13 Best Tablets for Watching Movies & TV Shows In 2023

The OTT platforms have seen a rise over the years by almost over 60% since 2020. Likewise, movies have significantly shifted towards digital releases more than conventional theater releases.  This major mutation has given rise to the popularity of tablets, which come in handy and offer a big screen for watching movies. So, if you are searching for the Best Tablets for Watching Movies, you have just come to the right place. 

Here, I will cover the 13 best tablets for you with their slight overview. I will also briefly describe the specifications to help you decide the best one.   

13 Best Tablets for Watching Movies On Netflix (In Nutshell)

In this fast-paced world, no one relies upon televisions for entertainment anymore. 

Additionally, tablets have filled the gap between portability and versatility. I have compiled a list of the best tablets for watching movies and Netflix with their rankings. You can also find the processor below to identify the best Tablet. 

RankTabletProcessor Price
1.Amazon Fire HD 10Octa-core 2.0 GHz$149.99
2.Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eOcta-core (2×2.0 GHz 360 Gold & 6×1.7 GHz Kryo 360 Silver)$600
3.Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5)Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo)$199.94
4.Fire HD 8Hexa-core 2.0 GHz$99.99
5.iPad Air8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores$599
6.Samsung Galaxy Tab S6Octa-core (1×2.84 GHz Kryo 485 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 485 & 4×1.78 GHz Kryo 485)$249
7.iPad MiniHexa-core (2 x 2.93 GHz + 4xX.X GHz)$499
8.Apple iPad Pro8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores$1,057
9.Huawei Mediapad M5 10Octa-core (4×2.1 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A53)$229.99
10.Huawei Mediapad T5 Octa-core (4×2.36 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A53)$219.99
11.Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Octa-core (1×3.00 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3×2.50 GHz Cortex-A710 & 4×1.80 GHz Cortex-A510)$1029
12.Google Pixel Slate8th Gen Intel® Core™ m3, i5 or i7 $499
13.Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen)Mtk Helio P22T octa-core$195

Here, you can look at the 13 best tablets for watching movies, along with their specifications and features. You can also compare pros and cons of each tablet and purchase the best option.

1. Amazon Fire HD 10 ($149.99)

Amazon Fire HD 10 is a powerful and affordable tablet for anyone with good battery life and display features. It has a 10% brighter display, making your movie streaming experience a breeze. In addition, Alexa makes sure that you get to access your favorite movies in just a blink. 

Amazon Fire HD 10
(Source: Amazon)

Amazon offers a whole ecosystem for you to enjoy, from App Store to the Prime video, which everyone needs. 


  • Extended Battery Life of about 10 hours 
  • Better soft-touch finishing 
  • Alexa Integration 


  • Old Chipset
  • Buggy split-screen mode
  • Low-resolution camera

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e ($600)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has a sleek aluminum body, making it quite attractive to carry and watch movies whenever you want. The screen with 2560×1000 resolution supports adaptive brightness, which gives a pleasant experience. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
(Source: Samsung Newsroom U.S.)

Moreover, the four phenomenal speakers give a real-time theater feeling. Also, the battery life of 7040 mAh is pretty impressive, ensuring you don’t miss your special movie hours.


  • Lightweight and Superthin
  • AMOLED Screen
  • Battery life upto 13 hours 


  • Lack of HDR Support 
  • Issues with Audio
  • Inconsistent Wi-Fi Support 

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5) ($199.94)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 offers an authentic cinematic experience with a 10.5″ Super AMOLED Display. The audio quality is top-notch, along with Dolby Atmos and quad speakers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
(Source: Samsung)

Also, you can expand the storage space to make room for your best movies. There are so many features that will make your streaming experience quite pleasant. All you need is to get it home! It is surely one of the best Samsung tablets 2023 for watching movies.


  • Full HD + AMOLED Display 
  • SD Card and SIM Support 
  • Includes Samsung S-Pen


  • A bit expensively priced 
  • DeX needs improvement
  • Inefficient Android-powered Tablet 

4. Fire HD 8 ($99.99)

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 is the perfect Tablet for streaming and downloading movies from Netflix, Prime Video, and other OTT platforms. It offers a 1 TB expandable storage so you never run out of content. 

Fire HD 8
(Source: The Verge)

It is twice as durable as the Apple iPad Mini, which is another great tablet for watching movies. However, Amazon Fire HD 8 stands out from the lot with its improved display and Performance.


  • Good Battery Life of up to 13 hours 
  • 30% faster than previous models
  • Affordable price 


  • Unavailability of all Google apps
  • Substandard Camera Quality
  • The display isn’t attractive

5. iPad Air ($ 599)

iPad Air is known for its 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with an anti-reflective coating, True tone, and P3 Wide color for a perfect movie streaming experience. 

 iPad Air
(Source: Amazon)

The 8-core processor is 60% more efficient than the previous models, which is another breakthrough. Moreover, with the all-day battery life, you can watch your favorite movies anywhere and anytime.


  • Top-notch design
  • Optional 5G Support
  • Speedy Chipset


  • Inadequate storage of 64 GB for the Base model 
  • Face ID is not available
  • iPadOS is a bit difficult to use

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 ($249)

Next up is another Samsung tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, which comes with a 10.5-inch touchscreen display. Its vibrant and high-resolution display offers an immersive movie-watching experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
(Source: Samsung)

The battery life is about 7040 mAh, which lets you stream for long hours without interruption. Also, the RAM is expandable to add even more glitter to its powerful specifications.


  • High-performance Speakers
  • Super AMOLED Display 
  • High Battery Capacity with fast charging 


  • The headphone jack isn’t available
  • A bit highly priced following the features
  • Bugs in the software

7. iPad Mini ($499)

iPad Mini has an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display which lets you enjoy sharp and attractive visuals. The display is completely laminated, reducing reflection and glare so that you can watch movies without straining your eyes.  

iPad Mini
(Source: Apple)

Moreover, the long battery life, Apple Pencil Support, and stereo speakers add a more cinematic feel to your movies. In fact, iPad Mini is amongst the best Apple tablets of 2023, especially for watching movies.


  • Lightweight and Exquisite design
  • Top-notch Display 
  • Wide-angle Front camera 


  • Face ID is not available
  • A bit expensive
  • Screen Jelly Effect is annoying

 8. Apple iPad Pro ($1,057)

Apple iPad Pro boasts two of the most demanded features: no interruption and a high-resolution display. It is like having a complete movie studio with a high-performance M2 chip.

Apple iPad Pro
(Source: Apple)

Additionally, you can play games with console-quality graphics while enjoying all-day battery life. There is still so much to explore with the iPad Pro. However, currently, its movie streaming experience is top-notch.


  • Mini LED Screen
  • 5G connectivity is available
  • Stereo speakers support 


  • No room for customization 
  • Overpriced according to the specifications 
  • MicroSD Card slot is not available

 9. Huawei MediaPad M5 10 ($229.99)

Huawei Mediapad M5 10 is a premium Android tablet with advanced features like exceptional audio output and outstanding Performance. With a weight of 498 g and 7.3 mm thick, it is a perfect handy tablet. 

Huawei MediaPad M5 10
(Source: Huawei)

In addition, it offers a high-resolution display and graphics which never disappoint you. Thus, it is still a top-notch option for watching movies in 2023.


  • Functional Fingerprint scanner
  • Extraordinary Performance
  • High-resolution Screen


  • A 3.5-millimeter audio jack is not available 
  • The camera quality is not great
  • Inefficient RAM

 10. Huawei MediaPad T5 ($219.99)

Huawei Mediapad T5 offers a spectacular movie-watching experience with its 1080p Full HD display. Also, the dual speakers and immersive audio technology add to the cinematic experience.

 Huawei MediaPad T5
(Source: Amazon)

It also boasts features like an octa-core processor, Eye-comfort mode, and lightweight design, which extend the streaming sessions easily.


  • Exceptional System performance 
  • Availability of Pre-loaded apps for easy installation
  • Expandable RAM 


  • Excessive power consumption
  • Slow charging 
  • The camera quality isn’t good

11. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ($1029)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a 14.6-inch 2K Super AMOLED Display, which is undoubtedly its USP. With such a great display size, the movie-watching experience becomes even more satisfying, and its speakers add a cinematic touch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
(Source: Samsung)

Talking about its battery life, let’s not give you numbers but a more convincing clarification. With its fantastic battery life, you can stream almost 3-4 movies simultaneously. Moreover, Samsung will never disappoint you!


  • Android 12 OS Supported
  • Availability of 5G connectivity
  • Effective Chipset and Performance 


  • An overpriced tablet according to specifications 
  • Average camera quality
  • Gyro-EIS Support isn’t available

12. Google Pixel Slate ($499)

With the brand new Google Pixel Slate, you can watch your favorite movies come to life on its 12.3″ Molecular display. The dual speakers are front-firing, which boasts a premium audio experience for all movie lovers.

Google Pixel Slate
(Source: SAGmart)

Also, the Intel processor provides a powerful performance to stream for hours without any glitches. So, live in the moment with your Google Pixel Slate and stream movies effortlessly. 


  • Dual USB-C Ports
  • Functional Fingerprint sensor
  • Proficient speakers 


  • Heavy dimensions
  • Absence of audio jack
  • Storage is not expandable 

 13. Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen) ($195)

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen) is a pure Android 9 tablet with high-end design and Performance. It has a 10.3-inch screen with 1920×2000 resolution, which is better than many competitors.

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen)
(Source: Amazon)

The bright display and excellent color reproduction enhance the quality of the movies you watch while maintaining the device’s performance. So, if you think that Lenovo is not a thing today in 2023, you must reconsider!


  • The display isn’t great for HD videos
  • It comes with a Stylus
  • Average Chipset and Performance 


  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Inefficient battery capacity
  • Face Unlock isn’t present 

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Conclusion: Which Tablet is best for watching movies?

As of 2023, Amazon Fire HD 10 is the best Tablet for watching movies. 

It comes with Alexa Integration to make your streaming experience even better. You can get it at a reasonable price of just $149.99. However, comparing with other tablets for the price and features is best. 

Not every Tablet is affordable with the best features, but there is always one Tablet that will fall into your requirements at your budget. Go into the specs and features to make the best choice!


Is it good to watch movies on Tablet?

Tablets are portable, have a good display, and have an extended battery life. This gives them an advantage over other devices and is undoubtedly good for watching movies.

What’s an excellent tablet to watch Netflix on?

For watching Netflix, you can go for Apple or Android tablets. However, the Apple iPad Pro is the best in the series, particularly for Netflix, with a high-quality display and built attributes.

What is the best budget tablet for content watching?

Amazon Fire HD 10 is the best budget tablet for content watching as it offers a 10% brighter display at a reasonable price. 
Also, the storage and processor are at par with the pricing of $149.99. 

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