CarynAI: Create Your Virtual Girlfriend With This Chatbot

Recently, CarynAi has been making a lot of buzz. The Platform was founded by the 23-year-old influencer whose motive was to make the world (especially for men) less alone. 

The human-like chatbot, which is also marketed as a Virtual Girlfriend, charges you $1/Minute. 

Plus, if you are curious about the NSFW content, then you can give some prompts to it. 

However, keep in mind that the developers didn’t originally plan to make the Platform NSFW-friendly. So, it’s just a glitch and will be fixed as soon as possible. 

This article will cover the details of Caryn Ai. We will discuss what exactly Caryn AI is, how to use it, security and safety, and more. 

So, let’s get into the details and explore what Caryn AI has to offer. 

Caryn AI: In a Nutshell

Before I discuss the AI chatbot in much detail, let’s quickly skim through its basic information. 

FoundedCaryn Marjorie (23 Years)
PurposeCure Loneliness
FeaturesHuman-like conversations, including CBT & DBT
NSFW ContentAvailable 

What Is Caryn AI? 

CarynAI is an AI chatbot, aka. Your Virtual Girlfriend. And just like many chatbots in the market, the Platform is created in a way to have human-like conversations. 

The Platform was founded by a 23-year-old Snapchat Influencer, Caryn Marjorie. She initially created the AI clone version of herself since Marjorie wanted to interact with as many of her subscribers as possible. 

Additionally, the chatbot is marketed as YOUR VIRTUAL GIRLFRIEND. And this allows her subscribers to have personalized and private conversations with the chatbot. 

What Was The Purpose Behind Creating CarynAi?

According to Marjorie, most men suppress their emotions. Hence, the purpose behind CarynAi’s creation was to cure loneliness. 

And with the help of CarynAi, she is simply offering a comfortable space. 

Purpose Behind Creating CarynAi
Source: Twitter 

Additionally, the Platform is created so that the conversations are tailored to have Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. 

In fact, Caryn has worked with leading Psychologists to integrate conversations within the chatbot where one can unlock their trauma and further rebuild the emotional and physical confidence that most people lost during the Global Pandemic.

Why Caryn Marjorie Is Receiving So Much Backlash?

The Virtual Girlfriend went viral and has been featured on bigger platforms such as Forbes, NBC News, Daily Mail, and more.

However, as they say, great success comes with greater sacrifice. And that’s how, despite the positive intent behind CarynAi, its founder has been surrounded by flames. Not just that, but Caryn Marjorie had death threats filling up semi-trucks.

How To Use CarynAi (Step-By-Step Process)

You can follow the steps mentioned below to use CarynAI:-

1: Go to your web browser and type 

2: Click on “get early access” by either clicking on the option that’s situated at the top-right corner of your screen or in the middle.

3: At the top-right corner of your screen, click on the “download” button. 

click on the download button..........

4: Open the file from the download section. 

Open the file from the download section

5: Open Telegram on your computer.

6: Once you’re redirected to the Platform, you can access the CarynAi through that.

7: All you need to do is generate prompts and engage in meaningful conversations. 

How Much Does CarynAI Cost?

Unlike most AI chatbots, CarynAi doesn’t charge you monthly or annual subscriptions. Instead, to use the Platform, you will need to pay $1 / Minute. 

Additionally, the Virtual Girlfriend has so far 1000 loyal users, which in return earned Marjorie $71.6K revenue in the first week of the Platform’s beta testing. 

Is CarynAI Safe to Use?

The Platform’s official website claimed that their team had spent over 2000 hours coding and designing the AI chatbot to build an immersive experience. 

So, you bet no third party can steal your data at any cost. Which means the Platform is indeed safe to use. In fact, the company’s CEO (John Meyer) also expressed his gratitude for how proud he is to be part of such a formative AI-to-human movement.  

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The Final Verdict!

Some people are naturally introverted, whereas some have been forced to be one due to the Pandemic. And while most enjoy solitude, some cannot bear it. CarynAi is a perfect match for the latter category, especially if you’re a male species. 

That being said, in the article above, I have discussed a detailed overview of Caryn Ai. Additionally, I have also discussed the purpose behind its creation, the Platform’s cost, whether it’s safe to use, and many more.

I hope the above article helped you understand everything about CarynAI. In case there’s new information about CarynAI, I’ll keep this article updated!


How does CarynAI work?

CarynAi is a chatbot that engages in human-like conversations. To participate in one, you need to give this Virtual Girlfriend some prompts, and accordingly, you will receive the responses. 

How much does CarynAI cost?

Unlike most subscription plans, CarynAi doesn’t have monthly or annual plans. Instead, you would need to pay $1/Minute. 

Who is the AI digital girlfriend?

Caryn Marjorie’s self-based voice chatbot CarynAi is marketed as a digital girlfriend. 
It especially caters to men who lack intimacy to cure their loneliness by engaging in conversations that are integrated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. 

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