Kindred Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Update

Kindred Season 2

Note: the FX network on Hulu has officially canceled Kindred Season 2.

The Fx series Kindred is the TV debut of the esteemed novel of 1979, December 13th. Kindred is focused on a historical science fiction-themed story where Dana (Mallori Johnson), a young and talented writer, travels to Los Angeles, and there begins the mystery of her time travel.  

The show’s creator ” Brandon Jacobs Jenkins” says that he is already thinking about seasons two, three, and four as the novel has lots to tell. They want to grasp the audience’s attention and portray it well. The first season is only a small snippet, according to him.

They still need a green light from Fx, to begin with season 2, so we do not know the exact dates of the release of the upcoming season. It has been available on Hulu since December 13th and has been through good ratings. The first season ends with a hell of a cliffhanger. This is sure makes the viewers question the next season’s plot and release dates!

Kindred Is canceled for the new season.

When we wrote about Kindred Season 2 at that time, everyone was predicting that Kindred would be renewed for the next season. But then, on 2nd February, FX network officially announced that they had canceled season 2. 

Well, it’s not happening for the first time, as the hit show has been canceled before as well.  

Before it happened with HBO MAX’s Minx and further, HBOM canceled Minx. Because of this, Minx was later continued by the Starz network. 
So, don’t lose hope, as there is still a chance for Netflix or any other network to save Kindred Season 2!

Kindred Season 2 Release Date 

Kindred Season 2

The showrunner has not released any official statement regarding the new season’s release date. The show premiered on Dec 13th on the Hulu streaming platform, and since then, it has kept viewers hooked on the time travel loop.

In writing, the show wasn’t renewed, but this shouldn’t concern the fans as it was released recently and has potential dates for its next season. The ratings and number of views play a major role in Fx deciding whether they will bring back another season. A new season is anticipated as the novel has much to unravel, and the creator also wants to follow up with the source material.

The creator said that the first season shoot started on January 22 and was released on Dec 22, so the next season can follow a similar course of work and may be released at the end of 2023 if Fx gives a good-to-go sign. The new season is believed to begin with chapter 4 of Butler’s novel.

Where Can You Watch it? 

Kindred Season 2 Where Can You Watch it

The drama series is available for viewers on Hulu as of now. It is not being aired on other platforms that ethically release the show. However, some other sites do offer show streaming, but these are quite unethical and pirated ways that we do not support or consider.

Fans can easily buy a suitable subscription from Hulu and start with their favorite shows and movies. It is affordable, and the shows are available in HD. Fx may take several weeks to announce any news related to the second season, or we have to wait till the official news is posted on Twitter.

Kindred Season 2: What Does The Cast Look Like? 

Kindred Season 2 Cast

We can expect some new characters in the second season, along with the main characters from season 1. The time loop is continuing, so we may see a 5-year gap or so when new characters enter the scene. It will reveal much more about Dana’s ancestral history and how she got entangled in such an illusion. 

Sr no Artist  Name Character Name 
1Mallori Johnson Dana
2Ryan KwantenThomas Feylin
3Micah StockKevin Franklin
4Austin Smith Luke
5Gayle RankinMargaret Feylin
6Elsa Davis Denis
7Christopher FarrarNigel
8Lindsay BlackwellCarrie
9David Alexander KaplanRufus
10Abigail ShannonAlice
11Sophina Brown Sarah

Kindred Season 2: Trailer 

There was no official trailer released for season 2 of Kindred. The first season was launched on Dec 13th, and we have quite a lot of time to wait and expect season 2.

The creator says it can be anywhere around the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. This is going to be FX’s decision because the views and rating charts biased series are premiered first.

The major part of a young black woman who was pulled back in time, as we see in trailer one. The confusion and relevant agony are deep in her eyes as she comes face to face with her enslaved ancestors. The show creator is looking forward to bringing many phases of the novel and showing it on screen with many of its aspects. Fans are very supportive of the series and happy to see that the under-appreciated novel has finally seen the light.

The new season will bring many more twists and turns as she unravels different sides of the story of the marvelous novel.

Kindred Season 2: The Plot 

Kindred Season 2:

In this show, we come across Dana, who is a young black female moving to Los Angeles to settle down in her new abode. She is somehow caught in a time travel loop where she finds herself back in time at the Antebellum plantation. This is the spot where her ancestors were enslaved and forced to work. Her transition from past to present is becoming longer and longer, with more dangers on the way.

She comes face to face with the horrible cultures of slavery, misogyny white supremacy. The deep meaning of the author’s vision and her prophetic wisdom is encased within the whole series.

The cliffhanger shows us how Dana’s boyfriend is trapped in past wars in Maryland, and she is ushered to get him out anyhow, but she has to find a way through the present. Dana learns through their ancestral bible that she has to keep Rufus safe to ensure her and her ancestors ‘ lives. There are going to be major repercussions as Dana and her mother are seen in New York. The transitions are yet to be specified, and we will see a very new modification of the novel version.

A lot of fans mentioned that the new season would surely connect the loose ends which keep pulling Dana back to the past, and the time difference between Luke and her will cause more mysterious connections.  Stay tuned for the latest news about the series and what will be in the next season.

How Many Episodes In Kindred On Hulu?

Here is the complete table of Kindred All Episodes by Season wise.

Sr.NoTitle Season/Episode Air Date
1DanaS1.E1December 13, 2022
2SabinaS1.E2December 13, 2022
3FurnitureS1.E3December 13, 2022
4The Waiter From Two Nights AgoS1.E4December 13, 2022
5WinnieS1.E5December 13, 2022
6CelesteS1.E6December 13, 2022
7JaneS1.E7December 13, 2022
8AliceS1.E8December 13, 2022

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Final Thoughts 

With success following Kindred season 1, fans are anticipating season 2. We are one of them, too, but we are sorry to say that Kindred Season 2 has been canceled. Yes, it’s officially announced by FX Network.  In January 2023, the series was canceled after one season.

All we can do is wait until we hear something good. In case there is news about season 2, we will be the first one to update you!


Is Kindred Season 2 canceled?

Yes, Kindred is canceled for Season 2. It was officially announced on 2nd February.

Is there any chance that kindred will continue by any Network?

Yes, there are a lot of chances that other networks like Netflix will adopt Kindred for next season.

How many episodes are there of Kindred FX?

Octavia E. Butler’s 1979 novel Kindred inspired Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ science fiction TV series Kindred. It released eight episodes on December 13, 2022, on FX on Hulu.

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