11 Best Accessories For iPhone 15 Series In 2023 (Must Have)

With the iPhone 15, you will get a 48-megapixel camera, A 17 Pro chips, and the all-new USB-C type port. It seems dreamy, right? But what if I tell you that you can add more glitter and convenience for yourself with the best accessories for the iPhone 15?

Right from the charger, cases, stand, and cables to the air pods and screen protector, I have compiled all the necessary accessories for you. 

In the following sections, I will introduce you to each of the best accessories for the iPhone 15. Then, you can add them to your cart as soon as you get your iPhone. 

10 Best Accessories For iPhone 15 Series In Nutshell (2023)

The iPhone 15 accessories are creating more buzz than the iPhone 15 itself. There are various accessories for the iPhone 15 on the market. But to make your choice easy, I have added the budget-friendly ten best accessories in the following table.

Sr. No.Accessories PriceBest for 
1.Baseus MagSafe Battery Pack$37.69Best Powerbank for iPhone 15 
2.Spigen Dual USB-C Wall Charger $32.54Best Charger for iPhone 15
3.Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable$24.04Best Charging Cable for iPhone 15
4.Elevation Lab GoStand$19.95Best Adjustable Stand for iPhone 15
5.BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller$98.99Best Gaming Grip for iPhone 15
6.Totallee Clear Case$39.00Best Case for iPhone 15 
7.Apple FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe$71.14Best MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 15 
8.TORRAS 360° Rotatable Kickstand Case$45.99Best multi-purpose Case for iPhone 15 
9.JETech Full Coverage Screen Protector$10.99Best Screen Protector for iPhone 15 
10.Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)$312.31Best Airpods for iPhone 15 

1. Baseus MagSafe Battery Pack – Best Powerbank for iPhone 15 

The Baseus MagSafe Battery Pack is a top-notch accessory for iPhone 15 users, designed with convenience in mind. It easily attaches to your iPhone, providing a 7.5W wireless charging experience.

Baseus MagSafe Battery Pack
(Source: Amazon)

The best feature of this battery pack is its 20W USB-C port. It lets you charge your iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes. Also, the Baseus battery pack can be fully recharged in under 2 hours.

Furthermore, it supports pass-through charging so you can power up your iPhone and battery pack simultaneously. 

So, this accessory is the best choice if you are looking for a power-friendly solution.

Pros and Cons:


  • 6000 mAH battery capacity
  • Handy for charging additional devices
  • 19 hours of video playback 
  • 20% thinner than an ordinary portable charger 


  • It is not feasible to carry it around 

2. Spigen Dual USB-C Wall Charger – Best Charger for iPhone 15

If the standard Apple charger’s price seems too much for you, then the Spigen Dual USB-C Wall Charger is the best alternative. It has two USB-C ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. Plus, it comes with a 24-month warranty to keep you worry-free.

Spigen Dual USB-C Wall Charger
(Source: Amazon)

The charger has a 40W charging speed, suitable for iPhones and even the MacBook Air. So, this way, you get an affordable option for both of your Apple devices.

Pros and Cons:


  • Can charge two devices at the same time 
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty 
  • Stable maximum current via ArcStation Pro
  • Compatible with Nintendo, Airpods, and buds


  • A bit more bulky than the standard Apple Charger 

3. Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable – Best Charging Cable for iPhone 15

The Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable is designed for high-speed charging and data transfer and is thus a versatile choice for you. This extra-long cable comes in various lengths so you can easily plug in anywhere.

Belkin USB-C to USB-C Cable
(Source: Amazon)

It is suitable for use at home, in the car, office, or wherever you need to charge and transfer data. Plus, its double-braided nylon exterior is durable and tested to withstand 30,000 bends.

So, if you want to upgrade your charging cable as the iPhone 15 gets the update, the Belkin cable is the most reliable choice.

Pros and Cons:


  • 100W charging power and 480 Mbps transfer speed
  • Available in 2M/3M lengths
  • Certification from USB-IF
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty 


  • Not compatible with previous iPhone models 

4. Elevation Lab GoStand – Best Adjustable Stand for iPhone 15

The Elevation Lab GoStand stands out with its smart design, offering various viewing angles. It can fold flat and slip right into your pocket. However, what makes this stand truly special is its versatility.

 Elevation Lab GoStand
(Source: Apple)

So, whether you use your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode, GoStand has got you covered. It is compatible with all iPhones and can accommodate any case.

Moreover, the stand is made with a steel hinge, which adds durability, and it also has a low-profile button so that you can easily adjust the back support. Thus, you find the perfect position for any of your tasks.

Pros and Cons:


  • Compatible with the complete iPhone 15 series 
  • Travel-friendly due to its small size
  • Premium silicone build quality 
  • Wide viewing angle adjustment 


  • The build quality is not good with a Plastic body and buttons 

5. BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller – Best Gaming Grip for iPhone 15

The BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller offers an exceptional gaming experience with many excellent features. First and foremost, its responsive analog triggers, tactile buttons, and clickable thumbsticks give you precise controls.

 BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller
(Source: Amazon)

Plus, it supports pass-through charging via your phone’s USB-C port, allowing you to charge your device while you play. Its other feature is its incredibly low latency, guaranteeing ultra-responsive gameplay that keeps you right in the action.

In addition, it is also compatible with Android, but it only works with devices running Android 10.0 and up. But you don’t need to worry about that; your iPhone will work seamlessly with it.

Pros and Cons:


  • The supported app is incredible
  • Very easy to handle with exceptional controls
  • Console quality controls
  • Lowest Latency Connection 


  • It doesn’t fit the iPhone with a case

6. Totallee Clear Case – Best Clear Case for iPhone 15 

The Totallee Super Thin Case for iPhone 15 is a good choice for a clean, logo-free look. It is impressively slim, keeping your phone’s original style intact while giving it added protection. Plus, it’s got a raised edge around the camera to keep those lenses safe.

Totallee Clear Case
(Source: Totallee)

What’s best about this case is that it’s all about quality, not flashy logos. In other words, Totallee focuses on a simple design so your iPhone looks sleek and uncluttered.

Pros and Cons:


  • MagSafe Wireless charging compatibility
  • 0.02″ Ultra-thin design 
  • A wide array of color choices 
  • 30-day risk-free trial


  • Substandard drop protection 

7. Apple FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe – Best MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 15 

The Apple FineWoven wallet with Magsafe is a good add-on for the iPhone 15. It’s made from a strong material that feels soft, like suede and is kind to the environment because it’s mostly recycled.

Apple FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe
(Source: Apple)

This wallet is more than just a fashion statement; it has robust built-in magnets. This makes attaching it to the back of your iPhone easy, providing a convenient way to keep your ID and credit cards within easy reach.

You can even stack it on top of a Magsafe case to personalize your style. It also supports ‘Find My,’ always informing you about your wallet’s last known location. Moreover, it securely accommodates up to three cards.

Pros and Cons:


  • Compatible with Apple’s leather cases
  • Availability of a wide range of color options 
  • Made from 68% post-consumer recycled content
  • Find My support to find the wallet 


  • Can’t accommodate more than three cards when it’s new

8. TORRAS 360° Rotatable Kickstand Case – Best multi-purpose Case for iPhone 15 

The Toras 360° Rotatable Kickstand Case is designed to keep your phone safe. It can handle big falls from up to 12 feet high. That’s like a military-grade shield for your phone.

TORRAS 360° Rotatable Kickstand Case
(Source: Amazon)

However, it’s just not tough but super handy too. It has a ring that can spin all around, and you can also use it to hold your phone up while you watch videos or work.

Another thing about it is that it has magnets inside. These magnets make your wireless charging faster and keep your phone stuck to wallets and power banks. 

Even more, it works with all the Magsafe accessories.

Pros and Cons:


  • 38 strong neodymium magnets for wireless charging
  • 12 feet of military-grade protection 
  • 100% uninterrupted charging with 0% charging loss
  • Multifunctional capabilities as a Kickstand 


  • Slight issues with the adjustment 

9. JETech Full Coverage Screen Protector – Best Screen Protector for iPhone 15 

The JETech full-coverage screen protector is made with precision to fit the iPhone 15, ensuring edge-to-edge protection for your screen. However, it’s important to note that this protector is designed for the iPhone 15 Pro 6.1 inch and is unsuitable for other versions.

JETech Full Coverage Screen Protector
(Source: Amazon)

The standout feature of this protector is its tempered glass, shielding your iPhone 15’s screen and camera lens from daily scratches.

But that’s not all; the JETech full-coverage screen protector goes the extra mile with its night-shooting mode. It ensures high transmittance, allowing you to use your flash function in low-light conditions without compromising the quality of photos or videos.

So, it is the perfect accessory for night owls and photo enthusiasts alike!

Pros and Cons:


  • Durable tempered glass
  • Scratch resistant with 9H hardness rating 
  • Fingerprint and oil-proof protection 
  • High light transmittance for ultra-clear view


  • It may make visibility harder with some mounts

10. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) – Best Airpods for iPhone 15 

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
(Source: Amazon)

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) is the ultimate accessory for the iPhone 15, offering a great listening experience. They are the best because they block out background noise well, so your calls and music sound super clear.

And they make the sound feel like it’s all around you, like having a mini-concert in your ears. In addition, they come with different ear-sized tips to fit everyone comfortably, and they last up to 6 hours on a single charge.

So, if you love good sound and want a great connection with your iPhone 15, these AirPods Pro are for you!

Pros and Cons:


  • Built-in case speaker
  • New extra-small ear tips 
  • IPX4 Water and sweat resistant 
  • Adaptive Noise Cancellation 


  • Highly-priced air pods in the market 

11. Stouchi MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount – Best Camera Mount for iPhone 15 

The Stouchi MagSafe continuity camera mount is the best accessory for iPhone 15 users who own a MacBook from 2017 or later. With the latest macOS features, this sleek mount easily attaches your iPhone to your laptop.  

Stouchi MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount
(Source: Amazon)

Thanks to its rubber-coated surfaces, this mount ensures that your iPhone and MacBook remain scratch-free. Also, it provides hands-free camera streaming, so you can easily switch between different video modes.

Even more, when connected to your MacBook, it transforms into a versatile ring grip and kickstand. Thus, you get to use its full potential for your needs, from FaceTime to content creation.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy attachment and handling
  • A built-in ring holder which can also suffice as a kickstand
  • Made from light and hard aluminum alloy
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty 


  • The problem in adjusting the viewing angle

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Before you upgrade to the best accessories for iPhone 15, it’s a good idea to analyze everything. Since I have analyzed, all the accessories mentioned should suit you.

However, it’s also essential to consider your personal preferences and usage. With the following key takeaways, you can decide which accessories to add to your iPhone; ensure you get the best!

  • Best Powerbank for iPhone 15 – Baseus MagSafe Battery Pack
  • Best Charger for iPhone 15 – Spigen Dual USB-C Wall Charger
  • Best Clear Case for iPhone 15 – Totallee Clear Case

All the accessories mentioned are the best in their line-up and essential for every iPhone user. You can add more accessories to this list, but these are must-haves.


Will the iPhone 15 have a headphone jack?

Like other iPhone models, the iPhone 15 does not have a headphone jack. However, if you want to connect headphones to your device, you will need a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to connect via a USB-C cable.

Does the iPhone 15 Pro Max come with a charger?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn’t come with any charger, as Apple stopped including the charging bricks with the phone long ago. But the iPhone 15 does come with a C-to-C cable in the box.

Why does the iPhone 15 have USB-C?

As per the law set by the European Union, Apple had to switch from a lightning port to USB-C as it brings uniformity to all devices. However, this new transition has been implemented for iPhone 15 models only.

What is better about the iPhone 15?

The new iPhone 15 has upgraded impressively from its previous models regarding camera quality and improved functionality. It has finally gotten a bump in camera resolution with the iPhone 15’s resolution of 48 megapixels.

What’s new on the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 has new features, including USB-C charging, A17 Pro chips, the latest zoom camera technology, and more. It has also made advancements in terms of camera quality and brightness.

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