BTS Suga World Tour 2023: Tour Experience And Next Schedule

BTS Suga World Tour

While fans have been anticipating Suga’s new album, it took the internet by storm when the rapper suddenly announced a solo world tour! 

Although the famous rapper and producer Suga have been on global world tours with his group members over the years, he is the first solo member to hit the road with his tour. 

The news dropped on 14th Feb while he hosted a live-through through the Weverse application. Suga spoke about what he is up to, his group members, and more during the live. But what took his fans by surprise was the sudden announcement of the world tour. 

The question is, which countries is he visiting? What songs will he perform as a solo artist? Is any of the members accompanying him? How do you get tickets? 

Well, we are as excited as you are! We have jotted down all the details we know about the BTS Suga world tour so far, so you can prepare yourself and not miss the opportunity to grab your tickets!

BTS Suga World Tour 2023 Country list And Dates

BTS’ label, HYBE, posted a world tour announcement through pictures, which Suga soon reposted on his Instagram account. 

Suga goes by the username ‘agustd’ on Instagram. He also uses another stage name Agust-D when releasing solo music/projects. 

BTS Suga World Tour Dates

The tour kicks off from Belmont Park on 26th April 2023 (U.S.), followed by the Asian leg, where Suga will perform in 5 Asian countries. As per the tour dates, Suga is set to host 2-3 shows per city/country!

Here is the complete list of Suga Asia tour dates And Countries: 

April 26 -27Belmont Park, NY -U.S.UBS Arena
April 29Newark, NJ -U.S.Prudential Center
May 3Rosemont, IL -U.S.Allstate Arena
May 5th-6th Rosemont, IL -U.S.Allstate Arena
May 10th-11thLos Angeles, CA -U.S.Kia Forum
May 14Los Angeles, CA -U.S.Kia Forum
May 16-17Oakland, CA -U.S.Oakland Arena
May 26th-28th Jakarta, IndonesiaIndonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE BSD) Hall 5-6
June 2-4thKanagawa, JapanPIA Arena MM
June 10th-11thBangkokImpact Arena
June 17th-18th SingaporeSingapore Indoor Stadium
June 24th-25th KoreaJamsil Indoor Stadium

Live Streaming Details for BTS Suga World Tour 

Suga will close his tour in his home country -South Korea, on 24th and 25th June. 

Since the closing shows are closest to the hearts of fans, both shows will be live-streamed online. 

In order to watch it live, you have to purchase the online ticket via Weverse. Fans have the option to purchase live streaming or delayed streaming (repeated broadcast of live streaming) through the ticketing options. 

Live Streaming for BTS Suga
Source: Weverse

You can check out complete details on purchasing and live-streaming options on Weverse

What is Suga Performing on His Solo Tour?

Considering the tour is based on his stage name and rapper moniker -Suga and Agust D, he definitely created a setlist that fans have been craving. 

Suga’s setlist contains his songs from both his solo mixtape and his new album -’ D-Day.’

To ensure fans don’t miss out on the old bangers by BTS, Suga is also singing Cypher pt 3 & 4 and UGH!

The concert starts with his title track from D-Day -Haegeum, followed by Daechwita.

Lastly, he didn’t miss out on life goes on (his version) while playing piano. 

Here is the complete setlist in order: 

  • Haegum 
  • Daechwita
  • Agust D
  • Give it to me
  • Triva: Seesaw
  • SDL
  • People
  • People pt 2
  • Moonlight
  • Burn it
  • Interlude: Shadow
  • Cypher Pt 3
  • Cypher Pt 4
  • UGH!
  • HUH?!
  • Life Goes On
  • Snooze
  • Polar Night
  • D-Day
  • Intro: Never Mind
  • The Last 
Suga August D

USA saw the unexpected entry of MAX for Burn It performance. On the other hand, Halsey also made a surprise appearance and performed “Suga’s Interlude” live.

The excitement, visuals, and Suga’s stage presence captivated the audience in enormous ways. Suga made sure to give their fans a time of their lives with this energetic stage. 

From headbanging to Daechwita to jumping to Cyphers and to tearing up at Life Goes On, fans can experience multiple emotions with the talented producer, rapper, and songwriter in front of them. 

D-Day Tour – The Experience of a Lifetime!

As someone who loves BTS, I decided to test my luck when trying to purchase the tickets. Fortunately, I was able to secure tickets for D-Day tour in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Out of all the concerts I have been to, Suga’s show has a special place in my memories. Fans singing word to word to his music, cheering him up the loudest, and him reciprocating the energy was a moment I would cherish as a fan. 

D-Day Experience of Suga World Tour

Despite being physically unwell, he delivered a captivating performance and ensured fans had the time of their lives with his enthusiastic performance. 

Furthermore, he learned different phrases and words in the Indonesian language to communicate with fans and kept the fans engaged for complete 2 hours. 

August D World Tour images

Finally, his last song, “the last,” showcased fireworks while he left the stage with immense gratitude (and, of course, the Hennessy he will always carry around!). 

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Wrapping Up!

His fans love Suga for his fantastic rapping, songwriting, and producing skills. The popular rapper also has won awards independently for his solo works and collaborations with other artists. 

The tour announcement dropped as a surprise when the entire world thought he would go to the military soon after dropping his album. However, since Jin is already fulfilling his mandatory military service, fans think Suga will be the next member to enlist after completing the world tour, making the concert a more emotional one. 

You don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, isn’t it? Well, with everyone excited to see Suga hit the road alone, we hope you get the opportunity to grab the tickets for the concert in your city!

With that, let’s keep thinking about the magnificent presence of the rapper and how things will unfold for him as he enters the new chapter of his career!

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