Apple Vision Pro Headset: Apple’s First Mini Computer

While many people are curious whether the Apple Vision Pro Headset is legit, on 5th June 2023, Apple’s event announced the arrival of the new product! Hence, confirming the said legitimacy.

The Vision Pro headset is considered mixed-reality with both functions of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). However, despite the advance announcement, the product won’t be launched anytime soon. 

Let’s discuss more about this Spatial gadget in the article below:-

Apple Vision Pro Headset: In A Nutshell

Vision Pro Headset is an introductory product to Spatial (which means occupying space) Computing. The invention is said to be ahead of its time with the groundbreaking innovation embedded in the system. 

In simple words, Vision Pro Headset is a pair of goggles that wraps around your head. 

On the top-right side, there is an Apple Watch equivalent feature that is called digital crown; and with its help, the external world somewhat gets insight into your VR world. 

Apple Vision Pro Headset

Additionally, with the help of this crown, you can easily swap between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Speaking of AR, its best feature is Eyesight: 

So, although you’re wearing the headset, you can still see what your normal eyes can generally see and hence, communicate effectively with the person standing before you.

What to Expect From the New Apple Vision Pro Headset?

Continuation of the above point, your eyes are a key point in the functioning of the Apple Vision Pro Headset. In fact, not just your eyes but your voice and hand gestures serve a major role in operating this device. 

Unlike other VR goggles, it has a slimmer interface, with your eyes much closer to the screen. So, overall giving you a much more immersive experience. 

The Zeiss’ thin optical lens

Now, one may worry about the potential eye damage… Well, worry not! Apple is protective of your eye care more than you, and hence, partnered with Zeiss. 

The Zeiss’ thin optical lens perfectly fits your VR product. 

However, you will have to purchase this lens separately. (And whenever the price of this lens is announced, I will update this page.)

Apple Vision Pro Headset Features

Following are some of the best Features :-

  • More pixels than a 4K TV for each eye
  • Five Sensors, Six Microphones, and Twelve Cameras
  • Tracks the tenure of your voice and further recognizes your voice and hand gesture
  • Two hours battery 
  • One R1 Chip and Two M2 Chips

Apple Vision Pro Headset: Launch Date and Pricing 

You can expect ,it is launch around early 2024. And once that happens, you can further purchase it for the starting price: 3,499 USD.

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The VR-coded head-wrapping goggles, aka. Apple Vision Pro Headset is expected to release around early 2024. 

You can further purchase the product at its starting price, $3,499.

To wrap it up, the best part of this slimmer-fit gadget is how seamlessly you can swap between Augmented and Virtual Reality. Moreover, to protect your eyes from any possible damage, Apple has partnered with Zeiss’ optical lens.


When will the Apple Vision Pro Headset launch?

It is expected to release around early 2024.

What is the Apple Vision Pro used for?

Apple Vision Pro is used to mix both physical and virtual worlds, at the time, letting the user remain present and be connected with the people around.

How expensive will Apple Vision Pro be?

The starting price of Apple Vision Pro is 3,499 USD.

Is the Apple Vision Pro AR or VR?

Apple Vision Pro is a perfect blend of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

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