Tinker Bell Movie In Order: The Complete Guide (2023)

Loved by kids worldwide, Tinker Bell was a big part of our childhood and collective imagination after appearing in the Peter Pan movies to the Tinker Bell Movies. But how to follow the Tinker Bell Movie Order? In which sequence do they need to be watched?

Take a breath and rest assured as I have shared the correct order to watch all the Tinker Bell movies along with a head up on the storyline of the movies.

Hence, let’s check out the Tinker Bell Movie Order below!

The order of all Tinker Bell Movies: In a Nutshell

Here is a small table representing the order of all Tinker Bell Movies according to their release year. Plus, the list accompanies by their respective genre and IMDB ratings, just in case you need them.

YearMovie NameGenreIMDB Ratings
2008Tinker Bell Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy.6.7/10
2009Tinker Bell and the Lost TreasureAnimation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy.6.6/10
2010Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy RescueAnimation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy.6.8/10
2012Tinker Bell and the Secret of WingsAnimation, Family, Fantasy.7.0/10
2014Tinker Bell and the Pirate FairyAnimation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy.6.6/10
2015Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy.7.1/10

Now that you have taken a preview of the tinker bell movie order, here is a little overview of each movie to give you a heads-up before you watch the movie. 

There you go…

1. Tinker Bell (2008)

Directed by Jeffrey M. Howard and Voice-over by Lucy Liu and Mae Whitman, the first ever Tinker Bell movie follows tinker bell’s tale of sorting out her identity in Pixie Hollow and discovering her talent.

Tinker Bell
Source –  IMDb

Further, she meets new tinker fairies and faces challenges while learning being true to oneself is the most important thing. 

2. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)

Directed by Klay Hall and Voice-over by Mae Whitman, Jesse McCarthy, and Jan Horrocks. This movie is a story of a friendly and adventurous tinker bell who aims to find a lost treasure needed to save her home, Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
Source –  IMDb

The movie takes a turn of events when the nature fairies attempt to transport Autumn to their Mainland. Tinkerbell invents a solution to help Terrence, her friend in Pixie Hollow.

Further, Tinker Bell keeps meeting other fairies in the movie while finishing her job in the movie and exploring new magic. 

3. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

Directed by Bradley Raymond and Voice-over by Mae Whitman, Lauren Mote, and Michael Sheen, this third Tinker Bell movie takes the tinker fairies to a summer fairy camp where tinker bell wanders off to the mainland.

 Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Source –  IMDb

Further, Tinker Bell meets Dr. Griffiths and his daughter Lizzy while hovering around their summer house, and when irritated, Vidia traps Tinker Bell in Lizzy’s fairy home. Then, the adventure continues to show the struggle of Lizzy and Tinker Bell to free Tinker Bell from being captured.

4. Tinker Bell and the Secret of Wings (2012)

Directed by Peggy Whitman, and voice-over by Mae Whitman, Lucy Hale, and Timothy Dalton, the secret of Wings is a journey of fairies into breaking rules and exploring.

Tinker Bell and the Secret of Wings
Source –  IMDb

In this movie, Tinker Bell ignores Fawn’s suggestions and goes across the bridge to investigate out of curiosity. Further in the movie, Tinker Bell discovers the solution to her problem in the wood.

The movie is fun and exciting on another level and best watched with family.

5. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (2014)

Directed by Peggy Holmes and Voice-over by Mae Whitman, Christina Hendricks, and Peggy Holmes, the Tinker fairies go on a sea adventure in this movie.

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy
Source –  IMDb

In this fifth installment of the franchise, the story revolves around Zarina, a curious fairy who wishes to learn the magic of pixie dust. Further, she explores her interest by experimenting with new variations of the pixie dust. 

There are many twists and turns in the movie that you will discover after watching this movie with cute animation and a hooking storyline. 

6. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2015)

Directed by Steve Loter and Voice-over by Mae Whitman, Rosario Dawson, and Lucy Liu, this last franchise installment follows the story of a huge creature that a fawn discovers under the surface of a Cavern.

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast
Source –  IMDb

Further in the movie, Fawn helps the creature survive and make other fairies like the creature. 

This movie has a tremendously adventurous storyline and sets an example of friendship and fun. 

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Wrapping Up!

While wrapping up my blog on ‘Tinker Bell Movie Order,’ I felt overwhelmed as writing on it took me back to my childhood.

Right from Tinker Bell’s struggle to find her identity to helping a big creature and developing a pixie hollow, it is one hell of a ride throughout all six installments of the movie franchise.

Also, it’s okay to watch these movies without following the release date order; they all have different storylines.


Which movie was released first? Peter Pan or Tinker Bell?

Tinker Bell’s movie is a spin-off and also a prequel to Peter Pan. hence, Peter Pan was released first, and watching Tinker Bell first as it won’t present Peter Pan’s Story anywhere in the movie.

Is it mandatory to watch the Tinker Bell movies in order?

There is absolutely no need to watch the Tinker Bell movies in order. You can watch them in any order, as they all have different storylines.

Will there be a seventh Tinker Bell movie?

Unfortunately, the Tinker Bel movies are discontinued. It is due to the declining sales of the DVDs and merchandise of the movie.

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