20+ Best Heist Movies On Netflix To Watch In 2023

Heist Movies On Netflix

Heist movies are a type of crime film that involves a plot to steal something valuable, often involving complex schemes and tactics. These types of movies have been on the rise ever since the release of the series, “Money Heist.”  The series created a solid fan base for heist thrillers. 

Heist movies can be suspenseful and thrilling as the characters try to outwit their opponents and evade detection.  Many classic and popular films, such as “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Italian Job,” are considered heist movies.

Below are the 20 popular heist movies on Netflix this holiday season.  

List of Top Heist Movies on Netflix

Here is the list of heist movies on Netflix that you can use to keep yourself entertained.

  • The Italian Job
  • Triple Frontier
  • Drive 
  • Da 5 Bloods
  • Takers 
  • Army of Thieves 
  • Tower Heist 
  • The Art of the Steal
  • Now You See Me series
  • Wrath of Man

1. The Italian Job

Directed by Peter Collinson

British thief Charlie Croker and a team of specialists plan to steal $4 million in gold bullion from a security convoy in Turin, Italy.  The heist is successful.  However, the success is cut short when the coach carrying the gold suddenly loses control and teeters on the cliff’s edge. 

The film ends with the gold sliding further away as Croker claims to have figured out a way to save the box.  Since its release, the movie has critically and financially been a success and celebrated as a masterpiece. 

The Italian Job

Ever since then, the story has been adapted into different languages.  The 2003 film under the same name was revamped.  The American movie features the heist planned by Croker (Mark Wahlberg), which is inhibited later by his mates turning against him. 

2. Triple Frontier

Directed by J. C. Chandor

Triple Frontier

The movie stars Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, and Charlie Hunnam in lead roles.  During an attempted heist, a team of five soldiers is hindered by a gruesome inside job.  The money they stole is in danger, and each one risks their life to configure the operation. 

Released in 2019, the movie had an excellent critical response regarding characterization and flow.

3. Drive 

Directed by- Tarun Mansukhani


A famous robber is pursued by the police and a racing gang.  A police official enters the team in disguise.  As they get closer to the robber, they are distracted and further disrupted by the robber himself under different aliases. 

The complex plot and each character’s backstory propel the screenplay to move without obstacles.  With the usual Bollywood formula, the movie serves the audience a colorful package of thriller entertainment.

4. Da 5 Bloods

Directed by Spike Lee

Da 5 Bloods

Five Black-American Vietnam war veterans decide to loot a box of gold bars they find.  When their leader expires, they bury the gold along with him.  They return after the war only to find the gold missing and the landmarks disfigured. 

Commercially the film was a success on Netflix and was nominated for various awards. 

5. Takers 

Directed by John Luessenhop


Acclaimed bank robbers Jake Attica (Michael Ealy), John Rahway (Paul Walker), Jesse Attica (Chris Brown), A.J. (Hayden Christensen), and Gordon Thomas “G” Cozier (Idris Elba) are dragged into a heist that earns them two new nemeses. 

Though the story is predictable, the screenplay matches the speed that heist movies require. 

6. Army of Thieves 

Directed by Matthias Schwweighofer

Army of Thieves 

Army of thieves, the prequel of the Army of dead, focuses on a zombie outbreak in Nevada.  A woman recruits a bank teller, and they help her complete heists with the help of a small team she has pulled.  The second and third heists land them in intangible problems with the intervention of Interpol. 

The audience has positively received both Snyder and Schwweighofer. 

7. Tower Heist 

Directed by Brett Ratner

Tower Heist 

Apartment workers who lose their pension to a fraud Wall Street banker heist their money back with the help of an immigrant maid, businessman, and thief.  The amateur efforts of the team and performance by the lead actors, Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, bring a comical relief to the rushing plot. 

8. The Art of the Steal

Directed by Jonathan Sobol

The Art of the Steal

The Calhoun brothers (Crunch and Nicky Calhoun, played by Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon) plan a heist for a lifetime.  When things go stray, both the brothers taste betrayal. 

With a prominent cast, the movie stood out as perfect from the regular comedy-heist genre movies. 

9. Now You See Me series

Directed by Louis Leterrier, Jon M. Chu

Now You See Me series

Four magicians start stealing money to surprise their audience during performances.  The high reception for their performances serves as an impetus for them to go on with more heists.  It also attracts the FBI, who keep an eye on them.  The first movie, directed by Leterrier, ends with the team members revealing their true colors. 

The second part was directed by Chu, with little additions to the original cast, pulling an even large heist. 

Both movies performed well at the box office.  The illusionary tricks by the “Horsemen” were appreciated much by the audience. 

10. Wrath of Man

Directed by Guy Ritchie 

Wrath of Man

Starring Jason Statham as Patrick “H” Hill, the plot starts with a murder that spans four chapters.  The later events link him to an age-old FBI-wanted criminal.  The story later turns out to be a revenge thriller. 

Received well for its screenplay and story, the movie made $104 million in total. 

11. Ocean’s series of films

Directed by Lewis Milestone, Steven Soderbergh, and Gary Ross

Ocean's series of films

Ocean’s 11 was the first in the franchise by Milestone, followed by Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen by Steven Soderbergh, and Ocean’s 8 by Gary Ross.  An unnamed movie by Jay Roach under the same franchise is under development. 

All movies under the series feature a heist team and their hurdles.  With the commercial success of Ocean’s 11, all the movies under the series were highly speculated and crossed the anticipated gross collection worldwide. 

12. After the Sunset

Directed by Brett Ratner

After the Sunset

Max (Pierce Brosnan) tries to steal diamonds from an FBI agent to settle down with his wife, Lola (Salma Hayek).  Later confronted by the same FBI agent, he and his wife now have no chance but to defend themselves. 

The movie had a collection of $61,347,797 during the early weeks due to high expectations from the crew.   

13. 21

Directed by Robert Luketic


Adapted from the book, Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions, the movie tells the story of Ben (Jim Sturgess), who struggles with high tuition fees.  He later becomes a Black Jack.  The heist for money begins when his earnings are stolen from his dorm. 

The film was celebrated as one of the best movies released in theatres in 2008. 

14. 30 Minutes or less

Directed by Ruben Fleischer 

30 Minutes or less

Based on the Brian Wells case, the story has a pizza delivery guy (Nick Davis, played by Jesse Eisenberg) who is forced to wear explosives and rob a bank.  The movie is a comedy-heist-thriller.  Differing from the original story, in the film, Nick survives. 

The scattered narrative and talented knitting of comedy and thriller from an actual incident made the movie a massive hit among the audience for maintaining the comic atmosphere throughout the film. 

15. Red Notice

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber 

Red Notice

When an eminent thief steals an artifact, he is trapped by Interpol.  But the team is infiltrated by another expert criminal who steals the artifact from them and replaces it with a duplicate one.  Interpol now has no chance but to join hands with the thief to retrieve the stolen piece of art. 

It was one of the most-watched films on Netflix during the first few weeks of its release.  The movie might also be a great starter for those who haven’t experienced heist movies. 

16. Army of the Dead

Directed by Zack Snyder

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead is a zombie thriller movie.  When a zombie apocalypse breaks out in Las Vegas, the Government plans a nuclear strike to clear out the city.  A casino owner pulls a team to take the money from his vault, promising a share to the thieves. 

Snyder’s Army of the Dead was received well by the audience. 

17. A man of action 

Directed by- Javier Ruiz Caldera 

A man of action 

Loosely based on the life incidents of Lucio Urtubia, an expropriative anarchist who stole riches through heists and distributed them to the poor.  The protagonist plans a heist on the City Bank in France and succeeds. 

The plot differs from usual heist movies and provides an anarchist’s focal point.

18. Inception 

Directed by Christopher Nolan


Leonardo Di Caprio, as Dom Cobb, is a thief who extracts information from other people’s minds.  He is offered an opportunity to erase all his past crimes in return for implanting a foreign idea into a person’s mind.  The mission makes him face death and severe changes in his life. 

The complex plot and use of cinematic and storytelling techniques have made it a masterpiece of all time. 

19. The Usual Suspects

Directed by Bryan Singer

The Usual Suspects

An ex-con who survives bloody shooting reminiscences the incidents that lead to the death of his friends from the gang.  A mysterious drug lord took control over his con men and enlisted them in a crime war in a boat in the Port of Los Angeles. 

The movie is considered a classic for its expert filmography and casting. 

20. Robbing Mussolini 

Directed by Renato De Maria 

Robbing Mussolini 

An Italian businessman from the second world war time finds out that Mussolini’s most prized gold possessions are being shipped to Switzerland.  He plans to steal it from Mussolini.  The Italian heist comedy-drama has received critical accolades from critics around the globe. 

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Conclusion: Heist Movies On Netflix (2023)

Heist movies may be interesting and exciting, as well as suspenseful.  They can provoke viewers’ unique and strategic thinking.  It’s not unusual for heist movies to also function as social comments or offer essential lessons. 

Remember that heist films are works of fiction, are not intended to be guides or mirrors of real life, and can create a great sense of self-awareness. 

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