20+ Most Liked Post On Instagram Of All Time (2023)

Most Liked Instagram Post

Welcome to our article on the 20 most-liked posts on Instagram! 

If you’re a Messi fan, this post will throughout keep you happy! But if not, you will also find names like Chris Godfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, etc. 

With that in mind, let us go through why your favourite celebrities received the most likes:

Most Liked Post On Instagram

In the following table, we have mentioned the top 10 highest-liked posts on Instagram. The table features rank, Instagram handle, number of likes, and little information regarding their posts. 

RankInstagram HandlePost DescriptionOwnerLikes
1@leomessiMessi’s Qatar World Cup Victory.Lionel Messi74.2 Million
2@world_record_eggChris Godfrey’s Egg post.Chris Godfrey58.7 Million
3@leomessiMessi’s Trophy in Bed.Lionel Messi54.1 Million
4@cristianoRonaldo and Messi are advertising Louis Vuitton while playing Chess.Cristiano Ronaldo42.5 Million
5@leomessiMessi posing with the Trophy on an aeroplane ride back home.Lionel Messi41.6 Million
6@leomessiGrand Welcome to Buenos Aires!Lionel Messi34 Million
Ronaldo’s heartfelt post after quarter-finals elimination. Cristiano Ronaldo33.5 Million
8@leomessi Messi and Ronaldo are advertising Louis Vuitton while playing Chess.Lionel Messi33.8 Million
9@cristiano@georginagioRonaldo family’s TWINS announcement.Cristiano RonaldoGeorgina Rodríguez32.7 Million
10@xxxtentacionXXXTentacion’s last post before death.XXXTentacion30.5 Million

20 Highest-Liked Posts On Instagram

In the following list, we have mentioned the 20 highest-liked posts on Instagram. Let us go through them one by one:

1. This Time For ARGENTINA!

This year’s FIFA World Cup got everybody gushing, sweating, and crying in the corner! (Haha, sorry for hitting on the weak nerve.) 

But that’s how Messi’s champion post on Instagram dethroned the highest-liked Instagram post record holder, aka. @world_record_egg 

Are you surprised? We are sure France isn’t! 

IG handleLikes
@leomessi73.5 Million

2. Egg-cellent Way To Make The World Smile

What had started as a zeal to beat then-record holder Kylie Jenner soon became a collaborative effort. 

Chris Godfrey’s egg post couldn’t help but make us smile whenever it appeared on our feeds. It has indeed been reflected in the number of likes.

IG handleLikes
@world_record_egg58.6 Million
world record egg

3. Morning Glow Post-Victory!

There would rarely be a person who dislikes breakfast in bed. 

Let alone a Trophy, in Messi’s case! 

Rightfully so, as the post-victory joy is evident not only on Messi’s face but also in his fans’ interaction: Making his post the third-highest-liked post on Instagram.

IG handleLikes
@leomessi54.1 Million
Messi in bed with the Trophy

4. Separated By Teams, United By Chess! Or, Shall We Say, Louis Vuitton?

Fans always go crazy whenever Ronaldo and Messi are in the same frame. Especially outside the field. 

The duo posed for a Louis Vuitton Trunk in Ronaldo’s promotional Instagram post while enjoying a game of Chess and receiving tons of traction.

IG handleLikes
@cristiano42.5 Million
Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing chess

5. Trophy’s First Time In Aeroplane

Take a shot every time we mention Messi and his celebrity Trophy! And trust us, the list has just begun. This year’s FIFA World Cup had wrapped everyone under their spell.

So no matter how often Messi poses with the Trophy, his followers show him tons of likes regardless. Don’t be surprised if the following post features him on the street!

IG handleLikes
@leomessi41.6 Million
Lionel Messi on an airplane with the Trophy

6. Grand Welcome To Buenos Aires!

See, we told you! Moreso, it’s not any random street but the OBELISCO MONUMENT STREET!

In this Instagram post, we see Messi and his teammates’ grand welcome in Argentina’s Capital post their victory. If you swipe left, there is a compiled video that shows the number of people who showed up.

IG handleLikes
@leomessi34 Million
Celebrating the World Cup win in Argentina

7. Ronaldo’s Heartfelt Post After Quarter-Finals Elimination

Representing one’s country is not always sunshine and butterflies. Sure, if you do well, the world will worship you with rose petals (and oh so, kind words!) 

But just in case you let them down… (shivers!) Ronaldo took to Instagram to express his despair over being eliminated from the quarter-finals. Moreover, he also subtly acknowledged the hate and all the false accusations.

IG handleLikes
@cristiano33.5 Million
Ronaldo	After elimination of Portugal from the 2022 FIFA World Cup

8. Messi and Ronaldo’s Louis Vuitton AD (and a game of Chess!)

As mentioned in number 4, there is no better treat for fans’ eyes than to see Messi and Ronaldo in the same frame. 

Hence, despite the insane amount of love on Ronaldo’s post regarding the same, the minute Messi uploaded his version of the promotional post, it, too, got immense love. (OR LIKES!)

IG handleLikes
@leomessi32.8 Million
Lionel Messi and Ronald  playing chess

9. Ronaldo Family’s TWINS Announcement.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo shared the pregnancy announcement on their respective Instagram handles. 

If not more, fans are equally happy for the pair to have their first set of twins!

IG handleLikes
@cristiano@georginagio32.7 Million
 georginagio twins pregnancy announcement

10. XXXTentacion’s Last Post Before Death

For those who don’t know, Jahseh (better known by his stage name xxxtentacion) was an American rapper: who was famous for his alienated and depressing music.

Unfortunately, he was shot in June 2018 in what was speculated as a robbery case.

IG handleLikes
@xxxtentacion30.5 Million
XXXTentacion	Final post before his death

11. Argentina’s Victory Against Croatia

So, how many shots are you down? However, this time Messi is not posing with his beloved Trophy but with his beloved team. (Who is just as special to him, of course!)

They all are beaming with joy in every picture, as Messi embraces some of his members, expressing the same.

IG handleLikes
@leomessi29.6 Million
Argentina’s Victory Against Croatia

12. Wedding Bells For Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande’s struggles with PTSD are no secret! 

Be it experiencing a bomb attack at her Manchester concert or losing the love of her life (Mac Miler) to death: which further strained her relationship with then-fiance Pete Davidson. 

Don’t even get us to start on the audience backlash! 

So when Ariana finally found peace with her now husband, her fans sighed a breath of relief!

IG handleLikes
@arianagrande26.3 Million
Grande's wedding with Dalton Gomez

13. Happiest Birthday, Tom Holland!

Our newest Spiderman pair had received a lot of love both onscreen and offscreen. 

So when Zendaya publicly expressed how Tom Holland makes her the happiest: fans went all gaga over their little public display of (birthday) affection.

IG handleLikes
@zendaya25.7 Million
Happy birthday post to Tom Holland

14. Spiderman Multiverse Meme

Tobey Maguire had set a bar with the first Spiderman film. As expected, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland carried on well with the legacy. 

As much as their reunion in No Way Home surprised fans, the trio were equally thrilled to recreate the pointing meme that made it to Tom Holland’s Instagram page.

IG handleLikes
@tomholland201324.8 Million
Spiderman Multiverse Meme

15. Kylie Jenner Is Having A Second Baby

Four years after the birth of their first child (Stormi), Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced their second pregnancy. 

As much as the world celebrated in their joy, once the baby’s name was announced, trolls couldn’t help but mock the family’s unusual name (Wolf) choices. 

IG handleLikes
@kyliejenner24.8 Million
Kylie Jenner Second pregnancy announcement

16. Argentina’s Victory Against Mexico

Winning a neck-to-neck game is one thing, and winning a 2-0 score is something else!

It makes tremendous sense, as Argentina’s match was a do-or-die situation. If they had lost against Mexico, you bet they would have been denied entry to the finals!

IG handleLikes
@leomessi24.4 Million
Argentina’s Victory Against Mexico

17. Messi’s Paid Partnership With Adidas

Ever heard of the saying, “good shoes take you to good places”? In Messi’s case, they took him (or Argentina) to victory! Can you guess who gets the most credit? ADIDAS!

In this Instagram post, Messi is seen promoting Adidas Football.

IG handleLikes
@leomessi@adidasfootball23.6 Million
Messi’s Paid Partnership With Adidas

18. Messi’s Reel Of Memorable Moments From His Football Journey

The reel explores special moments throughout the 30 years of Messi’s football career. 

Ever since Messi played in the neighbourhood football club, he dreamed of being in an Argentian team. So, winning the Qatar world cup means everything to him. 

Messi further dedicated the trophy to those who did not make it to previous world cups and how they all gave their blood, sweat, and tears for this moment!

IG handleLikes
@leomessi23.3 Million
Messi’s Reel Of His Football Journey

19. Brazil’s Elimination Took A Toll On Neymar’s Mental State

No matter how much you want something or how much work you have put in to achieve it: sometimes the odds are not in your favour. At least, that’s what Neymar believes in! 

In his Instagram post, Neymar talked about how the defeat psychologically affected him for quite some time. But then composed Neymar also acknowledged and appreciated his team’s zeal to not give up till the last moment! 

IG handleLikes
@neymarjr23.0 Million
Brazil’s Elimination Took A Toll On Neymar’s Mental State

20. Argentina’s Victory Against The Netherlands

Another victorious post by Messi! What do you expect? We started the list with him, and we are ending the list with him. A good old “life comes full circle” moment.

In this Instagram post, Messi is celebrating Argentina’s victory against the Netherlands!

IG handleLikes
@leomessi22.9 Million
Argentina’s Victory Against The Netherlands

Conclusion: Most-liked Post On Instagram

Football or not, Messi is the star of the show everywhere! 

In this article, Messi single-handedly secured ten positions. (wide eyes). But if you’re not a Messi fan, don’t be disheartened, as Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Ariana Grande have also secured their places. 

With that in mind, we hope our article on the 20 highest-liked posts on Instagram was helpful! Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any additional queries. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What is the most liked Instagram Post?

Lionel Messi’s lifting of the World Cup Trophy is the most liked Instagram Post.

What is the fastest-liked Instagram post of 2022?

BTS’ Jungkook received a Million likes in under 2 minutes at the beginning of 2022.

What is the most extended record holder of the most liked post?

Chris Godfrey’s photo of the egg held the most-liked record for 1,436 days.

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