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Selena Gomez has been a beauty icon for many of the youngsters out there. With her outstanding performance on air Selena has been known for her singing role and soft soothing voice. Her voice has always been a reason for people to follow her lifestyle and support her career. It has been rightly said, voice is a gift of god. And henceforth Miss Gomez has always been an inspiration for many young singers too. She as an American singer came into many series on the big screen and won the hearts of her fans. Not only this, she launched her own skincare and makeup brand called Rare beauty, having the most admiring products to shop on worldwide. The reason for Selena to come in top most followed pages on Instagram is her beauty and dedicated attitude towards her career as well has she has set an example for the young ladies out there to follow the dreams and make it happen!

Selena Gomez Pregnant

Selena Gomez Revealed About her Dream about Growing a Family 

Instagram icon Selena Gomez made her place in Hollywood, years from now. Working for various documentaries, her outstanding balance of  performance and hard work made her stand out from others. There are several questions on her out of which, she got questioned on her ability of being a mother. After continuous humors in Hollywood the fans got curious to know if the owner of Rare Beauty is really pregnant?

Selena Gomez has made it abundantly known in the past that she will not allow trolls and critics to bring her down. Despite all of her animosity and contempt, she is brave. Fans of the artist are undoubtedly already aware of her boss lady approach and willingness to call people out when required. The Wolves singer chose to put the numerous rumors about her being pregnant to rest in 2021 in the most amusing and sassy way she could. In a recent video, she seemed to have put on some weight, prompting some viewers to think that she was pregnant.

After knowing that there was no connection that she was holding on to neither any dating partner. The fans became very disturbed in terms of knowing whether is she really Pregnant?


People started twisting on twitter about Sel. Another nugget of humour was in the trailer for her excellent film “the only murderers in the building.” In which Selena has appeared wearing baggy clothing and hoodies, as seen in the teaser. Fans and the general public began to assume Selena maybe pregnant in real life. It’s only a clothing illusion, once one Twitter user tried to point out. However, the singer and no credible claims have verified that she is pregnant. Additionally, neither her Instagram photos nor her most recent images from the premiere display any indications of a baby bump.

In one of her interviews Selena Gomez gave the clarification by declaring in the media that she is not pregnant and all those humors are just annoying predictions of people out there. 

Not only this, she is also got candid while declaring that she may never be pregnant due to the bipolar disorder medications The actress recently discussed her battle with bipolar disorder in an interview, admitting that the meds may prevent her from ever being able to have children. Selena, who was given a bipolar disorder diagnosis with the medical professionals, the recent news claimed that she made an effort to “friend” the condition while being aware of the negative implications it would have on her aspirations to one day have a mother. That is a very significant current aspect of my existence. However, if I’m meant to have children, I will, she added, recalling the time she visited a buddy who was trying to become pregnant and how, after their visit, she sobbed in her car because she was concerned that the two prescription drugs she requires for her bipolar disorder could perhaps make it challenging for her to carry the child.

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A study published in Indian Journal of Medicine, taking medications while pregnant has the potential to result in birth malformations and behavioral problems in those with bipolar disorder. Long-term neurobehavioural patterns might potentially result from it. The 30-year-old spoke about having psychosis during the interview. She used the phrase “There wasn’t a portion of me that was in there anymore” to describe the effects the pills had on her. The actress’s movie, which debuted on Apple TV on November 4, explores the evolution of her mental health. When she started hearing obnoxious voices in 2018, she admitted that she was suffering from psychosis. Selena claimed that even though she was receiving treatment, she only has fleeting memories of that period. Selena went public in 2020 with her bipolar disorder and meanwhile she was as strong as anyone could. To her fans and followers he has been an instant dose of inspiration during all her bad times and struggling days, coming out as a star. .

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As there’s heavy doses of medicines and due to her being transparent in front of the world recently in her interview as mentioned above, she may not be pregnant in her real life. As according to the pharmaceutical formulations medicaments for bipolar or any other psychiatry treatment is dangerous if taken for years for the child as well as mother in order to give birth to a human, it gets difficult. But is treatable for sure in science. 

Therefore, it is ok to assume that Selena Gomez is not pregnant in either real life or the series.

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