much does BTS earn?

BTS net worth 2021 was estimated to be $190 million, which rose to $220 in 2022. As of 2023, they are estimated to have $220-250 million prior to HYBE’s IPO. 

Who is the highest paid in BTS?

J-Hope is currently the richest member of BTS, with an estimated net worth of $26 million. However, he surely earns more after his brand endorsement with Louis Vitton!

How much does BTS make in a year?

Analysis and reports predicted BTS annual earnings to be $60 million. However, the exact figure is yet to be determined. 

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