Freelancer Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Update

The first (four episodes) installment of Freelancer Season 1 premiered on 1 September 2023. Additionally, viewers have confused the second installment and Freelancer Season 2. 

Therefore, unlike what most people are anticipating, instead of a brand new Season, Freelancer is coming up with a Freelancer Season 1 (Part 2). Having said that, in this article, I have collected all the available resources and provided you with all the tea around Freelancer Part 2. 

So, let’s dig into it!

Freelancer Season 2: A Quick Overview 

Before I delve into Freelancer Season 2’s detailed guide, let’s quickly go through the Season’s basic information. 

TV ShowFreelancer
Season 2 StatusNot Available
Upcoming PartSeason 1 (Part 2)
Episode ListThree
GenreAction – Thriller
Release DateAround September 2024
Streaming PlatformHotstar
Teaser/ TrailerNot Available 
IMDb Ratings9/10 

Freelancer Season 2 Release Date: Is it Confirmed? 

Unfortunately, Hotstar has not confirmed the release date for Season 2 of Freelancer. And rightfully so, as recently (1 September 2023), Season 1 (Part 1) was released, which included four episodes. 

Having said that, the upcoming release that most of us are anticipating is Season 1 (Part 2) instead of Freelancer Season 2. Additionally, this release would be of three episodes in total. 

Freelancer season 2
Source: Wikipedia

That being said, the confirmed release date for the second installment is currently unavailable. 

However, as per some of the speculations going around, you can expect the Season to come out between mid to late 2024. 

Additionally, the filming of the previous Season lasted for about nine months. So, if I consider the same filming schedule for Part 2, then its production would wrap up by the end of 2023. 

Therefore, at most September 2024, you can expect Freelancer Part 2 to drop on Hotstar. 

Expected Cast of Freelancer Part 2 

Although none of the cast list is confirmed as of now, you can expect most of the faces from the previous part to return. On that note, the following are the familiar faces:-

Sr. no.Cast ListCharacters
1Mohit RainaAvinash Kamath
2Kashmira Pardeshi Aliya Khan
3Sushant SinghInayat Khan
4Ayesha Raza MishraSabeena Khan
5Anupam Kher Dr. Arif Khan
6Navneet MalikMohsin Fazal
7Manjari FadnisMrunal Kamath
8Sara Jane-DiasRadha Baxi
9Danny CliffordBuzz Jones
10Balaji GauriFarhat Khala
11Sairi SalmaNadia

Freelancer Part 2: Trailer 

As of now, Freelancer Season 1 (Part 2) Trailer is not out yet. And most likely be released a few months before the upcoming Season releases. So, if I assume the timeline, then the Trailer would likely be released around August 2024. 

Freelancer Part 2: Trailer 
Source: IMDb

In that case, I will the section updated.

What Happened in Freelancer Part 1 First Installment? (Recap)

The first four episodes of Season 1 revolve around Aaliya’s kidnapping. And that’s because she is the daughter of the Intelligence Office, Inayat Khan. Additionally, the Season revolves around plenty of violence, Terrorism, thrill, and complicated family situations. 

Freelancer Part 1
Source: Digital Mafia Tasks 

As you move ahead into the storyline, you discover that Aaliyah and her family were betrayed as she had to marry a person located in the Middle East forcibly. Of course, her father does his best to get Aaliyah to release. However, his blood, sweat, and tears were all in vain. 

And just as all routes seem to be closed, Avinash Kamath’s character (also known as the Freelancer) enters the Khan’s world like an Angel. Additionally, Kamath’s zeal to rescue Aaliyah no matter what, which is packed with intense action, truly carried the show to heights. 

Expect From Freelancer Part 2What to Expect From Freelancer Part 2? (What We Know So Far)

Towards the end of Season 1 (Part 1), you see Aliyah and a few of her family members heading towards Raqqa. Unfortunately, her brother-in-law and his wife are planning to suicide bomb, and meanwhile, Avinash is hell-bent on trying to rescue Aaliyah back to India. 

Additionally, the Freelancer is trying to make a deal with the CIA to rescue Aaliyah. 

Expectation From Freelancer
Source: Tribune India

However, they are rather interested in capturing her brother-in-law. On the other hand, you get to witness the government lack of interest in one of their most loyal servants, despite Inayat dedicating most of her life (and death), refusing to offer her any help. 

Avinash is the only person who’s doing his best (to the point he even sacrificed his life to get the attention of important authorities). However, there are still some petty, exaggerated obstacles. 

Regardless, Kamath gathered a strong team to try and invade the ISIS-controlled area. Overall, there will be a lot of back and forth with plenty of obstacles between Avinash’s mission, and then there is Aaliyah, who’s planning to escape, whose intentions are also discovered. 

Overall, you can say Part 2 of Freelancer Season 1 will be the intention, with violence, bloodshed, and lots of tears. So, stay tuned for September 2024 only on Hotstar!

Streaming Platform: Where to Watch Freelancer Part 2?

You can stream the Freelancer Season 2 on Hotstar from September 2024. You can also binge-watch the previous Season on the same platform. 

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Wrapping Up: Freelancer Season 2 Is Not Coming? (YET)

You are right; Freelancer Season 2 is not coming yet. 

Instead, part two of Season 1 is on its way! For those who are confused, let me explain: 

The highly anticipated OTT debut FREELANCER has a total of seven episodes, out of which the first four episodes were released on 1 September 2023. Because of this, many viewers are anticipating Freelancer Saeson 2, thinking that Saeson 1 only had four episodes. 

However, that’s not the case. Freelancer is prepping to release the second part (or installment) of the first Season. While the exact release date is not announced yet, most reports suggest mid to late 2024. 

 So stay tuned for the part 2! And you can stream it on Disney Plus Hotsar. 

Having said that, that’s it for my article on Freelancer Season 2. I will keep you updated in case of additional information on the confirmed release date and Trailer!


Where can I watch Freelancers Season 2?

You can watch Freelancers Season 2 on Disney Plus Hotstar. Additionally, you can binge the previous Season as well. 

How many seasons of Freelancer are there?

Freelancer has just one released Season, with the Second Season on its way. Speaking of which, you can expect the Season to release sometime in mid to late 2024. 
In addition, most speculations are pointing towards September 2024. 

What is Freelancer Hotstar all about?

The Action – Thriller revolves around an Intelligence Officer’s daughter’s kidnapping. She is further forced to marry a random person from the Middle East whose brother is involved with Terrorism. 
Additionally, Avinash Kamath (also known as Freelancer) is doing his best to rescue Aaliyah.

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