10 Most Expensive Dress In The World (2023 Edition)

What are your views on the most expensive dress in the world? Is it worth it? Moreover, what’s special about that? In my opinion, happiness is the same price as a diamond-clad red dress. 

In fact, wearing an expensive outfit immediately skyrockets your confidence. So, if you are curious about the rest of the expensive outfits, then keep reading. I will discuss the top ten most expensive dresses worldwide in this article. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses Ever in the History (Overview)

In the following table, I have mentioned the top 10 expensive dresses across the globe. Additionally, I have also added each outfit’s approximate price. 

1Nightingale Kuala Lumpar30 Million USD
2The Abaya Dress17.6 Million USD
3Diamond Wedding Gown16.2 Million USD
4Scott Henshall’s Diamond Dress9 Million USD
5Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress8.5 Million USD
6Marilyn Monroe White Dress5.6 Million USD
7Debbie Wingham’s Black Dress5.5 Million USD
8Marilyn Monroe Champagne Dress5 Million USD
9Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Dress4 Million USD
10The Peacock Wedding Dress2 Million USD

I have mentioned the ten most expensive dresses in the list below. I have also added a brief overview of what makes them special.

1. Nightingale Kuala Lumpar Dress – $30 Million

The Nightingale dress was designed by Abdulla Faiyzali and is considered the most expensive gown worldwide. It is draped in 751 real diamonds, red silk, satin, 70-carat teardrop diamond taffeta, chiffon, and Swarovski crystals. 

Kuala Lumpar’s Nightingale Dress
Source: Pinterest

2. The Abaya Dress – $17.6 Million

Debbie Wingham’s design, The Abaya Dress, was created in Dubai. It was curated with about 2000 diamonds, including some red ones. 

The Abaya Dress
Source: BecomeGorgeous.com

Additionally, the garment is detailed with about 14 Carat Gold. 

3. Diamond Wedding Gown – Approximately $16.2 Million

Beverly Hills Bridal Salon owner Renee Strauss designed this 150-carat diamond-studded wedding gown. And although it has never been worn at any wedding, this glorious diamond wedding gown is treasured like no other. 

Diamond Wedding Gown
Source: Pinterest

4. Scott Henshall’s Diamond Dress – $9 Million

The Scott Henshall’s dress is shaped in a web format and adorned with 3000 diamonds. Additionally, you can see singer Samantha Mumbai rock this outfit at the Spiderman premiere. 

Scott Henshall’s Diamond Dress
Source: Pinterest

5. Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress – $8.5 Million

The white gold dress was designed and worn by Yumi Katsura. It is designed with zari embroidery, white gold diamond of about 5 carat, silk-satin material, over 1000 pearls, and a green emblem.

Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress
Source- Yumi Katsura

6. William Travelli’s Marilyn Monroe White Dress – $5.6 Million

Also known as the Subway dress, William Travelli’s designed outfit is Marilyn Monroe’s signature outfit. It is featured in the film Seven-Year-Itch. While filming, an underground train passed that blew her dress upwards. 

William Travelli’s Marilyn Monroe White Dress
Source: The Guardian

Of course, Monroe tried to tame, although maintaining a smile. That few seconds created history!

7. Debie Wingham’s Black Diamond Dress – $5.5 Million

Accentuated with over 1000 black and white diamonds, this black dress was designed by English designer Debbie Wingham. It nearly took six months to design this dress and finally debuted in Kiev’s fashion show. 

Debie Wingham’s Black Diamond Dress
Source: The Life of Luxary

8. Marilyn Monroe Champagne Dress – $5 Million

American designer Jean Louis Bethaulto has specially designed the champagne dress for the late superstar Marilyn Monroe. This bodycon dress went viral when Monroe attended the then-President (John F. Kennedy’s) birthday party. 

Marilyn Monroe Champagne Dress
Source: Trivia Sharp

While one mistake diamonds on Marilyn’s dress, the glistening stones are nothing but sequins. 

9. Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Dress – $4 Million

Jennifer Lawrence’s adorned Oscar Dress first debuted in 2013. Additionally, this white gown was designed by Raf Simons and is considered one of the priciest outfits ever. 

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Dress
Source: Huff Post

You might remember JLaw’s infamous trip at the Oscars when she received the best actress award in the Lining’s Playbook category. 

10. The Peacock Wedding Dress – $2 Million

When you hear about wedding gowns, generally, white color pops up. However, Vera Wang thought outside the box and created a peacock feathered wedding dress. And if you think it might be made of silk fabric and jewels, then you are wrong. 

The Peacock Wedding Dress
Source: Cheezem

Wang actually collected real peacock feathers (about 2000). The dress further debuted at the wedding expo in Nanjin, China. 

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Conclusion: Which Is The Most Expensive Dress In The World?

As of 2023, Kuala Lumpur’s Nightingale dress is the most expensive dress in the world. 

In addition to that, Abdulla Faiyzali designed this gorgeous piece of art with 751 real diamonds, red silk, satin, 70-carat teardrop diamond taffeta, chiffon, and Swarovski crystals. Now, keep in mind I have curated this list by considering the latest data. 

So, if the data changes, I will keep the article updated.


What is the most expensive dress in history?

Kuala Lumpur’s Nightingale dress is the most expensive dress in history, with $30 Million worth. 

Who has the most expensive dress at the Met Gala?

Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe dress was by far the most expensive dress at the Met Gala 2022. The dress was sold for $5 Million at the auction. 

What is the most expensive dress ever sold at auction?

The most expensive dress to be sold at auction is Marilyn Monroe’s champagne dress. She has worn that $5 Million dress at the President’s birthday party.

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