The 11 Most Expensive Wine In The World

Be it from a winemaker’s perspective or a drinker’s, the finest wine in the world comes with a lot of history and great craftsmanship. But still, the question remains: Which is the most expensive wine in the world?

From the wine costing half a million to $117,000 USD, I have included all the top-ranking names in the list below.

So, if you are curious to explore the world of winery, keep reading!

Top 7 most expensive wine in the world in a nutshell

For wine lovers in a rush, I have shared the top 7 most expensive wines in the world, along with their year of making and prices. 

Expensive WinesYear Of MakingPrice
Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon1992$500,000
Chateau Mouton-Rothchild1945$310,000
Château Cheval Blanc1947$304,000
Château Lafite-Rotschild1869$230,000
Château Margaux1787$225,000

Now that you have reviewed the top 7 options let’s check our list of the 11 most expensive wines that leave a taste of richness on your tongue. There you go.

1. Romanee-Conti (1945) – 558,000 USD

Seeing this bad boy leading the list of the most expensive wines in the world makes more sense when you actually taste it. The manufacturer of this wine has produced some of the most expensive wines that are leading the charts now.

Romanee-Conti (1945)
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However, this wine has especially shined in the auctions over the years and was sold for $558,000 in 2018 for the purpose of world-record-setting. This rare wine was one of the two put on auction. 

2. Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon (1992) – 500,000 USD

This previous world record holder held the record of the most expensive wine bottle bought. In 2000, the bottle was sold for $500000 at a charity gala. This record was held for 18 years. 

 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon (1992)
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The Screaming Eagle is known for less quantity at higher resell values. Moreover, when this bottle was sold for half a million, many wine lovers were taken aback.

3. Chateau Mouton-Rothchild (1945) – 310,000 USD

The Rothchild family vineyards have produced many expensive wines bought by millionaires and billionaires with rich taste in alcohol. 

Chateau Mouton-Rothchild (1945)
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A single bottle of Chateau Mouton-Rothchild is considered one of the top vintage wines from the last century. The person who bought this bottle for $310,000 in 1997 will definitely agree with my words. This bottle symbolizes the alliance in World War 2, proven with a V label.

4. Château Cheval Blanc (1947) – 304,374 USD

The Chateau Cheval Blanc is ranked as one of the Premier Grand Cru Classe (A) and is considered the top Bordeaux ever made. This wine is one of the wines that received the Class A rank. 

Château Cheval Blanc (1947)
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This wine bottle was sold in 2010 at an auction.

5. Heidsieck (1907) – 275,000 USD

The Heidsieck from 1907 got a high ranking because of its journey till now. The ship that carried this bottle was sunk during the First World War by a German Submarine. 

Heidsieck (1907)
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However, thankfully, some bottles survived the torpedo and could not recover for 81 long years. Later, in 1997, these bottles were recovered from the ocean’s bottom.

6. Château Lafite-Rotschild (1869) – 230,000 USD

The Lafite-Rotschild was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for a whopping amount of $228,000. The more shocking fact is that the bidder was anonymous and bought all three of these wine bottles at $230,000 per piece.

Château Lafite-Rotschild
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This was above the expected price, but it’s indeed one of the rarest bottles.

7. Château Margaux (1787) – 225,000 USD

In 1787, Thomas Jefferson, the third American President, owned this special wine. It has an interesting story: a waiter knocked the bottle out of the table, causing it to shatter on the ground.  

Château Margaux (1787)
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The wine trader, Willian Sokolin, had purchased the bottle for $225,000. He later brought it to dinner, and the unexpected story happened.

8. Penfolds Block 42 (2004) – 168,000 USD

The reputation of the Penfolds brand brings this wine to the list of the top 11 most expensive wines despite the wine being made in 2004. This bottle costs about $168,000 per piece. 

 Penfolds Block 42 (2004)
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This wine sports a unique fork than other wines, Block 42, made with a small piece of wood.

9. Château Lafite (1787) – 156,450 USD

This wine bottle has the initials “ThJ”  imprinted into the glass. This is considered to be associated with Thomas Jefferson and likely came from his cellar. In 1985, Malcolm Forbes of the eponymous Forbes magazine bought this bottle.

Château Lafite (1787)
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10. Chateau d’Yquem (1811) – 117,000 USD

Château d’Yquem is a famous Bordeaux winery known for outstanding sweet Sauternes wines. The “Y” classification signifies the top quality of this wine. It was made with a perfect sweet-acid balance and remarkable aging potential in 1811.

Chateau d’Yquem (1811)
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11. Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand (1998) – 47,368 USD

The Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand from 1998 is one of the highly sought-after wines. Due to its rarity and extremely enhanced quality, the wine is counted in the world’s list of the most expensive wines. Domaine Leroy, a reputed winery owner, produced it.

Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand (1998)
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Final Verdict

With Romanee-Conti leading the list, we saw how the world of wine includes the finest creations, unique bottles, and a taste beyond imagination. Plus, the rare ingredients and fine aging are responsible for making the above names rank in the list of most expensive wine in the world.

A lot of history goes behind making these rare wines, which wealthy collectors have always sought after. We also saw many great names from the history associated with some of these wines, creating a unique story worth telling.

So, this was it on this topic, but I’ll keep the page updated in case of any additions to the list.


Which is the most expensive wine in the world?

The world’s most expensive wine is the Domaine De La Romanee-Conti, made in 1945 and sold for 558,000 USD.

Why is the Romanee-Conti extremely expensive?

The Romanee-Conti is rare because it was produced to a limit with exceptional quality. The reason that it is aged also contributes to its expensiveness.

Which factors make a wine expensive?

 The vineyard’s reputation, rarity, age, and ingredients make a wine expensive and are usually purchased by collectors, wealthy investors, regal figures, and rich professionals.

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