Where Was Dead To Me Season 3 Filmed? (Locations & All)

Where was dead to me season 3 filmed

Where Was Dead To Me Season 3 Filmed? The show’s signature filming locations have been a massive icon for the fanbase. From Jen’s home in Sherman Oaks to the massive Beverly Hills estate featured in the series.

For the big fans of the series “Dead To Me,” the series was recently given a new teaser for its upcoming Season 3 premiere on Netflix. With around three years since we’ve seen both Jen and Judy in this dark comedy, we’re finally on the show’s last season since Season 4 rumors were dashed with the announcement in 2020.

Let’s take a quick look at these places and how they bring the series to life!

Dead To Me Location Name (Overview) 

Here is the complete table with location, city, longitude, and altitude for a quick look:

Sr.NoLocation NameCity NameLongitudeAltitude
1Jen Hastin’s HouseLos Angeles34.141415-118.451767
2Peace awareness labyrinth & gardensLos Angeles34.144913-118.369720
3Laguna BeachLos Angeles33.553547-117.781792
4Eileen’s MansionLos Angeles34.092373-118.401361

Dead To Me And The Show’s Iconic Filming Locations

The entirety of the series was filmed in California, mainly within Los Angeles County and the sunny shores of Laguna Beach. Although some delays were expected from the COVID-19 pandemic, things started to pick up again around May 2021. The Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses of actress Christina Applegate also halted filming for understandable reasons.

Now that filming has finally wrapped up around the end of April 2022, we can look at some particular filming sites that’ll appear in Season 3!

1. Jen Hasting’s House

First off, we’ve got Jen Hasting’s house which plays a pivotal role throughout the whole series. Although the location in-show says Laguna Beach, the actual location is in the San Fernando Valley in Sherman Oaks. Sources say it was built in the 1960s and is a privately-owned house valued at around $3.8 million. 

Where Was Dead To Me

If you’re planning a visit to check it out, make sure not to bother any residents or to trespass on the property! That’s already been a problem with filming locations used in the Breaking Bad series.

2. The Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Another place where filming was done was the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens. This was where Judy’s husband, Steve, was murdered. It’s a non-profit center that’s open for the public to visit for themselves. Dedicated to peace and spirituality, the non-profit maintains the gardens and mansions used for various TV Productions and Films.

The Peace Awareness Labyrinth  Gardens

3. Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach, California

The show’s story mostly takes place in the real-life location of Laguna Beach, California. With this being a seaside resort within Orange County, the serene surroundings greatly contrast the show’s dark comedy themes. The Main Beach within Laguna Beach was one of the most well-known filmings sites for the third season.

4. Eileen’s Mansion

Where Was Dead To Me Season 3 Filmed

If you’re looking for the most decked-out of all the filming spots used within the series, then Eileen Wood’s Mansion is the one that tops it all. This place is where Eileen lives, the mother of both Steve and Ben Wood. The building and estate are located within Beverly Hills at 1100 Carolyn Way. Built in 1916 by two prolific architects, the location spans beyond 14,500 square feet.

The home’s history is studded in allure as the first mayor of Beverly Hills, Silsby M. Spalding, lived there before. Hollywood stars have also used the manor for themselves, and the current estimate for the whole location sits at $38 million.

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Conclusion: Where Was Dead To Me Season 3 Filmed?

The filming locations used in Dead To Me’s filming are all pretty accessible if you’re within the California area. With so many sprawling locations, we can’t imagine the amount of effort that went into filming the show’s various scenes. Especially with Christina’s recent diagnosis, we’re amazed that everyone on the team still stuck to it and delivered the best that they could. 

FAQs: Where Was Dead To Me Season 3 Filmed?

Will Dead To Me return for next season?

Dead to me will not return. The third season was the final season.

How many seasons of the Dead To me?

There are three seasons of the dead to me.

Where To Watch Dead To me all seasons?

Dead To Me is exclusively available on Netflix. You may watch it there

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