30 Best Female Rapper Of All Time (2023 Update list)

Best Female Rappers

Rappers have ruled our hearts for decades with their outstanding music. Some of the well-known hip-hop artists and Best female rappers have always been on top with their tremendous achievements over the years. 

Many contemporary female rappers have produced a string of successful tracks, demonstrating that success in this genre is not limited to men. 

This article will focus on the 30 best female rappers currently dominating the industry.

10 Best Female Rappers In 2023 – Overview

Here Is a quick overview of the best female Hip-Hop rappers to listen to in 2023

Sr.NoBest Female Rapper Real NameNotable Song/Album
1.Nicki MinajOnika Tanya Maraj-Petty“Super Bass,” “Anaconda,” “Pink Friday”
2.Lady LondonZaire Miylaun“Lisa’s Story, Lady What, Lady Who?, All I See”
3.Doja CatAmala Ratna Zandile Dlamini“Say So, Need To Know, Kiss Me More”
4.Roxanne ShanteLolita Shante Gooden“Roxanne’s Revenge, Have a Nice Day, Feelin’ Kinda Horny” 
5.Cardi BBelcalis Marlenis Almánzar“Bodak Yellow,” “Invasion of Privacy,” “I Like It”
6.MonaleoLeondra Roshawn Gay“Beating Down Yo Block, Ridgemont Baby”
7.EveEve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper“Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” “Scorpion,” “Lip Lock”
8.SaweetieDiamonté Quiava Valentin Harper“My Type, ICY GRL, Tap In”
9.LattoAlyssa Michelle Stephens“B*tch From Da Souf, Muwo, Lottery”
10.Missy ElliotMelissa Arnette Elliott“Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” “Under Construction”

Here, We have listed the top 30 best female rappers Of All Time. Let’s talk about them in detail:

1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Hearing Nicki’s name shouldn’t be a surprise if you are into hip-hop music! The Super Bass singer has gained massive success and made herself a remarkable image. Her success in the rapping field has encouraged many more women. She is well-known in the music industry for her racy songwriting and fast rapping. 

2. Lady London

Lady London- Best Female Rappers

In terms of contemporary female rappers, Lady London is undoubtedly at the top of the rankings. Her wonderful character earned her a reputation and a massive fanbase on Instagram. Lady London’s development may be traced back to the many ethnic elements she incorporates into her music. She is able to gain widespread attention because of her ability to switch up her poetic style and draw on real-life events.

3. Doja Cat

Doja Cat- Best Female Rappers

Doja Cat is a global superstar in the hip-hop community. She has given the world a lot of great tracks. She always loved music, which eventually became a career for her. Doja kickstarted her career by posting raps to platforms like TikTok and SoundCloud and eventually gained significant popularity with massive hits like ‘So High,’ ‘Woman,’ and ‘Need to Know.’

4. Roxanne Shante

Roxanne Shante-  Best Female Rappers

Shante made history when she became the initial female Rapper to earn a record deal and by being the first to attain global attention as a part of the groundbreaking hip-hop community, the Juice Crew. What’s more impressive is that this 14-year-old is bursting with ability, technique, and vitality.

5. Cardi B

Cardi B

It was in 2015 when Cardi B began to get widespread attention. To sum it up, she is the best female Rapper currently, with a wide fanbase and a loyal one. She has a significant amount of influence and is respected all across the globe. This 30-year-old Rapper and songwriter began gaining popularity through Instagram and Vine as an influencer. However, her bold rapping and attire led her to bag multiple awards and get crowded as the Woman of the Year by Billboard. 

6. Monaleo

Monaleo- Best Female Rappers

Monaleo, 21,  is known for her powerful songwriting and rapping skills. Her debut single, “Beating Down Yo Block,” was dropped in 2020. The song’s success encouraged her to release more music in the future. She’s a great success in the United States, both as a rapper and as a social media star.

7. Eve

Eve- Best Female Rappers

Eve is known not just for her work as a rapper but also for being an accomplished actor. This 44-year-old Rapper started out as a stripper when she was a teenager but eventually decided to pursue a career as a female rapper instead. Additionally, she has received multiple awards, including a Grammy Award. This American Rapper began her career in 1996 and still continues to be active. 

8. Saweetie


In 2017, Saweetie uploaded a clip of her singing “ICY Girl,” and it quickly went viral across the web. That was the turning point when Saweetie’s life unfolded incredibly. To date, approximately 100,000,000 people have watched the “ICY Girl” video clip.

9. Latto


Latto is an American rapper who is currently ruling the hip-hop industry. Her two music video, namely “Big Energy” and “Herself,” which was released this year, has won several awards and been nominated for Grammy Awards too.

She became well-known after she excelled in “The Rap Game” in the United States. Her first single, released in 2020, became one of the year’s top 100 hits thanks to universal acclaim.

10. Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot

The 2002 release of her single “Work It” was indeed an instant success. It was a worldwide hit, reaching the top spot in numerous nations, and remains a fan favourite.

Missy Elliott has worked as a singer for 20 years. She is highly regarded within her field and has served as an inspiration to numerous others. She has won four Grammys while receiving 22 nominations.

11. City Girls

 City Girls

Rap duo City Girls gained popularity among music enthusiasts through their unique songs. With the release of “Fuck Dat Nigga” in 2017, the pair gained widespread attention. The success of their song “Period” was a significant factor in bringing them wide acceptance. They have had eleven award nominations, winning two.

12. Tay Money

Tay Money

Famous for her talents as a rapper, composer, and supermodel, Tay Money is a multifaceted artist. Because of the success of her song “Trapper’s Delight,” she became well-known. In 2017, she made her debut as a professional rapper through her track “Lewis and Clarke.”

13. Lil’ Kim

 Lil’ Kim

It’s safe to say that you’ve heard of Lil’ Kim if you’ve heard her debut single, “Hard Core.” It became an instant overnight sensation and sold over 6 million copies. With over 15 million album tracks and 30 million track sales, Lil’ Kim is widely regarded as among the most fortunate female artists. She’s a successful American rapper who rose to prominence on her own.

14. Tierra Whack

 Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is rapidly rising to superstardom in the rap industry. After much excitement, the MC finally released her pop album, Whack World. Critics were overwhelmingly positive about Whack World. The release of her first three singles in 2017 marked her official entry into the music industry. Additionally, her song “Mumbo Jumbo” garnered her Grammy Award nominations.

15. Noname


This rap artist from Chicago is rapidly gaining fame as a leading representative of reason, protest, and reform in the face of widespread American problems. After getting her start as a featured artist on Chance, the Rapper’s 2013 album “Acid Rap,” she released a successful self-titled album. Her twelfth studio album, “Rainforest,” was released in 2021 and was an instant hit with listeners.

16. Salt N Pepa

Salt N Pepa

We can’t forget to include this name in this list. Regarding the soundtrack, “Whatta Man” from Salt N Pepa remains unmatched. The group was groundbreaking since they were the first significant all-female rap team. Their first single, “Hot, Cool, and Vicious,” was released in 1986. They are the first female rappers to have an album certified gold or platinum. The first single from the band was a huge success, selling a million albums worldwide.

17. Nolay


You may know her better by the nicknames Bella or Isabella. As a rapper, NoLay is well-known for her abrasive lyricism and catchy hooks. Nolan released her first album, “Unorthodox Daughter,” which gained a lot of praise. She rules supremely in each and every one of her followers’ hearts. 

18. Lakeyah


Hip-hop fans from all over the globe are starting to take notice of Lakeyah now that she has been included in the XXL Freshman Class of 2021. Her first studio album, titled Time’s Up, was dropped in December 2020. Over 16 million people have listened to this song by Lakeyah via YouTube.

19. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

As far as female rappers go, Megan Thee Stallion is the person everybody raves about. The year 2018 saw the debut of the Rapper on the Hot 100 with the track “Big Ole’ Freak,” and since then, she has ascended to the position of a prominent figure in the rap industry. Megan’s fans are smitten with her thanks to her silly comments, confident songwriting, and approachable nature. She’s worked with several other big names in rap, including Nicki Minaj. Megan Thee Stallion has a reputation for creating top-rated rap songs.

20. Rico Nasty

 Rico Nasty

No doubt you’ve heard of this name before. In  2017, she published an album called “Tales of Tacobella,” which helped boost her fame. As a result of Rico Nasty’s song “iCarly,” she became a massive star. Rico isn’t just a well-known rapper but also a viral internet star.

21. Enny

Enny- Best Female Rappers

Surely you’ve already heard “Peng Black Girls,” the smash tune by British-Nigerian rap artist Enny. To kick off her career, Enny launched her first single, “He’s Not Into You,” in 2020. She has risen to prominence as one of the industry’s foremost figures in a relatively short period. 

22. Ms Banks

Ms Banks- Best Female Rappers

Popular tracks by her include “Bad B Bop” and “R.I.P.” This female Rapper rose to fame with the release of her album Once Upon a Grind. There is no doubt that she is one of the most well-known rappers today. Ms Banks is quickly becoming a significant force in the hip-hop scene.

23. Kelow Latesha

Kelow Latesha- Best Female Rappers

Kelow Latesha is a young, skilful, and upcoming mc that collaborates alongside a few artisans. Her speed was boosted by her SoundCloud breakthrough “Finna,” which was then made into a powerful remake featuring Lil Uzi Vert. Kelow Latesha is a musician that performs songs that evokes emotion, lift our spirits, and bring people together.

24. Iggy Azalea

 Iggy Azalea- Best Female Rappers

Her first release as a recording artist, The New Classic, was even more successful than her mashup, “Ignorant Art,” which brought her to prominence. With the release of her single “Pussy,” she shot to stardom. Several Grammy Awards considered her work. She actively seeks out and embraces Southern musical traditions in her work.

25. Foxy Brown

 Foxy Brown- Best Female Rappers

Our list would be incomplete without Foxy Brown. Her first studio album, “Ill Na Na,” was published in 1996. Additionally, she participated in a hip-hop collective. Over seven million downloads of her first single have been distributed worldwide. Foxy Brown’s biggest hit, “Get me Home,” is her most famous song.

26. Little Simz 

Little Simz 

Simbaintu “ Simbi” Abisola Abiola Ajinkawo is known by her popular Stage name, Little Simz.

Her First three Albums, A Curious Tale of Trials +Persons in 2015, Stillness in Wonderland in 2016, and grey area in 2019, all of which, on their own releases, made her get popular.  

After that, she was nominated for the Mercury prize and won the prizes for best album at the Ivor Novello Awards and NME Awards. Recently she Wrote a song, “Wounds,” inspired by her friend’s Murder Model, Harry Uzoka, In 2018.

27. Azealia Banks 

Azealia Banks 

 Azealia  Amanda Banks Is also an American Rapper, singer, and songwriter. At 18, she was signed to XL Recordings & in 2008, she started her music career through Myspace. Later She Joined Interscope and Polydor Records before separating in July 2013. 

Bank Revealed In Oct 2019 that she would perform in the former soviet union under the stage name Azilka. Moreover, Bank announced her relationship with American artist Ryder Ripps in Feb 2021 &  in March, She announced the end of their relationship.

28. Lizzo


 Lizzo is An American popular singer-rapper, actress & musician. Her Professional name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson. After college, she went to Minneapolis to record hip hop Music from there, she started her music journey. 

Lizzo released two song albums, Lizzobangers in 2013 and Big Grrrl small world in 2015, before singing with Nice Life Recording Company and Atlantic Records. The film Barbie featured an original single from Lizzo titled “Pink.” on July 2023, it was released on Barbie: The Album.

29. BIA


Bianca Miquela Landrau, Professionally known as Bia & is a popular American rapper-singer.

She debuted on the Oxygen television series Sisterhood of Hip-hop. In 2014 She signed Pharrell’s I Am other labels records In partnership with RCA Records. With Epic Records.

 She released the song name ‘I’mThat Bitch” with the American record producer Timbaland. In an Interview on Bootleg Kev, she declared that she gave her name to the upcoming Album.  

30. Angel Haze 

Angel Haze 

Raykeea  Raeen Rose Wilson is the well-known rapper ROSE(Angle Haze). She started writing as therapy, but after that, she became interested in writing, poetry, and journalism.  At the age of 18, she started creating youtube videos.

Her mix tape like New Moon, Altered Ego, King,& Voice Is on the internet to download free from 2009 to 2012.  Before moving to republic records, she signed recording deals with Universal Republic Records in 2012. 

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It’s encouraging to see a large number of young female rappers making waves in the industry and serving as role models for today’s youth. Which of the individuals on the list that was just presented was your favourite?

Leave a comment letting us know which Rapper you liked most and why, as well as which of their songs you like best.


Who is the #1 number rapper in the world?

Nicki Minaj is recognized as the best of the best.

Who was the first female rapper in the world?

Sharon Green was the first female rapper in the world. Known by the rap moniker MC Sha-Rock

Who is the richest female rapper in the world?

As of 2023, Niki Minaj is the richest rapper in the world.

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