11 Richest Female Singers In The World (2023 Updated)

Richest Female Singers In The World

From Cardi B to Ariana Grande, ladies are giving male artists a tough fight on whose music reflects more money. And I am here for it! 

For decades on end, we have heard songs about big cars and big rings (and women) from male rappers. However, the entertainment world has certainly changed, with more female singers talking about more money. 

Having said that, are you curious about who’s the richest female musician? (s) If so, this article features 17 big-bank balanced beauties in the music industry!

Who Is The Richest Female Musician?

Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty is currently the wealthiest female musician worldwide. 

At first, the Barbadian singer was crowned with the hottest woman alive title, but now, $1.7 Billion jewels are seemingly added to it. 

Over the years, bad girl RiRi has dabbled her feet in several endeavors, such as music, acting, lingerie wear, and the cosmetic world. 

And unlike most celebs who try something and fail, the nine-time Grammy winner has succeeded in each field. 

Wealthiest Female Musicians (Top 10)

In the table below, I have added the top seven females who are the world’s richest as of 2023. In addition, I have mentioned each of their Net Worth along with their nationality. 

RankMusicianNet Worth (In Dollars)Nationality
1Rihanna 1.7 BillionAmerican
2Madonna850 MillionAmerican
3Celine Dion800 MillionCanadian
4Taylor Swift780 MillionAmerican
5Dolly Parton650 MillionAmerican
6Gloria Estefan520 MillionCuban American
7Beyonce500 MillionAmerican
8Victoria Beckham450 MillionEnglish
9Barbra Streisand420 MillionAmerican
10Jennifer Lopez400 MillionAmerican

I have added the top 11 richest female singers in the world to the list below. However, remember that this list is curated using the latest Net Worth data. 

So, if there’s addition/subtraction in any of the following musicians, then the list would also change. In that case, I will keep the page updated.

1. Rihanna ($1.7 Billion)

Source: The Economic Times

Rihanna rose to popularity from the get-go! In fact, her first two studio albums charted on the Billboard Hot 200 in the top ten. And soon enough, Riri was one of the major icons not only in the music industry but also in the fashion and cosmetic world. 

Fenty Beauty is one of the top-selling makeup brands that is specially curated, considering a wide range of skin tones. Along with that, her lingerie line is making numbers on its own. You can read about her earnings and net worth here.

Height1.73 Meter
Additional Income SourcesRecord Sales, Concerts/ Touring, MerchFenty BeatySavage x FentyActingClara Lionel Foundation
Annual Earning$70 Million

2. Madonna ($850 Million)

Source: Koimoi

Queen of Pop, aka. Madonna Louise Ciccone is highly praised for her continuous contribution to the entertainment industry. She is super versatile in her songwriting and music production. In fact, the constant theme changes in her performances keep her fans excited. 

Overall, the Material Girl hitmaker is a snake shedding its skin but in the art form. Her enormous source of income has made her wear a crown worth millions. Read about Madonna’s net worth in detail.

Height1.61 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesBooksActing
Annual Earning$80 Million

3. Celine Dion ($800 Million)

Celine Dion
Source: Pink Villa

Céline Marie Claudette has shown her musical versatility through various genres, including R&B, Classical, Rock, Pop, Gospel, and so on. 

The Heart Will Go On Singer is highly praised for her technically skilled and powerful vocals. And that’s one of the reasons she has gained the title “Queen of Power Ballads.”

Celine’s net worth is a massive $800 million, and you can read about her sources of income and assets in our article here.

Height1.71 Meter
Additional Income SourcesRecord SalesConcerts/ TouringMerchPerfume Line
Annual EarningOver $60 Million

4. Taylor Swift ($780 Million)

Taylor Swift
Source: The Economic Times

The Music Industry needs no introduction, as Taylor has wrapped the entire world around her finger. Swift’s recent Eras tour is single-handedly helping the US with its recession. 

Speaking of which, Forbes also predicted the mother of three cats to enter the Billionaire’s Club by the end of her world tour. Check out Taylor Swift’s net worth in detail!

Height1.8 Meter
Additional Income SourcesRecord SalesConcerts/ TouringMerchRoyalties
Annual Earning$150 Million

5. Dolly Parton ($650 Million)

Dolly Parton
Source: CNBC

Dolly Rebecca Parton is among the only few artists with sustainable careers. 

The best-selling female artist also has 25 number-one singles on the Billboard chart, with 11 Grammys and 3000 composed songs, including hits like Jolene, I Will Always Love You, Coat of Many Colors, etc. Her massive net worth also makes her one of the richest female musicians globally. 

Height1.52 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesActingTheme ParkRecord Label
Annual Earning$85 Million

6. Gloria Estefan ($520 Million)

Gloria Estefan
Source: Latino Life

The Cuban-American Singer, Actress, and Businesswoman is an eight-time Grammy winner. And with 100 Million record sales worldwide, Estefan is one of the bestselling singers of all time. 

In addition, Gloria is also acknowledged as one of the hundred greatest artists of all time by both Billboard and VH1. After which, she also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Height1.57 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesRecord SalesConcertsMerchActing Gigs
Annual EarningOver $50 Million

7. Beyonce ($500 Million)

Source: Rolling Stone

Another artist with no introduction needed. Popularly known as Queen Bey, aka. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is highly recognized for her visual presentations, vocal abilities, artistry, and, of course, strong performances. 

Currently, the All the Single Ladies hitmaker is busy with her world tour, which is speculated to generate $2 Billion in revenue by the end of October 2023. (Source Forbes.)

Height1.69 Meter
Additional Income SourcesRecord SalesConcertsMerchBrand EndorsementsProduction HouseFashion House
Annual EarningOver $36 Million

8. Victoria Beckham ($450 Million)

Victoria Beckham
Source: HELLO! Magazine

The former Spice Girls member, also known as “POSH,” is an English Fashion Designer, Actress, Television Personality, and Musician. Unfortunately, Beckham exited the best-selling girl group of all time and further released a self-titled album. 

After dropping successful singles, she went on to star in five documentaries. Victoria further built a stunning career in the fashion world (as a designer.)

Height1.63 Meter
Additional Income SourcesFashion Designing BooksModellingMusic Royalties
Annual EarningOver $40 Million

9. Barbra Streisand ($420 Million)

Barbra Streisand
Source: TCM

With a six-decades-old career, Barbara Joan “Barbra” Streisand has succeeded in several fields in the entertainment industry. 

She has also earned awards such as Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Emmy, and so on.

Apart from her music career, Streisand has starred in multiple films for which she was also highly praised. Lastly, some of her acting projects include Funny Girl, The Way We Were, Hello, Dolly!, and so on. 

Additional Income SourcesRecord Sales & Concerts
Annual EarningOver $35 Million

10. Jennifer Lopez ($400 Million)

Jennifer Lopez
Source: People.com

Popularly known as J.Lo, she made history when her remix album charted on the US Billboard 200. 

Overall, she is considered one of North America’s highly influential Hispanic entertainers. 

Moreover, Lopez has delivered several successful singles, including Ain’t It Funny?, All I Have, If You Had My Love, Ain’t Your Mama, and so on. Most of these were chart toppers. 

AgeMusic & ActingCosmetic, Skincare, and Fragrance Brand
Height1.64 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic & ActingCosmetic, Skincare, and Fragrnace Brand
Annual EarningOver $40 Million

11. Shania Twain ($400 Million)

Shania Twain
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Canadian Singer-Songwriter Eilleen Regina “Shania” Twain OC is the best-selling music artist of all time. Moreover, the Queen of Country Pop is also considered the best-selling female artist in Country music history. 

Overall, Twain has 40 Million record sales worldwide, and some of her popular tracks include You’re Still The One, That Doesn’t Impress Me Much, etc. We discussed Shania Twain net worth and broke down her annual and yearly earnings that you can read.

Height1.63 Meter
Additional Income SourcesRecord SalesConcertsMerchandiseActing
Annual EarningOver $34 Million

12. Trisha Yearwood ($400 Million)

Trisha Yearwood
Source: Country Living Magazine

Patricia Lynn Yearwood rose to popularity with her debut single She Is in Love with a Boy, which also charted number one on the Billboard Country Singles. Other than that, Yearwood has released several country hits and overall had a compilation album charted Quadruple Platinum. 

Height1.72 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesRecord SalesTelevision Host
Annual EarningOver $40 Million

13. Cher ($360 Million)

Source: Parade

Goddess of Pop, aka. Cher is an American Television Personality, Singer, and Actress.

Over the years, she has delivered several songs, including Tramps and Thieves, Half Breed, Gypsys, and so on. Most of these songs have charted number one in US history. 

Other than Cher, it has sold over 100 Million record sales.

Height1.71 Meter
Additional Income SourcesRecord SalesConcertsActing Gigs
Annual Earning$30 Million

14. Mariah Carey ($340n Million)

Mariah Carey
Source: Pink Villa

Guinness World Records has regarded Mariah Carey as Songbird Supreme, and that’s because she has five-octave vocals with melismatic singing. Moreover, Carey is often seen using the whistle register. 

Other than that, Carey has gained immense popularity by being the only artist to this date to have her five singles rank number one on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Height1.73 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesRecord SalesMerchandiseActing Gigs
Annual Earning$34 Million

15. Katy Perry ($330 Million)

Katy Perry
Source: Le Sac De Chips

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is popular for her modern pop and camp-style singing. Additionally, Rolling Stone and Vogue have declared her as Queen of Camp!

Perry rose to further popularity through her hits like The One That Got Away, Thinning Of You, and so on. In fact, her studio album “Teenage Dream” is currently the only album by a female artist to have five US singles. 

Height1.73 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesConcertsRecord SalesMerchandiseAmerican Idol Judge
Annual Earning$26 Million

16. Lady Gaga ($320 Million)

Lady Gaga
Source: DSGuruJI

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is popularly known for her image reinvention and overall versatility in her music. Additionally, Gaga’s love for music spiked when she performed in open mic in her school days. 

Having said that, Lady Gaga has 170 Million record sales till now and is even considered one of the best-selling artists in the world. 

Height1.55 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesRecord SalesMerchandiseConcertsBrand Endorsements
Annual EarningOver $25 Million

17. Shakira ($300 Million)

Source: Wikipedia

The Queen of Latin Music, aka. Shakira is immensely recognized and praised for her versatile singing style. The Columbian beauty has delivered several hits, including Loca, Waka Waka, and Hips Don’t Lie, and the list is endless. 

Other than this, she was seen judging a Music Reality Show, The Voice (Season 4).

Height1.57 Meter
Additional Income SourcesMusic RoyaltiesRecord SalesMerchandiseConcertsBrand Endorsements
Annual Earning$35 Million

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Wrapping Up!

Females are associated with plenty of adjectives ranging from beautiful to hot. However, most of them are rarely addressed as strong, smart, or even rich, especially in the entertainment industry. 

In fact, so many female musicians are immensely involved in their creative endeavors, from writing melodies and lyrics to producing and directing. Needless to say, these female artists don’t get enough recognition for the amount of hard work they put in. 

Therefore, I have discussed the 17 richest female musicians in this article. 

Additionally, Rihanna ($1.7 Billion), Madonna ($850 Million), and Celine Dion ($800 Million) are in the top three. However, keep in mind I have curated this article considering the latest data. Hence, the entire article will change if any of the figures change. 

Before you go, how about checking the richest musician globally?


Who is the richest female musician in the world?

As of 2023, Rihanna is the richest female musician worldwide, with a Net Worth of $1.7 Billion. Moreover, most of her income stems from music royalties, record sales, brand deals, business ventures, etc. 

Who is the 2nd richest female artist?

The second richest female musician as of 2023 is Madonna. The $800 Million Net Worth has also been cultivated from sources like record sales, acting, fashion, and fitness ventures.

Is Taylor Swift a billionaire?

Taylor Swift is not a Billionaire as of 2023. However, according to Forbes’ prediction, she will enter the billionaire’s club by the end of the Eras tour. However, for now, T-Swizzle has $780 Million worth of revenue. 

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