Top 15 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses In 2023

With the rising audience of K-dramas, many new and old names occasionally juggle between the list. However, while making this list of the Most Beautiful Korean Actresses, I chose actresses who are beautiful inside out.

These actresses carry their beauty confidently and not based on beauty standards, ranking them on the charts of most beautiful Korean women worldwide.

So, if you want to know if we have included your favorite actress in the list below, keep reading!

Top 15 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses: In A Nutshell

I have shared the top 15 most beautiful Korean actresses in the following table to help you review our entire list if you are in a rush.

Korean ActressesAge (as of 2023)Popular Shows
Bae Suzy28 YearsStart-Up Uncontrollably FondDream High.
Park Shin Hye.33 YearsThe HeirsDoctors
Park Min Young.37 YearsWhat’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? Her Private Life
Nana31 YearsThe Good WifeThe Swindlers.
Han So Hee.28 YearsThe World Of The MarriedMy NameNevertheless
Kim Se-Jeong.27 YearsBusiness ProposalThe Uncanny Counter.
Kim Ji Won30 YearsFight For My WayMy Liberation Notes.
Song Hye-Kyo41 YearsAutumn In My HeartDescendants Of The SunThe Glory
Jung Eun-Chae36 YearsThe King Eternal MonarchAnna.
Kwon Nara32 YearsSuspicious PartnerItaewon Class
Seo Yea-ji33 YearsIt’s Okay To Not Be OkayEve.
Son Ye-Jin41 YearsCrash Landing On You.
Kim Go-Eun32 YearsGuardian: The Lonely And Great God The King Eternal Monarch.
Lee Sung-Kyung33 YearsWeightlifting Fairy Kim Bok JooSh**ting Stars
Kim Yoo-Jung23 YearsBackstreet Rookie20th Century Girl

Now that you have reviewed these beautiful actresses let’s give your curious mind a treat with more insights into their professional lives below:

1. Bae Suzy

While holding the title ‘the nation’s first love,’ popular South Korean singer and actress Bae Suzy holds the number one spot on this list. She has showcased her talent through shows like Dream High, Uncontrollably Fond, Start-Up, and Anna, along with many big brand endorsements. Additionally, she is the first-ever Korean actress to have a wax figure in Madame Tussauds.

Bae Suzy
Source – Instagram

2. Park Shin Hye

Heirs star Park Shin-Hye has won many hearts with her outstanding performances on television shows and films, making her a dreamgirl of many worldwide. Her notable projects include The Heirs, Doctors, Pinocchio, Alive, and Memories of the Alhambra.  

Park Shin Hye
Source – Instagram

3. Park Min Young

Everyone remembers Secretary Kim from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? This drama makes everyone drool over Park Min Young’s beauty and talent. Furthermore, shows like Her Private Life, Healer, City Hunter, and Forecasting Love and Weather are her most successful projects.

Source – Instagram

4. Nana

South Korean Model, singer, and actress Nana was among the 100 most beautiful faces, ranking as the number one international beauty in 2014 and 2015. Her roles in the popular shows The Good Wife and The Swindler caught viewers’ eyes and gained fans worldwide with her unique acting sense.

Source – Instagram

5. Han So Hee

You may have seen this beauty if you’ve watched BTS Jungkook’s recent single – SEVEN. However, the talented actress has showcased her work through many great shows, like The World Of The Married, Nevertheless, and My Name, along with many well-known brand endorsements.

Han So Hee
Source – Instagram

6. Kim Se-Jeong

Business Proposal star Kim Se-Jeong has proven her worth in the industry by giving versatile performances. She is also a singer and possesses multiple athletic skills. From her recent role in The Uncanny Encounters to her comic role in Business Proposal, she earned the title of Rom-Com Princess in the last few years.

Kim Se-Jeong
Source – Instagram

7. Kim Ji Won

From playing a lead role in Fight For My Way and My Liberation Notes, Kim Ji Won was the highlight with her gorgeous looks and subtle acting style. Fans who have seen her work in the drama Descendants Of The Sun have witnessed the actress in her real element.

Kim Ji Won
Source – Instagram

8. Song Hye-Kyo

She is well-known for her phenomenal and successful acting career over the years. She is considered one of the most beautiful women in South Korea and has been on many big magazine covers. Her roles in shows like Autumn In My Heart and Descendants Of The Sun earned her a lot of popularity. 

Song Hye-Kyo
Source – Instagram

9. Jung Eun-Chae

Her eye-holding appearance in the 2020 K-drama ‘The King Eternal Monarch’ gained Jung Eun-Chae immense popularity. Because of her striking visuals in the show, she was also voted among the most beautiful Korean actresses. 

Jung Eun-Chae
Source – Instagram

10. Kwon Nara

By playing many versatile roles in dramas like Suspicious Partner, Itaewon Class, and Doctor Prisoner, Kwon Nara proved that she is more than a pretty face. She placed at the 33rd Forbes Korea Power Celebrity spot and made everyone bow before her beauty in 2020.

Kwon Nara
Source – Instagram

11. Seo Yea-ji

A goddess-like face and personality make Seo Yea-Ji a living example of regality. She has also showcased different fashion labels and styles in all of her dramas while capturing everyone’s attention worldwide. If you have watched her shows, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, and Eve, you would know what I’m saying.

 Seo Yea-ji
Source – Instagram

12. Son Ye-Jin

Besides being among the most talented actresses of K-town, Son Ye-Jin has always been honored for her evergreen flawless beauty. The actress was also voted as the ‘Most beautiful woman in the world’ in a poll by Starmometer, gaining 14 million votes on a social media platform. A show like Crash Landing On You exemplifies her self-confidence while being a natural beauty.

Source – Instagram

13. Kim Go-Eun

Guardian: The Lonely And Great God (previously known as Goblin) star Kim Go-Eun became a noteworthy actress, accompanied by her roles in  Little Women and Yumi’s Cells. Because of her eternal beauty, she became the girl crush of many people around Asia.

Kim Go-Eun
Source – Instagram

14. Lee Sung-Kyung

Despite being a tough yet gorgeous TV actress, Lee Sung-Kyung is also one of the most followed actresses on Instagram. Her roles in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and Shooting Stars still have many fans wrapped around her beauty.

Lee Sung-Kyung
Source – Instagram

15. Kim Yoo-Jung

Global crush and Nation’s crush, Kim Yoo-Jung is nothing short of young dynamite, and she has proved it with her phenomenal acting in dramas like Backstreet Rookie, 20th Century Girl, and The Moonlight. So far, this young yet multi-talented actress has earned many awards and nominations, along with 8th place in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in 2017.

 Kim Yoo-Jung
Source – Instagram

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Wrapping Up!

Bae Suzy, Park Shin-Hye, and Park Min-Young gained the top 3 spots in the above list of the Most Beautiful Korean Actresses. However, I have not tried ranking these gorgeous actresses based on any beauty standards. 

The list is simply based on the popular, talented, yet beautiful inside-out figures. Also, the list might change as per the new entries and exits in the industry.

So, keep checking this article for new information, as I will keep you updated with the new names in the list as soon as possible.


Who is the most beautiful Korean actress?

Currently, Bae Suzy holds the top spot of the most beautiful Korean actress as of 2023. However, she has proved her worth and talent through multiple successful projects and holds the title of ‘the nation’s first love.’

Who is the richest Korean actress of 2023?

Lee Young-ae, a South Korean actress and model, holds the title of the richest Korean actress as of 2023.

Who is the most loved celebrity in Korea?

Worldwide popular K-pop boy band BTS is Korea’s most loved celebrity group due to their back-to-back hits and contribution to the music industry.

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