Toy Story 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More (2023 Updated)

Toy Story 5

Toy Story 5 renewing news broke the internet when the CEO of Disney confirmed the same! Moreover, the Q1 earnings event he attended on 8th February 2023 made tons of headlines: Ever since fans couldn’t shut up about the release date. 

Therefore, this article will discuss Toy Story 5 release date, Trailer, streaming platform, cast, potential plot, and more. With that being said, let’s begin:

When is Toy Story 5 Coming out?

Unfortunately, the official release date is not declared yet! 

Understandably so, since the production is still at the early stage, and while many fans expect the release anytime between 2023-2025, that will not happen. 

Moreso because Pixar is already occupied with other release dates lined up. 

Regardless, if you were to make a valid guess, we can expect Toy Story 5 on either the 31st of June 2025, the 6th of March 2026, or the 19th of June 2026. 

All because these are the official release slots for some unnamed projects, so we can expect TS5 to fill one of these slots!

Where Can You Watch Toy Story 5?

You can watch Toy Story 5 on Disney+ and Amazon Prime. 

Toy Story 5

(Though keep your fingers crossed for the Theatrical release). 

Other than that, you can also rent or buy for 3.99 USD on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • iTunes
  • Vudu
  • Google Playstore

Will Toy Story Season 5 be released in Theatre or on Disney+?

The early COVID wave had Disney+ taking matters into its hands. So, most releases in the last few years have happened on the streaming platform: except for the Lightyear (2022). 

So naturally, fans couldn’t help but wonder what route Pixar will take now. Moreso, because nobody wants to pay excessive charges (outside) Disney+ subscription. 

Regardless, the official word on the Theatrical release is not out yet! Let’s hope for the best!

Is The Trailer Out Yet?

The official Trailer for Toy Story 5 is not yet! Moreso because the film’s official announcement happened a while back (8th February 2023). So, we can expect the Trailer to be out in a couple of weeks. 

The official Trailer for Toy Story 5

Meanwhile, keep tabs on our page so that you won’t miss further updates. 

Who Can You Expect? (Potential Cast)

You can expect Tim Allen to reprise his role as Buzz Lightyear since he already confirmed his return in a Twitter post. Moreover, he explicitly mentioned seeing WOODY soon, so you can also expect Tom Hanks to return! 

Other than that, the voice actors Don Rickles and Estelle Harries are no more, so a new cast would likely voice the characters Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. 

With that being said, fans are also hoping for the following cast to return:

1Mr. Pricklepants Timothy Dalton 
2Slinky DogBlake Clark
3JessieWallace Shawn 
4BullseyeWallace Shawn 
5RexWallace Shawn 
6HammJohn Ratzenberger
7Buttercup  Jeff Garlin 
8DollyBonnie Hunt 
9Trixie Kristen Schaal
10Giggle McDimples Ally Maki 
11DuckyKeegan-Michael Key 
12Forky Tony Hale
13Duke Kaboom  Keanu Reeves 
14BunnyJordan Peele

What Can You Expect In The Upcoming Season?

Many fans believe Toy Story 3 was a perfect wrap for the franchise, and the creators shouldn’t ruin it by extending it! 

Regardless, it didn’t stop them from running their imagination wild and coming up with tons of fan theories. Having said that, let’s go through some of them:

1. Lost and Found

One of the major themes of the franchise was Toys fearing to be lost. In fact, Woody experienced this feeling quite a few times in the first two films. Moreover, in part 4, Bonnie’s Toys felt the same, and they had no choice but to live independently. 

So, the upcoming movie might explore the plot where the lost ones finally feel found, not in the home or embrace of their owner, but just in their community of “lost ones”. 

Since all are lost, they somehow feel found with each other.

Lost and Found

2. Andy’s return

Fans couldn’t stop yearning for Andy ever since he left for college and handed over his toys to Bonnie. They all prefer him over Bonnie, and rightfully so since it all started because of him. 

Moreover, since (allegedly) this is the end of the Toy Story franchise, then it should come full circle. In fact, if we consider the first theory, then the lost Toys may feel found with Andy. 

Having said that, these are the main tropes fans are expecting to be explored. However, if you have any other theories or expectations, then you can mention them in the comment section below. We will surely discuss it!

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Yes, Bob Eger (CEO of Disney) confirmed the arrival of Toy Story 5, and you can expect it to release either on 31st June 2025, 6th March 2026 or 19th June 2026. It will also be available on Disney+ and several other streaming platforms. 

With that being said, we hope our article on Toy Story 5 was helpful! In case of any latest news, we will keep our page updated.


Is there going to be Toy Story 5?

Yes, Toy Story 5 is going to happen.

What is toy story 5 release date?

Unfortunately, Toy Story 5 is not coming out by 2023. However, you can expect it to be out sometime between 2023 to 2027. 

Is Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 5?

Yes, Tim Allen confirmed Lightyear’s return in a Tweet.

Will Woody be in TS 5?

Although fans were unsure about Woody’s return, Allen explicitly shut down the rumors by Tweeting, “see you, Woody”. So it looks like Woody will be in Toy Story 5.

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