Neighbors Roblox Codes In 2023 (September Update)

All the enthusiastic Roblox players eager to know which Neighbors Roblox Codes have been activated to use in September, you have landed on the right page.

Roblox has become a popular game over the years, and considering its massive fanbase, it isn’t surprising that it has introduced a new aspect of gaming to the world. 

In this article, I have shared the active Roblox Neighbors Codes. to make your gaming experience better, fun, and engaging.  

Additionally, I have included the process to redeem these codes and troubleshooting solutions to avoid any further issues you might face.

So, let’s get started without wasting another minute beating around the bush!

Neighbors Roblox Code overview 

Roblox Neighbors is a digital hangout place where two players are paired and left in a neighborhood where both players share one house. 

With the help of voice chat, you can experience the game like real life and rapidly move forward with another player if you don’t have your existing partner in the game. 

Active Neighbors Roblox Codes

There’s only one Neighbors Roblox Code available currently, which is given below:

  • NEIGHBORS50MILLION – You can redeem this code for 150 credits.

How To Redeem The Neighbors Roblox Codes

The procedure to redeem the Neighbors Roblox Codes is easy and won’t take you long enough to get your rewards. Therefore, here is a detailed step-by-step guide :

  • #1: Launch the Roblox Neighbors game on Roblox.
  • #2: Select the menu icon in the bottom right corner.
Select the menu icon in the bottom right corner
Source- YouTube
  • #3: When a Pop-Up box comes on your window, click on Promo Codes.
click on Promo Codes
Image Source- YouTube
  • #4: After clicking on the Promo codes, the text box will direct you to enter the code here. All you have to do is follow what it says there.- Enter Code Here.
Enter Code Here.
Source- YouTube
  • #5: Press the Submit Button in green and claim the reward stored for you.
Press the Submit Button in green
Image Source- YouTube

Why is My Roblox Neighbors Codes Not Working?

I have shared the reasons behind your codes not working and the solution you need for troubleshooting codes below. 

If your Roblox Neighbors Codes are not working, the following scenarios might be the case –

  • If you write your Roblox Neighbors Codes incorrectly without following the exact given by Roblox or, as mentioned above in this article, the code will fail to work. 
  • If the code still doesn’t work after directly copy-pasting it as it is, the code is expired and removed from the game. 

 To troubleshoot the code failure, you can follow the following tips:

  • Write the code as it is, or copy it from the above active codes section and paste it into the promo codes text box. 
  • If you write the code instead of copy-pasting it, write it carefully while ensuring the capital letters, numbers, and characters are similar to the given print.
  • Keep checking out the article to see if any new codes are available to replace the expired ones.

Other Methods To Get Extra Rewards In The Game

If you wish to get extra codes from Roblox Neighbors, you must log in regularly or every day. Roblox gives you 40 credit points when you start, which increases to 90 points by the sixth day after logging in every day for six days. 

Other than this, you can just keep playing every day and earn free credit per minute you are present in the game.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that you have all the Neighbors Roblox Codes ensure to make the most out of it. Also, copy the code and paste it into the promo code text box to avoid spelling mistakes and code failure. If the codes still don’t, the code might’ve expired and been removed from the game.

Moreover, if you wish to get extra Roblox Neighbors Codes, log in every day into the game and earn credit points given each minute you stay in the game.

So, this is it on this topic from my side, but I’ll keep the page updated in case of any additions to the codes.


What is the only active code in Roblox Neighbors as of September 2023?

NEIGHBORS50MILLION is the only active code in Roblox Neighbors as of September 2023. Keep logging in to the game regularly to check the new upcoming codes.

Are there any expired codes currently?

As per the September code sheet, there are no currently expired codes, and has only one active code, as mentioned in the article.

How many times can the Roblox Neighbors Codes be redeemed?

The Roblox Neighbors Codes can only be redeemed once, as they are case-sensitive and expire after a few days. 

Where else can you get extra codes besides the official game page?

You can get extra codes on Roblox Neighbors Discord channels, a Twitter account for Roblox game codes, and relevant game pages. Streamers and bloggers often add extra codes on these platforms.

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