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Every year Forbes releases a list of billionaires based on their net worth. If you are keen to know about the world’s top 20 richest people, this article is just for you. 

Great power comes with great responsibilities; no one knows it better than a billionaire. Maintaining a world-class business is not a piece of cake because it needs a lot of dedication and patience. Just a single mistake and they will face a huge plunge. 

However, based on their business every year, the list of the top 20 richest people in the world changes. You probably have a list of the top 20 richest people in July, but Forbes has updated their list. To know who is still on the list and which billionaire is missing here, you must thoroughly review this article.

Organizations That Declare The List

Two organizations release the list of the world’s top rich people – Forbes and Bloomberg. These organizations have different parameters to declare the rich people, and Bloomberg updates their list daily. 

However, the Forbes Richest people list is crucial, and the parameter behind their decisions is based on the stocks. Gauging the stock price, Forbes calculates the net worth. According to Forbes, during the pandemic, the global economy gets disturbed, and it also shows in the billionaire’s life. In 2022, they found only 2668 billionaires, 329 fewer than last year. 

This year Forbes released their 36th billionaire list, and Popstar Rihana debuted. However, countries like Estonia, Bulgaria, Barbados, and Uruguay mark their feet on the list.

Who Is The Richest Person In The World?

In 2022, the list sees several newcomers where Elon Mask takes the lead. Forbes counts Elon Mask as the richest person in the world. According to their estimation, his net worth is $228 billion as of October 2022. The co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Mask, holds at least a 15% stake in that company, which costs approximately $99.3 Billion. Due to a 33% rise in the electric vehicle company, Tesla’s CEO became the richest person in the world with a rise of $68 billion in wealth.

Elon Musk

However, last year’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, ranks 2nd because of a loss of $6 billion. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, sees the 3% decline in Amazon shares, and they have focused on charity recently.

The List Of Top 20 Richest Person In The World By 2023

RankingsName Net worth ( Billion)Company Country
1.Elon Mask $250.2Tesla United State
2.Bernard Arnault &Family$158LVMHFrance
3.Jeff Bezos$153Amazon United States 
4.Gautam Adani $146Infrastructure and Commodities India
5.Bill Gates$109 Microsoft USA
6.Larry Elison$102Software CompanyUSA
7.Warren Buffet$99.4Barkshire, HathwayUSA
8.Mukesh Ambani $95.4Reliance India
9.Larry Page$93.7Google USA
10.Sergey Brin $89.8Google USA
11.Steve Ballmer$84.4Microsoft USA
12.Carlos Slim Helu $78.5Telecom company Mexico
13.Micheal Bloomberg$76.8Bloomberg LPUSA
14.Zhong Shanshan$70.4Beverage / PharmaceuticalsChina 
15.Francois ButtencourtMeyers$69.6LorealFrance 
16.Jim Walton$57.7WalmartUSA
17.Julia Koch & Charles Koch$56.7Koch Industries USA
18.Mark Zuckerberg$56.6 Facebook USA
19.Rob Walton $56.5WalmartUSA

What Country Has The Most Billionaires?

There are more than 2700 billionaires worldwide; among them, the United States of America leads the board. In this country, more than a quarter of billionaires live.  However, due to Covid, the number of billionaires slumped tremendously, but in 2021, it showed a better result.

 The total number of billionaires in the top 10 countries is 2159, or 78.4% of all billionaires worldwide. With 8.83 billionaires per million people, Hong Kong has the highest concentration of billionaires among these nations. 

Check out the list of the top 10  countries of Billionaires –

Country Number of Billionaires 
China 698
India 140
Germany 136
Hong Kong71

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Is There a Trillionaire?

Right now, there is no trillionaire, but the day is not so far when we will see the first trillionaire in the world. We can gauge an estimate right now about this person. The way LVMH company’s CEO and Chairman Bernard Arnault is growing his business, we will soon get the first trillionaire on the earth. It is also estimated that he will soon replace Jeff Bezos’s position in the top rich people’s list. 

Bernard Arnault

The value of this company, which is in charge of creating a wide range of high-end products marketed worldwide, has increased swiftly, increasing Bernard Arnault’s wealth. As a result, if he isn’t already a trillionaire, some people think he will be soon.

We hope you have got the list of the World’s top 20 rich people and some extra information. Let’s wrap the article here. If you have any suggestions, shoot them in the comment section below.

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