All 9 Jesse Stone Movies In Order (Chronological List)

To watch any franchise, you need a proper order. And if you follow the correct one, then it’s easier to comprehend the arc and the characters. While some franchises, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, need a lot more time and patience, Jesse Stone Movies In Order is an easy watch. 

Therefore, if you are curious about Jesse Stone’s Movies in Order, then keep reading!

I have discussed Jesse Stone Movies in this article as per their release order. Plus I have also added each of their brief overviews. So, let’s get started!

Jesse Stone Movies As Per Release Order

I have listed each Jesse Stone Movie as per their release sequence in the following table.

Sr. No. MoviesRelease Year
1Stone Cold 20th February 2005
2Jesse Stone: Night Passage15th January 2006
3Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise30th April 2006
4Jesse Stone: Sea Change22nd May 2007
5Jesse Stone: Thin Ice1st March 2009
6Jesse Stone: No Remorse9th May 2009
7Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost22nd May 2011
8Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt20th May 2012
9Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise18th October 2015

In the list below, I have mentioned nine Jesse Stone Movies as per their chronological order of release date. However, keep in mind the events of Jesse Stone: Night Passage happened before Stone Cold. Additionally, I have given a brief overview of each of these films. 

1. Stone Cold (February 2005)

The premise of Stone Cold is set five years post Jesse Stone’s divorce. However, here’s the catch, Stone still regularly communicates with his ex-wife. Additionally, we never get to see his ex-wife, but Sylvia Villagran voices the character of Jenn. 

Stone Cold (February 2005)

The movie also includes severe violent scenes, including shooting, sexual assault, and stalking. And Jesse’s task is to investigate these cases. 

2. Jesse Stone: Night Passage (January 2006)

With the help of his hound, Boomer, Jesse Stone relocates to Paradise, Massachusetts. After that, Jesse moves ahead with his new team (Luther Simpson, Anthony D’angelo, and Molly Crane) to investigate a death case. 

Jesse Stone: Night Passage (January 2006)
Source: Pink Villa

In addition, you also get to see the sexual relationship between Abby Shannon (who’s a local attorney) and Jesse Stone. 

3. Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (April 2006)

The film begins with a floating dead body in a lake. Later, it was discovered that she was a teenager who had experienced domestic violence. During the investigation, a stressful scenario has come forward in which one of Stone’s team members is in danger. 

Jesse Stone Death in Paradise (April 2006)
Source: The Mind Reels

Of course, this piece of information was too difficult for Jesse to process, and taking his ex-wife’s (now voiced by Gil Anderson) suggestion, he visits a psychiatrist. 

4. Jesse Stone: Sea Change (May 2007)

Most of Stone’s previous films’ members are missing in this installment, and yet he has a new case to investigate now. Currently, he is working on a mysterious murder which also had a sexual assault accusation as well. 

 Jesse Stone: Sea Change (May 2007)
Source: The Mind Reels

Apart from this, Jesse needs to accept that his ex-wife has a new partner who is obviously not okay with their midnight conversations.

5. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (March 2009)

Jesse Stone  Thin Ice (March 2009)
Source: MUBI

Stone’s years-long friend (Captain Healy) has recently been murdered, and out of rage, Jesse decides to find the killer by going undercover. However, Jesse had to stop this mission due to other piling-up emergency cases. 

Additionally, another chaotic discovery is that the long-dead baby may not be dead. Unfortunately, Stone sees no hope in this situation. 

6. Jesse Stone: No Remorse (May 2009)

This installment doesn’t showcase Jesse as a cop since he was given leave in the previous film. And Stone is clearly hating it. Regardless, he was appointed as an advisor for strings of organised murders, including his friend Healy, who’s still recovering. 

Jesse Stone: No Remorse (May 2009)
Source: IMDb

One thing is for sure, whether Jesse is a cop or not, you cannot take away the investigation from him. 

7. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (May 2011)

Then Chief Police Officer Jesse Stone is now a Private Investigator now. Additionally, this installment focuses on the murder of Stone’s young acquaintance. One thing about this series is that there are many murders. 

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (May 2011)
Source: IMDb

Anyway, the series further introduces a new Chief, who’s a cocky son-in-law of a Council Member. Overall most people found it a bit bland in comparison to previous installments. 

8. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (May 2012)

After a little break away from cop life, Jesse Stone is back in the Chief Officer’s shoes. In most of the previous installments, man has spent doing independent projects, aka. Private investigation. 

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (May 2012)
Source: Cinesnipe

However, this time Rose and Luther are less occupied by Stone’s replacement and are actually focused on other jobs, whereas Stone is investigating the shady police activities. 

9. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (October 2015)

Before we get to hear any official announcement, till then, Lost in Paradise is the last film in the universe. Here, Stone is working as an unpaid advisor to his former girlfriend. And while doing so, he discovers more details about the serial killer’s victim. 

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (October 2015)
Source: Hallmark Drama

Turns out, she was not really a victim. Overall this film is a lot more mysterious than the previous installments. 

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The Final Verdict!

Just like most popular franchises, Jesse Stone Movies have its own fan base. Additionally, if you want to explore the universe, you shall watch the film chronologically in their release year. In fact, that’s what this article has covered. 

Speaking of which, I hope my article on Jesse Stone’s Movies in Order was helpful! In case of additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Will there be a 10th Jesse Stone movie?

The lead actor in the Jesse Stone franchise gave the green to the 10th installment. According to him, the movie is actively in development. However, when and where is still a question mark. 

How many installments of Jesse Stone movies are there?

There are a total of nine Jesse Stone Movies, starting from Stone Cold (February 2005) to Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (October 2015).

What was the final Jesse Stone movie?

The final Jesse Stone movie, Lost in Paradise was released in October 2015.

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