How To Turn Off Always On Display on iPhone 15 (Simple Guide)

Every time a new iOS device launch is announced, users are super hyped around its features. Likewise, one of the most awaited features of the iPhone 15 is the Always on Display, which you may remember from iOS 14 Pro. 

However, this feature received bittersweet reviews. Because of this, in this article, I will primarily cover a step-by-step guide on how to turn off Always on Display on iPhone 15. 

Additionally, I will also discuss the iPhone 15 latest features.

Always On Display iPhone 15: Is it There?

iPhone 15 does feature Always on Display, which was also released with iPhone 14 Pro.

For those who don’t know, the display feature has adaptive refresh rates that go as high as 120 Hz and as low as 1 Hz. The Promotion Tech helps preserve power despite your iPhone being on Always on On Display. 

 IPhone 15
Source: Apple Official Website

How it works is the technology ends up dimming the entire lock screen. Moreover, the Always on Display uses minimum power due to the embedded A16 Bionic, which is used for multiple coprocessors. 

While many would love to completely disable the Always on Display feature, however, if you do not, then I have an alternate way for you. Instead, you can simply make your lock screen a lot darker. To do so, simply follow the instructions below:-

Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn on Always on > Focus Mode > Choose a mode that you use often or create one > Options > Turn on Dim Lock Screen.

How To Turn Off Always On iPhone 15 & iPhone 14? (Step By Step Guide)

The reason Apple is highly praised worldwide is due to its advanced technology. 

The platform understands that you might not want to disable the Always on Display feature at all times, so it has created some scenarios when the device would automatically turn off the Display:

  • The sleep focus mode is on
  • The device is lying face-down
  • The device is on low power mode
  • The device is in your bag/ pocket
  • The continuity camera is on
  • Your device is connected to Carplay
  • Your device tracks your schedule 
  • Your device detects the connected Apple watch is away from it

Having said that, the following are steps to turn off the Always on mode on your iPhone 15:-

1: Head to the settings application.

2: Scroll down till you find Display and Brightness.

3: Turn off the Always on Toggle.

iPhone 15: What’s New With The Latest iPhone?

Apple recently announced two of its awaited products (iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro). In fact, starting from 15th September 2023, both products are available for preorder. Now, the question is, what’s new with the new model? 

Latest iPhone
Source: Apple Official Website

You can check iPhone 15 features in the bulleted points below:

  • 6.1 Inch 
  • Durable Color Infused Glass & Aluminium Design 
  • A dynamic island that stays on top
  • 48 MP camera, which is super HD
  • 2x Telephoto
  • C-Type charging

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The Final Verdict!

When the iPhone 14 Pro introduced the Always on Display feature, many people were intrigued; hence, there are discussions around whether the iPhone 15 will feature it too. 

The answer is yes. iPhone 15 will always have a display feature. However, if you’re not a fan of this feature, you can simply turn the toggle off. You only need to head to settings and turn off the toggle. 

If you cannot do it, just follow the step-by-step guide I have mentioned above.


Does always on display drain battery?

Unfortunately, the Always on Display feature does drain your battery. To avoid the same, you can either turn it off or simply make your lock screen a lot darker.

How to turn off always on Display Apple Watch?

To turn off the always-on Display on Apple Watch, follow the instructions below:-
Press digital crown > settings > scroll down > turn off always on option.

How to turn off always on Display on your iPhone 15?

Some of the newest features on the iPhone 15 are 6.1 Inches, Durable Color Infused Glass and Aluminum Design, A dynamic island that stays on top, a 48 MP camera, which is super HD, 2x Telephoto, and C-Type charging.

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