Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2023: Divorce, Highlights & More

Kim Kardashian Net Worth has been a widely speculated topic, considering her successful ventures such as the KKW Beauty line, SKIMS shapewear, and plenty of alimony money. 

Both of her businesses did extremely well and has valuation worth Billions of dollars. Now, most people also wonder about Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth before marriage. In fact, did divorce from Kanye affect her finances at all? Well, that’s what this article covers. 

I will primarily discuss Kim Kardashian Net Worth, her career highlights, active income sources, Net Worth Hike, and so on. 

Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2023 Highlights 

Kim Kardashian Net Worth
Source: Investopodia
  • Kim Kardashian Net Worth is $1.7 Billion.
  • Her income sources stem from SKIMS Shapewear, KKW Beauty (now revamped as SKKN), Brand Endorsements, including Instagram Promotional posts, etc.
  • Annual Earning: $80K Million.
  • Kim’s car collection includes 5 Maybach, 2 Lamborghini, 1 Rolls Royce Ghost, and 1 Range Rover.
  • Approximately $20 Million paycheck from Keeping Up With The Kardashian.
  • $1 Billion valuation of KKW Beauty. (Source: Forbes)
  • $4 Billion valuation of SKIMS. (Source: CNW)
  • Kim charges $300k-$500k per Instagram post.
  • Paid $25 Million to Kanye West to reclaim her 3-acre Malibu property.
  • Multi-million Brand deals.
  • Monthly social income is between $1-$2 Million.
  • Owns 28% shares of Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mobile Game.
  • KimYe’s divorce didn’t affect Kim Kardashian Net Worth at all. 
  • Kim received a $6 Million money settlement, plus she got to keep all the gifts she has received from her ex-partner so far. 

How Much is Kim Kardashian Net Worth in 2023? 

Before I dive into Kim Kardashian’s financial details, let’s check out her basic information first:-

Full NameKim Kardashian
Net Worth$1.7 Billion
Income SourceKKW Beauty ($1 Billion revenue so far)SKIMS ($4 Billion revenue so far)Instagram Marketing ($300K to $500K)Overall Brand EndorsementsKeeping Up With Kardashian ($20 Million Salary, approximately)
Date of Birth21st October 1980
Place of BirthLos Angeles
Monthly Salary$7-8 Million
Yearly Salary$80 Million
Height1.59 Meter

Sources of Earning: How Does Kim Kardashian Make Money? 

Kim Kardashian has four main sources of income: her direct-to-consumer beauty brand (KKW Beauty), clothing line (SKIMS), Promotional Instagram posts (that she charges between $300K to $500K), and finally, multi-million Brand deals.

Let’s check out these revenues in more detail:-

1. Brand Endorsements

A big chunk of Kim Kardashian Net Worth comes from her earnings through Brand deals. 

For instance, she has generated quite a bit of royalties from a mobile game: Kim Kardashian Hollywood. This $200 Million revenue mobile game has about 60 Million downloads, of which 28% share go to the muse herself, aka. KIM K!

2. KKW Beauty: Makeup Line

KKW Beauty: Makeup Line
Source: Good Morning America

KKW Beauty was launched in 2017 and, on average, generates $100 Million today.

Kim sold about 20% of KKW Beauty Stakes (worth $200 Million) in June 2020, and in return, the company gained a valuation worth $1 Billion. Because of this, CNW estimated Kim Kardashian Net Worth to escalate up to $900 Million at their fundraising round. 

However, the brand was soon shut down and further revamped as a skincare line, SKKN. (This again is founded by Kim Kardashian, and you bet most of KKW Beauty products have been restored by now.)

3. SKIMS: Shapewear Line

SKIMS: Shapewear Line
Source: The Daily Beast

Recently, the Shapewear line has generated $270 Million worth of revenue, which further added to the $4 Billion valuation. Overall, that increased Kim Kardashian Net Worth by $500 Million. 

All in all, Kim currently holds 1/3rd stakes in the company, and as per TIMES, it’s predicted to generate $750 Million by the end of this year. The amount is set due to the last year’s earnings, which was $500 Million.

4. Social Media Post (Instagram)

For each Instagram post, Kim earns between $300K and $500K. 

Overall, you can tell Kim is picky in terms of brands she is associated with, and despite that, her monthly social media income ranges up to $1-$2 Million. 

5. Investments: Real Estate Value & Car Collection

Investments: Real Estate Value & Car Collection
Source: The Sun

Apart from her makeup and shapewear line, Kim K is now plunging into the investment route. 

As per recent speculations, Kim has been partnered with SSKY Partners who is also a former executive of Carlyle Group. Although the equity she is working on is still unnamed it is claimed to have raised around $1 Billion. 

Other than that, Keeping Up with Kardashian fame has numerous properties across the USA, some of which she also shares with her former partner, Kanye West. 

(If you’re curious how the once upon-a-time richer rapper faced the sudden drop in money, then you can check out my detailed article on him here.)

Coming back to Kim K’s investments: While they were still married, Kim and Kanye invested Millions of dollars trying to upgrade the $9 Million Bel Air property that Kim had purchased. 

However, Kim ended up selling that property in 2018 for $18 Million.

Kanye West with kim
Source: Evening Standard

Another KimYe property was a $20 Million Californian house that went through a series of unfortunate events, be it building it from scratch or catching fire, etc. However, due to the sentimental value attached over the years, Kim paid $23 Million to her former husband and transferred it to her name.

Kim further paid $70 Million for over 3 acre Malibu property in September 2022. After that, she sold her Calabasas condo for $3.5 Million the same year. 

The Reality TV Show Superstar also has a luxurious car collection:-

  • Five Maybachs ($1 Million)
  • Lamborghini ($600K)
  • Lamborghini wrapped in SKIMS fabric ($200K)
  • Rolls Royce Ghost ($400K)
  • Range Rover ($177K)

6. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Despite the show ending in 2021, Keeping Up with Kardashian has surely skyrocketed Kim’s popularity as well as her finances. Although Kris Jenner claimed that everybody was paid equally, there were speculations that Kim shares about 20% of shares. 

 Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Source: The Daily Beast

Unfortunately, the exact revenue number of KUWTK is not revealed, which is why I cannot give you a proper salary number. However, you know the show was ultra-popular, which pretty much justifies its higher revenue. 

So, Kim K got paid a handsome amount. 

Did Divorce With Kanye West Affect Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth?

Post their divorce of a six-years-long marriage, Kim received a $6 Million money settlement that consisted of $1 Million x the duration of their marriage. 

In addition, she got to keep each and every Million of dollar worth gift that Kanye has given to her so far. But if you thought Ye would let this settlement process go by smoothly, then you were wrong. 

Kim Kardashian
Source: Business Insider

Throughout the initial months, there was a load of mental torture on Kim’s part, with Kanye not only making every tiny interaction public but also stopping Kim from transferring any assets or letting her move on.

So, apart from the mental trauma and transfer delay, Kim K’s Net Worth didn’t experience any significant setbacks.

Kim Kardashian Net Worth Over The Years

The first time Kim’s Net Worth saw a significant hike was in 2015, as in the previous two years, she had seen a jump of $45 Million. In the next two years, she showed $65 Million growth, and after that, $150 Million, and the number just kept on increasing. 

You can check my detailed breakdown of Kim Kardashian Net Worth over the years in the table below:-

YearNet Worth
2009$10 Million
2011$20 Million
2013$40 Million
2015$85 Million
2017$150 Million
2019$300 Million
2020$900 Million
2021$1 Billion
20221.4 Billion
20231.7 Billion

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Wrapping up: Kim Kardashian Net Worth 2023!

As of 2023, Kim Kardashian Net Worth is $1.7 Billion. 

The majority of her income source comes from her ventures including Makeup Line (KKW Beauty, now known as SKKN), SKIMS Shapewear, an unnamed collab project with SSKY Partners, Brand Endorsements, Instagram Marketing, and overall Investments. 

A big portion of Kim K’s earnings also comes from KUWTK! 

Considering the show’s popularity, and Kim’s overall influence, the channel executive paid her a hefty amount. So, overall, KK’s annual earning is up to $80 Million, which of course, varies from project to project. 


What is Kim Kardashian Net Worth?

Kim Kardashian Net Worth as of 2023 is $1.7 Billion. Most of her income comes from SKIMS shapewear, KKW Beauty, Brand Endorsements, etc.

What was Kim Kardashian Net Worth before Kanye?

Kim Kardashian Net Worth before Kanye was $40 Million. (Which was in 2014.)

What is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Net Worth?

Currently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Net Worth so far is $1.7 Billion and $400 Million, respectively.

Is SKIMS worth $4 Billion?

The overall grossing revenue for SKIMS so far is $4 Billion.

Why was KKW revamped?

Since KKW represented Kim Kardashian West, Kim wanted to rebrand her cosmetic brand post her divorce with Kanye.

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