17 Best Scary Roblox Games To Play In 2023 (Gamer’s Choice)

Are you a fan of dark games? Do you like to get so immersed in a game that you forget it’s just a game, not a real-life experience?  Well, you are at a perfect place as I have curated a list of 17 in-demand Scary Roblox Games!

Each game gives you a diverse experience: As sometimes, you are the psychotic villain whose task is to kill other players, whereas sometimes, you are the one hiding under wraps. 

Regardless, these 17 scary Roblox games give you a hands-on experience!

Top 10 Scary Roblox Games (Overview)

In the table below, I have mentioned the top 10 Scary Roblox Games. Moreover, I have also briefly mentioned the game’s premise and how many players can play it. 

1.Bear (Alpha)Bear is an imposter whereas other players have to survive its wrath.Multiplayer
2.Alone in the dark houseYou are a private investigator who has to investigate the case of a serial killer.Multiplayer
3Finders KeepersYou are a paranormal investigator who has to investigate the case of missing people. Multiplayer
4.Dead SilenceInvestigate the case of the missing ventriquo list, while collecting the keys. Singleplayer
5.A wolf or otherAnother imposter game that delegates roles like werewolf, hunter, and hideaways.Multiplayer
6.GeishaYour job is to unfold the mystery, communicate with the vengeful spirit, and further solve the puzzles. Singleplayer
7.Breaking PointPlayers have to investigate wh is mystery killer. Multiplayer
8The MimicThe Mimic revolves four stories that have taken place throughout the history of Japan, and each chapter unfolds a new world. Singleplayer & Multiplayer
9Infectious SmileA zombie game that has two teams: Zombies (or Smilers) and Normal people (or Runaways). 
As per their role, they have to perform delegated tasks. 
10Rainbow FriendsWhen a school bus crashes in an abandoned field, you end up hiding from each Rainbow Friend that you stumble through various chapters. Singleplayer

17 Best Roblox Horror Games To Play In 2023

As we have already talked about Tokyo, the largest city in the world, let’s discuss the rest of the 25 largest cities in the world in the list below!

1. Bear (Alpha)

To explain simply, Bear (Alpha) is an imposter game where 9 out of 10 people are the normal people whose only job is to survive. And the remaining person is a seven feet tall bear who chases everyone by following the maze-like map.

Scary Roblox Games Bear (Alpha)

And if the bear kills everyone in the delegated time, then it wins. However, if the players work together and combat the bear, alongside solving a few puzzles, then they win!

2. Alone in the dark house

In this game, you are a private investigator in an abandoned house where you have to investigate a series of crimes carried out by a serial killer. Here, you need to figure out who will be the serial killer’s next victim and guess the possible time slot for the hunt. 

Scary Roblox Games Alone in the dark house

Moreover, you also need to keep track of the past events! Alone in a dark house is a single-player game. And to get the most experience, you can join on the private server. 

3. Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers is quite similar to Alone in a dark house. Here, you are a paranormal investigator who is assigned to investigate the increasingly missing members of the family. 

Scary Roblox Games Finders Keepers

And as you roam through the abandoned house, you will stumble into a paranormal entity. 

You not only have to defeat that entity but, at the same time, collect the discs from the environment. Moreover, the only weapon you have is a flashlight. 

4. Dead Silence

Scary Roblox Games Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a horror puzzle game where you need to explore the rooms to find the keys. However, the way to find the keys is shuffled every time, so each playthrough varies from another. 

And if you have watched the 2007’s film “Dead Silence,” then you will notice that the game is based on James Wan’s film. Moreover, just like in the film, you have to investigate the missing case of Mary Shaw, who’s a ventriloquist. 

5. A Wolf or Other

Just like the name suggests, A Wolf or Other revolves around a group of people who get assigned roles like Werewolf, Hunter and Hideaways. 

Scary Roblox Games A Wolf or Other

Here, the one who is assigned to the Hunter role has to hunt down the Werewolf, whereas the hideaways have to hide till the sun rises again. 

And finally, the Werewolf’s job is to kill the players. If the players are safe till sunrise, then they win, and if the Werewolf manages to kill everyone, then the Werewolf wins. 

6. Geisha

Based on Teke-Teke: a vengeful schoolgirl’s Spirit, Geisha is set in a childhood home. After visiting the home, you slowly realise that one by one, your family members have begun to disappear. 

 Scary Roblox Games Geisha

And your job is to unfold the mystery, communicate with the vengeful spirit, and further solve the puzzles. Moreover, the soundtrack of the game is quite creepy too. 

7. Breaking Point

Another dark game that revolves around the murder-mystery plot. While playing Breaking Point (which is a multiplayer game), players have to take turns to figure out who is the potential killer. 

Scary Roblox Games Breaking Point

And if you have played Among Us, then this game will be a piece of cake for you, as the gameplay is almost similar. 

8. The Mimic

As per your convenience, you can customise the game mode to single-player or multiplayer. The Mimic revolves around four stories that have taken place throughout the history of Japan, and each chapter unfolds a new world. 

 Scary Roblox Games The Mimic

So brace yourself for hearing random scary noises and jumpscare experience while you go on to the Mimic adventure!

9. Infectious Smile

Infectious Smile is a zombie game that has two teams: Zombies (or Smilers) and Normal people (or Runaways). Let’s say you are a Smiler; then your job is to chase the normal people across the field. 

 Scary Roblox Games Infectious Smile

However, if you are a Runaway, then you better escape those creepy Smilers. Moreover, you need to carry around a weapon for your defence. 

10. Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends revolves around a school trip, where mysteriously, your school bus crashes in an abandoned field where you meet Rainbow Friends. While the characters are supposed to have a rainbow personality, they are anything but joyful!

Scary Roblox Games Rainbow Friends

Your job is to hide from these Rainbow “Friends” with the help of cardboard. Each chapter will have a new Rainbow Friend, which has certain defects. 

11. The Maze

As the name suggests, The Maze is an underground dark Maze that you need to come out of! You can use accessories like flashlights to get a better view of your surroundings. 

Scary Roblox Games The Maze

However, know that there’s a possibility that you will be claustrophobic. So play at your own risk! It consists of about 12 players, and you can walk around with other players too. Other than that, there will be random monsters that you need to beware of!

12. Nanny

Another game with an abandoned home setting! Here, you will have to escape the Nanny by crawling your way out of the house. However, make sure you find the exit as soon as possible; otherwise, be ready to experience scary jumpscares. 

Scary Roblox Games Nanny

The game is highly addictive as you get fully immersed in the fast escape. 

13. Insane Elevator

The Insane Elevator is a multiplayer game where you get rewarded for getting into an Elevator and finishing multiple challenges and levels. However, if you thought that you would be alone in that elevator, then boy, are you wrong!

Scary Roblox Games Insane Elevator

To your dismay, the elevator also has several evil creatures from different horror films and shows that you need to survive. 

14. Piggy

Piggy is a thrilling yet confusing puzzle-solving game where you also defeat the main villain (Piggy). If you manage to solve the puzzle without dying, then you win the game. 

Scary Roblox Games Piggy

Moreover, the adrenaline rush you experience while trying to complete the puzzle as fast and accurately as possible; while simultaneously keeping an eye out for Piggy is truly something! 

15. Horror Tycoon

In Horror Tycoon, you need to build a Horror empire by collecting different horror equipment that you need to purchase. You can further use this horror equipment to put it on display in your own little shop and earn money. 

Scary Roblox Games Horror Tycoon

Moreover, you can also earn additional money by fighting off different players or monsters. You further earn reward currency by doing so, which you can then use to buy new accessories. 

16. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

As the name suggests, it is a haunted hotel that you need to explore and further complete a few quests. However, keep an eye out for the cracking ground, as you don’t want to fall down a trap or even come face to face with scary enemies. 

 The Haunted Imperial Hotel

Good luck navigating through hallways without stumbling into nightmares!

17. It Lurks

It Lurks is another home-based game that you need to play through the point of view of a little child. Here, you are told to go to bed, but when you close your eyes, you are suddenly in an abandoned house. 

 It Lurks

So, all you need to do is safely escape while an unknown entity is chasing you down the hallway. Moreover, beware of the jumpscares. 

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Conclusion: Scary Roblox Games

In the article above, I have mentioned the top 17 Scary Roblox Games, which include Bear (Alpha), Alone in the dark room, Finders Keepers, Dead Silence, A Wolf or Other, etc. 

Most of these games either consist of themes like private investigation of serial killers or demonic figures, abandoned houses, chasing entities, completing puzzles, and more. 

The thrilling experience of finishing your delegated tasks while simultaneously keeping yourself safe from all the danger is quite a real-time moment. It almost feels like you are not playing a game but experiencing it in real life. 

However, as the data is always changing, the list simultaneously shuffles too. So, in case of new information, I will keep the page updated!


Are Roblox doors scary?

Roblox doors are not that scary, so if you are under 16, you can still play it by all means. 

What is the Roblox game where you get chased?

Bear (Alpha), Infectious Smile, and Horror Tycoon are some of the Roblox games where you get chased. 

Is Outlast the scariest game?

Outlast is not really the scariest game, but it is indeed one of the scariest Roblox games out there!

What is Mimic in Roblox?

The Mimic is a customized four-story game where you can select single-player or multiplayer as per your convenience. 
So with tons of jumpscares and loud noises, you explore the stories chapter by chapter that have taken place throughout the history of Japan.

What is the #1 scariest video game?

Bear (Alpha) is currently ranked as the scariest Roblox game. 

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