22 Best 80s Fashion Women: Discover The Best Styles

80s Fashion Women

What is Fashion to you? For most people today, it is comfortable, sophisticated, and yet somehow sexy. However, 80s fashion women thought differently!

For them, Fashion was flashy colors, skin-fitted clothes, freezy hair, and every possible thing that comes under the word extravagant! So, in today’s article, we will discuss some 80s fashions, especially those catering to women. 

With that being said, let’s dive in!

80s Fashion Women: Main Types

Here we have mentioned the main types of 80s fashion.

1. Neon Fashion & Bold Colours

Neon Fashion

The point of neon and bold Fashion was to make a statement in the world that you’re cool. It was all about being hip and trendy, which attracted young women.

2. Preppy 80s Fashion Women

Preppy Fashion

On the flip side of the i-am-in-your-face, 80s women were also into much more subtle looks. That’s what 80s preppy fashion delivered! Relaxed, simple, and sophisticated!

Companies like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste even catered to their desires.

3. Workout Fashion

Workout Fashion

Last but not least! Workout Fashion was another 80s in-demand trend that hyped workout clothes. In a way, it helped people to be motivated to hit the gym and be obsessed with pieces like Stretch Stirrups, Spandex, Dolphin Shorts, Leg Warmers, etc.

4. Beach Fashion

Beach Fashion

If you didn’t catch up by now, the primary goal of 80s fashion women was to look tall but in an hourglass way. So, beach fashion promoted high-cut bikinis, plunging necklines, cut-out one-pieces, etc. 

80s Fashion Women: Inspired By Music

Here we have mentioned the 80s fashion, which was inspired by music.

1. Pop Fashion

Pop Fashion

The best way to describe Pop Fashion is fishnet clothes, glittery makeup, and big hair. Moreover, pop legend Madonna is one of the main reasons for the hype of this trend.

2. 80s Rock Fashion Women

Rock Fashion

Denim jeans and sleeveless tops (even better if your tattoos are visible) were the epitomai of Rock Fashion. Along with it, leather pieces, longer hair, bracelets, and gloves did wonders!

3. Punk Fashion

Punk Fashion

Bold, dramatic, edgy, basically, i-do-not-care-what-you-think looks! 

Again, messy hair, leather jackets, and ripped jeans were the staple Punk pieces.

80s Fashion Women: Popular Clothing Pieces

Here are the popular clothing pieces from 80s Fashion.

1. Animal Print Clothing

Animal Print Clothing

If you’re opting for an elegant look, animal print is a way to go! If you like being the center of attention, you can go for this look! 

(People with social anxiety, please stay away!)

2. Shoulders Pads

Shoulders Pads

Most people wore shoulder pads to give off a much more serious look. You can say shoulder pads, in a way, help them with a confidence boost! 

Moreover, even if people wore suits, the look was not complete before putting two shoulder pads over it. 

3. Puff Sleeve Dress

Puff Sleeve Dress

As the name suggests, this 80s outfit’s sleeves are a bit blown. Initially, these outfits were specially designed for occasions like Prom. 

(The way Romeo and Juliet’s era flashed. Maybe 80s look of women was inspired by earlier?) Women also teach puffed sleeves in casual wear, like blouses, tops, etc.

4. Oversized Tops

 Oversized Tops

This piece of clothing helps convey the point that you do not play by society’s composed expectations. Instead, it gives off more cozy and homely vibes.

5. Jumpsuits


This outfit came in a one-piece format. However, instead of a skirt-like thing, pants are attached. Depending on your preference, jumpsuits came in both formal and casual.

6. High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are still very much in Fashion. However, the look changed a bit, but primarily, the purpose of this trend was to tuck your top into the jeans.

Some people also address this piece of clothing as mom jeans.

7. Sequins


Sequins are made of reflective little something. The purpose of this outfit was just the glamour quotient! It comes in several pieces, including dresses, tops, skirts, etc.

8. Off shoulder

80s fashion women Off shoulder

This piece of clothing is made for women who love showing off their shoulders. Some go-to pieces are bell sleeves, tight-fitted tops, strapless, etc.

9. Ruffles

Ruffles - 80s fashion women

This style gives your outfit a puffy, layer-y, prom-ish look! Instead of just party wear, Ruffles also comes in casual wear like skirts, blouses, dresses, etc.

10. Bubble Skirts

Bubble Skirts - 80s fashion women

When skirts are tailored in a way that creates a bit of puffy and balloon-like looks.

11. Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Kind of similar to animal print! Polka dots pretty much cover your outfit in big or small dots. Moreover, it also sometimes gives off a retro look!

80s Fashion Women: Hairstyles

Here we have mentioned the hairstyles of 80s fashion.

1. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail - 80s fashion women

As the name suggests, it’s a ponytail on the side. You all need a fancy hair tie or a scrunchie, and you are good to go! 

The reason this hairstyle was so popular at the time was due to the ease of styling it.

2. Feathered Hair

 Feathered Hair

Feathery Hair got its name due to the feathery-layer look at the end of the Hair.

The hype of the hairstyle was because of Heather Locklear and Farrah Fawcett, who opted for a more sophisticated look than the typical 80s all-over-the-place hairstyles.

3. Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair - 80s fashion women

The zig-zag crim look was attained through the hair crimper, which Jodi Foster and Alyssa Milano popularized. As much as this hairstyle looked cool, styling it was equally challenging. Regardless, it was trendy among young women.

4. Permed Hair

Permed Hair- 80s fashion women

Permed Hair was the 80s one of the most popular hairstyles, which rose to prominence due to Cher, Meg Ryan, and Barbara Streisand. 

Regardless of the hype of the hairstyle, the process to execute is time-consuming as it involves tons of chemicals and a curling iron.

80s Fashion Women: Makeup & Accessories

Accessories like single wristbands, earrings, necklaces, and bangles were in demand. Where some of these accessories were in bright-poppy colors, the others were in pitch black! 

80s Fashion Women Makeup & Accessories

On the other hand, bold makeup was a thing as well! Women then thought if they cake up their faces (regardless of bright or dark look), they were beautiful. 

80s Fashion Women

how to recreate 80s Women’s Fashion looks today

To achieve a trendy 80s-inspired women’s fashion look, opt for high-waisted jeans or acid-washed denim. And further pair them with oversized tops such as graphic tees or off-the-shoulder blouses.

80s looks are all about embracing the vibrancy of bold colors and prints, such as striking neon shades, mesmerizing geometric patterns, or fierce animal prints even.

For an authentic touch, it is recommended to consider incorporating subtle shoulder pads into blazers or tops. Then elevate your ensemble with the perfect accessories such as trendy leg warmers, eye-catching neon belts, chic bangles, or playful scrunchies.

Additionally, achieve a chic and trendy look by creating voluminous hair through the art of teasing and curling. Elevate your style by accessorizing with bold statement jewelry, such as oversized earrings and layered necklaces.

And when designing your outfit, don’t forget to infuse some fun and playfulness by blending 80s-inspired elements with contemporary pieces. This will result in a distinctive and current appearance that is sure to turn heads.

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Conclusion: 80s Fashion Women

Strangers Things revived a heck load of 80s nostalgia! 

Even if you were not born in the 80s, somehow, the show made you curious about the era’s hair, clothes, music, and whatnot!

So, in today’s article, we have discussed 80s fashion trends, especially around women! We have discussed workout looks, beach wear, flashy colors, permed hair, high-waisted jeans, and so much more! 

We hope our article was helpful! But like always, if you have even a tad bit of doubt, please be our guest in the comment section, and we will help you out for sure!


What did women wear in the 80s?

There were several staple pieces women opted for. The main outfits were High-waisted jeans, Sequins, Ruffles, Leather Jackets, Fishnets, Oversized clothes, etc.

What should women wear to an 80s party?

Depending on the theme of the party, they can either wear Sequin or Puffed-sleeve dresses.

What is a typical 80s outfit?

Bold colors, high-waisted jeans, and puffed sleeves. On the other hand, if you are into grunge looks, go for ripped jeans, leather jackets, and sleeveless tops (bonus points if you have tattoos to show off!)

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