Is BlueStacks Safe? Ultimate Guide For Expose The Risks

Is BlueStacks Safe?

This is a tech generation: As much as our world revolves around smartphones, computers are equally important! 

Fortunately, both devices share similar apps, and because of BlueStacks, the process is much easier now. But the question is: Is BlueStacks Safe? 

Well, in this article, we will tackle this question. We will discuss whether BlueStacks is safe, what information does it access, and a few other queries. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep!

Is BlueStacks Safe For Windows and Macbook?

BlueStacks is indeed safe for both Windows and Macbooks. 

For those who don’t know, BlueStacks is an actual company that is supported and partnered by several trusted companies like Samsung, Intel, etc. 

So rest assured, as long as you are downloading BlueStacks from its original website, it will not harm your computer at all. 

In fact, BlueStacks is very strict in terms of their users’ privacy. 

Is Bluestacks Safe

It neither stores your data in the cloud nor is there any third-party interference. 

Other than that, BlueStacks undergoes regular updates to clear out unfortunate bugs. 

(We will discuss more on it in a bit.) 

With that being said, the newest versions for your respective devices are mentioned below:-

DeviceBlueStacks version
MacBlueStacks 4
WindowsBlueStacks 5

Lastly, do not blindly rely on Avast and McAfee: This anti-virus software sometimes mistakenly identifies legit processors as Malware. 

Moreover, their spokesperson has clearly mentioned the App container: And how the downloaded apps won’t have access to the rest of your system. 

BlueStacks Cybersecurity Concerns

As briefly discussed in the previous section, there were some unfortunate bugs in the BlueStacks processor. Moreover, with the help of these bugs, attackers could get free access to users’ data. Fortunately, that did not happen.

Nick Cano (Security Researcher) immediately alerted the BlueStacks, who further quickly activated a new system that resolved the bugs and hence, prevented serious damage. 

Android game with Blue stack

Since then BlueStacks always warn their users about third-party might accessing their private information. 

So, the best way to prevent that from happening is by keeping the following points in mind:

  1. Do your research before downloading any app. 
  2. Do not overshare on any social media site
  3. Avoid clicking on shady links. 

BlueStacks Accessible Data

We have discussed loads on how safe BlueStacks is! However, if you are under the impression that the software doesn’t access your data at all, then you are mistaken. 

Just like any downloaded app, BlueStacks access some of your data as well. For instance, when you install BlueStacks, if you have done it from your original Google account, then it automatically gets access to your:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Gender
  • Birth date

Basically, any personal information that is linked to your Google account. On the flip side, if you have installed BlueStacks from a fake account, then you do not need to worry about it accessing your information. 

Other than that, Bluestacks can also access your computer’s information, which includes any information related to your Operating System and Network. So, when you start using BlueStacks, it will have access to your:

  • Preferred location
  • IP address
  • Application activity
  • System’s Configured Data 
  • Computer Setup
  • Browser

Basically, BlueStacks can access everything most modern apps get to access. 

However, according to BlueStacks spokesperson, this data only helps the OS to give users a memorable experience. 

Moreover, because of it, the apps are optimized well and seamlessly run on several computers. But as we have mentioned earlier, none of this data is saved on the cloud. 

In addition to that, BlueStacks cannot access your files or documents. Solely because the operating systems of Windows and Mac are well-secured. 

So, unless you have not updated your computers in a long time or purposely shut off an in-built security system, there is no way your files can be accessed. 

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Conclusion: Is BlueStacks Safe?

BlueStacks is indeed safe, as the company is super strict about its users’ privacy. And although they access some of your personal data, it is only to make your experience with the app seamless. 

Moreover, none of this data is ever saved on their cloud. 

Other than that, BlueStacks constantly updates its processor to be free from bugs. So, avoid blindly trusting anti-virus software that has falsely accused BlueStacks of being Malware. Because clearly, that is not the case. 

Having said that, we hope our article on Is BlueStacks Safe was helpful! 

However, in case of any further queries, you can write to us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Does Google trust BlueStacks?

Google indeed trusts BlueStacks. Moreover, as long as you use BlueStacks from its official website, you do not need to worry about anything.

Will BlueStacks slow down my PC?

BlueStacks can slow down your PC as it does require plenty of rams. However, you likely won’t encounter this issue if you have the latest computer. 

Is BlueStacks a Virus?

BlueStacks is not a virus. Unfortunately, some anti-virus software had mistakenly detected it as one. But rest assured, BlueStacks’ name was officially cleared. 

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