Netflix Free Trial 2023: Is The 30-Day Trial Still Available?

Netflix free Trial

Until 2020, the Netflix 30 day free trial was an amazing opportunity for people to explore Netflix’s extensive streaming collection. 

However, with Netflix deciding to shut down its free trial option, how can users now avail of Netflix’s free trial? Or, is it even possible to get access to Netflix for free? 

Well, this article will cover your queries in much detail, such as: 

  1. Does Netflix Have a Free Trial?
  2. Is Netflix Offering Any Discounts or Deals?
  3. Netflix: Pricing and Plans
  4. How To Get Netflix For Cheap 2023?

So, let’s dive into the details below!

Does Netflix Offer a Free Trial?

Netflix doesn’t offer any free trial. You can simply cancel your Netflix subscription or change to any other plan in case you decide Netflix is no longer working for you.

There will not be any additional cancellation fees, contracts, or commitments whatsoever.

Here is what Netflix’s official help center says:

Netflix Free Trial
Source: Netflix Help Center Page

Coming back to the Free Trial, the platform did offer a free 30-day watch, which unfortunately ended in 2020. Like many other streaming services offering free trials, Netflix also understood that their service was being violated. 

Some users would create endless new accounts just so they could access the free trial for as long as possible, which is wrong. 

Is Netflix Offering Any Discounts or Deals?

Netflix is not offering any official discounts or deals. If you didn’t know, the platform has never provided such offers, and I doubt it will. 

However, you can get discounts/ free deals through third-party services such as Amazon Fire Stick or T-Mobile. Keep in mind this only works when you are a relatively new user. 

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Netflix Pricing and Plans

Netflix offers a wide range of plans that serve different users. 

In fact, while accessing, you may realize that you no longer want the plan; in that case, you have full freedom to upgrade or downgrade the automatic plan. Let’s check out the official pricing now:-

Standard(Ad-supported)$6.99/ MonthAd-supported
2 simultaneous device
Standard$15.49/ MonthAd-Free service
2 simultaneous device
Download available on 2 devices
Option to add one extra member who doesn’t live in your house($7.99/ Month)
Premium$19.99/ MonthAd-Free service
4 simultaneous deviceUltra HD
Download available on 6 devicesOption to add 2 extra members who doesn’t live in your house($7.99/ Month)
Netflix Spatial Audio


  • On Standard (Ad-free) and Premium plans, you can add extra members, for which you will be charged $7.99/ Month each. 
  • The basic plan is no longer available if you’re a new or rejoining member. However, if you’re already accessing the plan, the subscription is valid until you either cancel your account or change plans.
  • You might be charged taxes (+ your subscription price) depending on your area of location.
  • You can change your plan or cancel the subscription whenever you feel like it.

How to Get Netflix For Cheap 2023? 

The best way to get Netflix at a cheaper rate is by using a VPN!

All you need to do is check out Netflix subscriptions for available countries and choose the country with the cheaper rates. Now, go to your VPN and set the location for that country.

Netflix For Cheap
Source: Netflix Official Website

Do not forget to change the VPN app settings, where you turn the Netflix toggle on.

You can check out my detailed guide on the best VPNS for Netflix here. It also covers ways to access the streaming platform without a VPN. 

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Wrapping Up: Does Netflix Offer A 30-Day Free Trial?

The OTT streaming platform no longer offers a free trial, let alone for a month. Initially, there was a discount for new members. However, since most users were violating their service, Netflix discontinued their free plan. 

Instead, you can use a VPN and then access the platform at a much cheaper rate. As you know, the US currency is comparatively higher than the value of the rest of the currencies. 

So, if you change your VPN settings to a country where the subscription plans are much cheaper, you indirectly get a discount on the streaming platform.

That’s it for the article for now. If the platform upgrades its policies and brings back the Free Trial, I will keep you updated. 


Does Netflix offer a 30-day free Trial?

Netflix used to offer a one-month free trial, but that service ended in 2020. So, no, the streaming platform doesn’t offer a 30-day free trial.

How do you get a Netflix free trial in 2023?

There is no way to avail of Netflix Free Trial in 2023 as the streaming platform has discontinued its free service in 2020. 

How do you get Netflix at cheaper rates?

The best way to get Netflix at a cheaper rate is by using a VPN. You can check out which country has cheaper subscription plans and further set that specific country as your VPN location.

What is the price to avail of the option to add an extra member(s)?

For both Standard and Premium subscriptions, the price to add an extra member(s) is $7.99/ Month each.

How to access Netflix Free Trial 3 Months?

Netflix has discontinued its free trial services after experiencing loss in October 2020. So, no, there is no way for you to experience 3 Months Free Trial of Netflix.

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