Chegg Free Trial 2023: Is There A Trial Available?

Chegg Free Trial

Are you trying to figure out how to make studying simpler? Getting a Chegg Free Trial might be the right option for you if you’re sick of purchasing multiple books without the correct assistance!

Plus, you can obtain 24/7 advice on an amazing educational platform that it provides. 

What else? You don’t have to buy your textbooks; you can rent them instead!

At Chegg, you can acquire assistance with your schoolwork, tutor support, career counseling, and support.

You can, however, try a free trial if you’re not convinced about utilizing Chegg. 

Yes that’s correct! You can determine whether you desire this platform by using the free trial offered by Chegg!

Hence, to learn about the Chegg Free Trial in detail, let’s dive into the information below.

Does Chegg have a regular and fixed Free Trial plan? 

To answer this question bluntly, NO, it doesn’t. Chegg doesn’t have a fixed free trial plan. 

Chegg Official

However, Chegg does offer new free trial plans every now and then. There are a few options offered by Chegg to give you a chance to use Chegg services before you actually decide to subscribe.

Plus, to avail of these free trial offers, you have to first log into the account.

How to get a Chegg Free Trial?

It’s not too difficult to sign up for the free trial. Follow these easy steps: 

1: Open the Study part of the website.

Chegg Free Trial

2: Next, select the Try Chegg Study button.

Tap on study For Chegg Free Trial

3: Sign up for a Chegg account using your email address and password.

Sign up for a Chegg Free Trial

4: The next step is to select the Chegg Study Pack.

Chegg Pricing Plan

5: Chegg will confirm your credit card information but won’t really charge you anything.

6: You can instantly begin your free trial after completing the registration process.

What Happens After Your Free Trial Is Finished?

After the trial period, Chegg will probably begin automatically billing you for a subscription. As a result, you would need to deactivate the subscription manually. 

You can deactivate the subscription by following a similar process:

  • Register with your account.
  • Visit the member’s settings and profile.
  • Check the subscription on a membership plan by going there.
  • Cancel the subscription at last.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to cancel your subscription, you can choose between two distinct Chegg premium plans:

1. Chegg Study

With this bundle, you gain access to the expert Q&A section as well as textbook solutions. You receive simple flashcards because it is a basic product. Any topic or subject is open for fresh questions and queries to be posted.

2. Chegg Study Pack

This package includes all of Chegg’s study resources. Premium flashcards, practice questions, instructional videos, tools for writing, math solvers, as well as live tutoring are additional perks. 

The cost of a subscription varies greatly between the two of these packages.

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Wrapping Up!

So as you saw above, For both new and returning customers, Chegg frequently comes up with enticing discounts and offers in the form of a Free Trial. 

You can look them up and keep up with them. It would make it possible for you to find a deal that might end up being a useful addition.

You should unquestionably take advantage of Chegg’s Free Trial to help you decide whether it is the correct solution for you. 

Its alluring features and simplicity of use place it among the best study-related platforms with budget-friendly charges.


Can you still use Chegg after the trial period?

It is advisable to discontinue the service before the free trial expires because you will be charged once it does.

Can I try Chegg for free first?

Chegg provides a totally free 4-week trial period. Its content is freely available to you. You can take advantage of the free trial after creating an account on Chegg.

How can I obtain free Chegg answers?

Yes, you can attempt the free Chegg trial to receive answers without paying anything or try some other websites to acquire Chegg’s answers.

When and how is Chegg’s staff compensated?

Chegg processes payments through NEFT bank transfers by the 15th of every month for answers provided during the 1st and 31st.

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