High Rise Invasion Season 2: Release Date, Cast & More

Season 1 of High Rise Invasion did exceptionally well internationally. Since there were plenty of unanswered questions towards the end, fans are all the more curious about what High Rise Invasion Season 2 has in store for us. 

Therefore, in this article, I will tackle all the queries regarding the upcoming season. So you can expect the following queries to get answered:-

  1. High Rise Invasion Release Date
  2. Season 1 Recap and Season 2 Potential Plot 
  3. How many Manga chapters did Season 1 cover?
  4. Speculations around the Production Houses
  5. Streaming Platform & Potential Cast 
  6. Is the official Trailer out yet?

When Is High Rise Invasion Season 2 Releasing?

Unfortunately, the High Rise Invasion Season 2 is not renewed yet!

High Rise Invasion Season 2

However, if I consider the cliffhanger end of the previous season, then it’s obvious that Anime would need renewing for everything to make sense. 

Now, the only valid question is, WHEN THOUGH?! 

Well, since the Netflix debut happened just a while ago, it would take the platform more time to welcome another season. 

As soon as there is any official news, I will keep the page updated!

Season 1 Recap & the Potential Plot For Upcoming One?

Before discussing the potential plot of the second season, let’s quickly recap what happened in the previous one: High school student, Yuri Honjo, is somehow transported to a strange world full of life-threatening hunters. 

Now, Yuri’s primary goal is to rescue her brother, Rika, who’s lost in the maze of this world as well. And while she is simultaneously trying to be safe from potential danger, she ends up crossing paths with a group of other survivors, who further assist her. 

So, towards the end, Yuri and the rest of the survivors are trapped and further explore more of this world and the people living in it. However, they need to find ways to escape as safely as possible. 

Now, the questions that are left unanswered would possibly be used as the plot line in the upcoming season as follows:-

  • Who created the world of High-Rise Invasion?
  • What is the purpose of the game?
  • Why are the masked hunters so cruel?
  • How can Yuri and her friends escape?

Besides, above mentioned questions, Season 2 will likely explore the following arcs as well:-

  • Yuri and Rika’s reunion
  • The close proximity between Kuan and Sniper Mask

Is The High Rise Invasion Manga Complete? And How Much Does The Anime Cover?

The High Rise Invasion Manga indeed ended in April 2021, which contains about 21 volumes with 258 chapters. 

High Rise Invasion

Now, if I compare it with Anime, then Season 1 has covered about 149 chapters, so the second season will likely deep dive into the rest of the 109 chapters. 

Additionally, High Rise Manga also has a sequel (High Rise Invasion Arrive), so the chances of Season 2 covering some of the sequel’s arcs are pretty high. 

Which Studio Will Produce High Rise Season 2?

Although there’s no green light on the production of the High Rise Invasion upcoming part, weebs cannot help but speculate three major studios as mentioned below:-

  1. Kodansha
  2. Netflix
  3. Zero-G

The reason being these production houses had contributed to the making of the previous season. While Netflix and Kodansha had co-produced the first Season, Zero-G helped in the animation. Yet, there is no official word as of now. 

But as always, in case of any latest information, I will keep the page updated. 

Streaming Platform: High Rise Invasion Season 2

As discussed earlier, High Rise Invasion Season 1 is co-produced by Netflix, which further declared the Anime platform exclusive. 

Streaming Platform High Rise Invasion Season 2

Therefore, most likely, Season 2 will premiere on Netflix only!

Is The Official Trailer Out Yet

As of 2023, the official Trailer of High Rise Invasion Season 2 is not out yet. 

However, whenever the official page of Netflix (or other studios in case the production team changes), I will keep the article updated with the latest information. 

Who Can You Expect In The Upcoming Season?

Again, there is no official word or confirmation on the Cast and crew of High Rise Invasion Season 2. So all we can do is speculate about the potential casting. 

That being said, the following is the list of the expected (main) Cast:-

Sr. No. CharacterVoice Artist
1Yuri HonjōHaruka Shiraishi
2Mayuko NiseShiki Aoki 
3Kuon ShinzakiAkira Sekine
4Rika HonjōJunya Enoki
5Sniper MaskYuichiro Umehara

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Conclusion: Is High Rise Invasion Season 2 Canceled?

High Rise Invasion Season 2 is not canceling anytime soon. And that is because the end of Season 1 has left us on quite an unfulfilling note, plus tons of questions. 

Besides, out of 258 chapters, Season 1 has only covered about 149. So, the upcoming season(s) not only have more than 109 chapters to cover but also the Manga sequel to adapt from. 

Having said that, Netflix or other makers are yet to comment on the release date. However, once they give us any sort of green flag, I will let you know as well!


Will there be High-Rise Invasion season 2?

As of now, there is no official yes from the makers. However, considering the cliffhanger end of the previous season, it’s obvious the series is not over yet.  So, yes, there will be a High-Rise Invasion Season.

Does the Sniper Mask reveal his face?

Sniper Mask indeed revealed his face to Yuri when they were in the Japanese-styled room.

Is Sniper Mask Yuri’s brother?

Since Rika’s family adopted Yuri, Sniper Mask is Yuri’s un-biological brother.

Is High-Rise Invasion still going?

High-Rise Invasion Manga is not going anymore. However, the Anime is indeed ongoing, but then again, the official word on renovation is not out yet. 

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