How To Get Face Tracking In Roblox (2023) | Easy Guide

How To Get Face Tracking In Roblox

To all the avid gamers, I have news for you! Roblox has introduced a face tracking feature by which each character gets more dimension as your facial expressions are in sync with them. However, this feature is not accessible to everyone. 

Additionally, I will discuss more about it in the article, along with the feature’s brief overview, a step-by-step guide on getting face-tracking Roblox, and of course, whether it is safe. 

So, if this sounds like something you are interested in, then keep reading!

What is Roblox Face Tracking?

Roblox face tracking is the newest Roblox feature where your character can have facial expressions. Here’s the catch: These expressions are in sync with your face. 

You only need to update your Roblox settings by turning on your webcam. 

And voila! The web camera will now catch your expressions and further pass them down to your character. However, this feature, unfortunately, is not available for users. So, if your region cannot access this feature, simply wait for Roblox’s new update. 

How To Get Face Tracking Roblox? (Step-By-Step Guide)

To get the face tracking Roblox, simply follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below:-

1: Open Roblox on your web browser. 

Open Roblox on your web browser

2: On the top right corner, click on the Settings icon.

click on the Settings icon

3: On the left side, you will locate Privacy. So, select that. 

you will locate Privacy

4: Scroll down to the Microphone and Camera input section. 

Scroll down to the Microphone and Camera

5: Enable your microphone by first turning the toggle on and then checking the tick mark and finally selecting the enable button.

 Enable your microphone

6: Now, open your Roblox game on your device and further open settings. 

further open settings

7: Check whether your output device is correctly selected as a video camera. 

And voila! Your character will be in sync of your facial expressions. 


You can only access this feature if it’s integrated into Roblox’s version. 

Unfortunately, many users have complained that they cannot see it. So, if you are one of those unlucky ones, then simply wait for the platform’s next update. 

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Conclusion: Is It Safe?

Roblox is 100% safe to use. Additionally, when you are integrating the face tracking feature, there is a pop-up that asks you whether you would like to see the privacy policy. 

And when you click on it, then, it displays the following points to you:-

  • Although Roblox’s face tracking service detects your facial expressions such as winking, closing the eyes, etc. The platform by no means sends the data to any third-party service whatsoever. 
  • The platform doesn’t use your expressions to track your identity. In fact, it’s simply a bio-metric process that most natives are familiar with. 
  • When Roblox tracks your expressions, it is set in the platform’s temporary memory. So, once the animated frames have animated your avatar’s expressions, your facial data will be erased from the platform’s memory.

So, that’s it for my article on How to get face-tracking Roblox. In case of any additional information, I will keep the page updated!


Can you upload your face to Roblox?

You cannot upload your face to Roblox in the sense of getting custom avatars. However, what you can do is sync your avatar’s facial expressions with yours by turning on the webcam.

How to get face tracking Roblox?

To get the face tracking Roblox, simply follow the instructions given below:-
Open Roblox on the web > Settings > Privacy > Turn the Microphone toggle on > checkmark > enable > Now head to Roblox on your device > settings > video camera (output device).

Is Face Tracking Roblox safe?

The feature is indeed safe, as the platform doesn’t sell your data to any third-party device. In fact, the facial expressions that it tracks are used as biometrics and further stored in the platform’s temporary memory. 

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