Is WWE Fake Or Real: The Truth Revealed!

Is WWE Fake

Is WWE fake, or is it totally scripted?

 The blood, the fights, the arguments, and the drama, what is real and what is fake?

So much confusion and arguments go around between WWE lovers and haters. Hence, we decided to put an end to this once and for all.

WWE watchers have seen multiple notable moments. Plus, many have found their idols through this show, like The Rock, Undertaker, Roman Reigns, John Cena, and many others.

People were emotionally attached to this show and its star wrestlers in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. 

But, still, there was one question, is it real or fake? To finally answer it, WWE is not fake but entirely scripted. However, the wrestlers get hurt for real when the fights are brutal.

If you are still confused and want to know everything in detail, do not worry. Continue reading until the end to know the spicy details of WWE.

Is WWE Fake Or Real?

To answer this question bluntly, Yes, WWE is an absolute drama made for entertaining its fans. 

Everything from the talking, fighting, and any other move the wrestlers take is scripted. 

Is WWE Fake or Real The Real Truth!

The wrestlers are given a detailed script, and they act accordingly. 

However, the fighting and action stunts are genuine and real even though they are pre-decided. 

Moreover, logically, the shows we watch on television are successful because they entertain. 

Are they not scripted? Yes. They are. Are they fun to watch? Yes. They are.

The thing is, wrestling is fun to watch, and it’s thrilling to watch people throwing punches at each other. 

Not to mention people throwing each other outside the wrestling ring.

Hence, the creators of WWE are just creating something which seems realistic, but in reality, it’s scripted.

Is There Evidence Depicting WWE is Fake?

Okay, so let me make something clear. The WWE competition we see on the show is not real. It’s just an entertainment-based show and nothing else.

Is There Evidence Depicting WWE is Fake

WWE is actually performed with the help of scripts created by real writers. These scripts follow the story decided by the director and screenwriter. 

Also, the matches that you see on TV are choreographed and are simply performed as a routine. 

To be blunt, the CEO and the owner of WWE, Mr McMahon, declared the show as a sports entertainment product.

Plus, many instances occurred when the wrestlers were not hitting their opponents in a seriously hurtful way. 

Furthermore, these instances are publically acclaimed by the creators of the show. However, the matches that are brutal are also truthful because the blood you see on screen is REAL.

Lastly, remember, all wrestlers are paid for each and everything they do in front of the camera. 

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To conclude the argument, WWE is Scripted but also real when it comes to brutal action.

The moves, fighting routines, and arguments are all scripted, whereas the hurting and bleeding part is real as heck.

Simply putting it, WWE is a mixture of sports, entertainment, reality show, and drama.

Then why do people still watch WWE matches? 

People watch it to be entertained by seeing dramatic arguments and brutal fights. 

Also, watchers always choose a side and cheer for the opponent they like the most, though they know that the winner is also pre-decided. 


Are the punches thrown by the wrestlers fake?

The punches are real, but they are thrown in a less hurtful way. 

Do the wrestlers in the WWE  get hurt for real?

Yes, they do get hurt. The whole getting hurt part is real. 

Do they use fake blood on wrestlers when they get hurt to give a realistic effect?

No, absolutely not. Everything related to injuries and shedding blood is real.

Why is WWE still watched by many, even though it’s fake?

WWE is simply watched for the sake of entertainment and for the storylines it follows.

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