Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date, Trailer & Update

After the success of the Black Summoner Anime, fans were curious to know whether Black Summoner Season 2 would be released any time soon. If so, is the official trailer released yet? the potential cast, plot points, streaming platform, and so on

So, if these were your concerns, sit back, as this article will cover everything!

When Is Black Summoner Season 2 Releasing?

Unfortunately, there is no announcement on the official release of Black Summoner Season 2. And which is why the release schedule is unclear as well. However, if I look at the previous release schedule, Season 1 took about a year of production. 

Black Summoner Season 2
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Therefore, if we consider Season 2 to be in production, it would release sometime in 2024. 

Is The Official Trailer Out Yet?

Since the announcement of Black Summoner Season 2 is not out yet. It doesn’t make any sense for the trailer to be out too. So, to answer simply: No, the official trailer of Black Summoner Season 2 is not out yet!

However, whenever that happens, I will keep this section updated. But for the time being, you can stream the official Trailer of Black Summoner Season 1. 

What Can You Expect From The Upcoming Season?

As usual, the upcoming Season will pick from where the previous Season left off! 

So, you can expect the Season to follow Kelvin on his adventures as he enters the new world and tries to find out more and more about his past. And in that process, he also desires to be strong. 

black Summoner Seasons 2 Upcoming Season
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Of course, on his way, he will stumble into plenty of challenges, enemies, and maybe allies even. But the real test is how he evolves as a Summoner and further shows off his skills.

Having said that, the following are some of the potential plot points:-

  1. Kelvin’s confrontation with the army leader (Victor) of the demon lord, who claims to have a soul connection with the former. 
  2. Kelvin’s relationship with Sera, Melfina, and Elfil. And how all of these women have different feelings and expectations of him.
  3. Kelvin is caught in the war between demons and humans. Moreover, he has to serve his role as an ancient prophecy role.
  4. Kelvin’s confrontation with a goddess (Clotho) who claims to be his one true companion and therefore wants to join his side. 
  5. Kelvin’s enhancement of his abilities, like black magic, and how he further summons multiple followers all at once. 

Black Summoner Season 2: Potential Cast

Again, there is no confirmation on the cast for it But most likely, you can see the main voice actors from the previous Season appear here. 

That being said, the following are the Potential Cast for the upcoming Season:-

  • Kouki Uchiyama, who voiced Kelvin
  • Minori Suzuki, who voiced Sera
  • Reina Ueda who voiced Melfina
  • Nobuo Tobita, who voiced Victor
  • Manaka Iwami, who voiced Efil
  • Konomi Inagaki who voiced Ange
  • Yousuke Akimoto, who voiced Gerard
  • Yume Miyamoto, who voiced Rion
  • Shizuka Itou who voiced Tsubaki Fujiwara

Where Can You Watch Black Summoner Season 2?

Watch Black Summoner Season 2
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Just like the previous Season, you can watch the Black Summoner Season 2 on Crunchyroll. Additionally, you can enjoy the Season in its original language with English subtitles, OR you can watch it with English dubbing. 

Other than that, Black Summoner Season 1 is available on Animix Play and VRV. So, chances are, upon the release of Season 2, you can watch the Anime on the said platforms. 

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The Final Verdict

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on the happening of Black Summoner Season 2. 

However, given the success of the previous Season, which revolved around the first five volumes of the novels, we definitely have enough source material for Season 2 to happen. 

So, you can expect the upcoming Season to release sometime in 2024 on Crunchyroll. You can also watch the Anime in the original language with English subtitles, or you can even dub it in English. 


Will there be a Season 2 for Black Summoner?

Although there is no confirmation on Black Season Season 2 yet, plus given the previous Season’s success, you can expect the Season to release. 

Is Black Summoner still going?

Season 1 ended in September 2022. However, that’s clearly not the end of the beloved Anime, and you can expect the show to return with Season 2. 

Did Black Summoner finish?

If you are asking about Season 1, Black Summoner is finished. However, the whole Anime is far from over. 

Who is Kelvin’s girlfriend in Black Summoner?

Melfina is Kelvin’s girlfriend in Black Summer. 

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