Top 30 Most Powerful Passports in The World (2023 Data)

Strongest Passports In The World

Recently, the worldwide most desirable passports’ quarterly report was launched. So, let’s see what Henly & Partners, aka. The Global Residence and Citizenship Advisory firm has to say about the strongest Passport in the world. 

In this article, I will discuss how Singapore replaced Japan’s number one title for the Henley Passport Index

Additionally, I have added a table with a top 7 ranking which includes 26 countries and their visa-free destinations. 

Singapore Surpass Japan’s Number One Title Of World’s Most Powerful Passport

For the last five years, Japan has held the number one title for the Henley Passport Index. 

For those who don’t know, it assures you the utmost worldwide travel freedom with free visas and visas on demand for most countries in the world. 

However, recently, Singapore has replaced Japan. 

Strongest passport in the world
Source: Hindustan Times

Currently, Singaporeans can travel to 193 countries out of 227 without Visa. And despite Asian countries used to be one of the top on the Index leaderboard, European countries are climbing the ladder quickly. 

In fact, Germany, Spain, and Italy have moved to second place on the Index leaderboard with 190 destinations, whereas Japan is at number 3, along with South Korea, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Sweden. 

Additionally, the countries with the number three ranking have visa-free destinations up to 189.

Top Seven Strongest Passports In The World (2023)

In the table below, I have listed 26 Countries with a ranking up to 7. The number one rank also offers 192 visa-free destinations and number 7 offers 185 visa-free destinations.

That being said, let’s skimp through the Index Leaderboard in 3,2,1!

RankCountryVisa-Free Destinations
3South Korea189
4United Kingdom188
5Czech Republic187

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The Final Verdict: Which Country Has The Strongest Passport In The World?

As of 2023, Singapore has the strongest Passport in the world. 

Moreover, out of 227 Countries, Singaporeans can travel up to 192 Countries without visas. However, if you need a Visa, you can apply for Visa on Demand.  

Apart from this, Germany, Italy, and Spain take the second rank with 190 visa-free destinations. 

On the other hand, Japan, South Korea, Finland, France, Sweden, and Luxembourg take the number 3 rank with 189 Visa-free Destinations. 

So, that’s it for my article. However, keep in mind this article is curated considering the latest data. Therefore, if the data changes, so will the article. 

In that case, I will keep the page updated!


What are the ten most powerful passports?

The ten most powerful passports come from countries including Singapore, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden.

How strong is an American passport?

Currently, the American Passport ranks at the number 8 position. 

Which is the number two strongest passport in the world?

Germany, Spain, and Italy currently have the number two strongest passports in the world. 

What Countries can you not enter with a US passport?

The Countries that you cannot enter with a US passport are Syria, North Korea, Libya, Yemen, and Iran. 

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