Top 9 Alternatives In 2023 (You Need To Know)

Are you looking for some alternatives? Here, I have curated a list of 9 that serve different purposes. While some alternatives would communicate with you through AI characters, others are chat-based alternatives that answer your queries. 

Maybe you’re going through a mid-life crisis and have no one to help, or maybe you’re looking for some creative ideas for your novels. Either way, I have perfect alternatives for you! 

So without further ado, let’s deep dive into the article:-

9 Best Alternatives of At a Glance (2023)

In the following table, I have mentioned the top 9 alternatives and whether their free versions are available. Moreover, I have also mentioned each of their suitable devices. 

On that note, let’s begin:-

RankNameFree version available?Suitable devices
1KajiwotoYesAndroid & Windows
3ReplikaYesAndroid, iOS, VR
4TavernAINoAndroid & Windows
5ChatGPTYesAndroid, iOS, Linux, Mac, & Windows
6Botify AINoAndroid & iOS
7Chai AppYesAndroid & iOS
8 live person NoAndroid
9Jasper ChatYesALL

In the list below, I have mentioned the top 9 alternatives and further shared their pros and cons. You can go through each alternative and decide for yourself whether it’s suitable for you or not. 

That being said, let’s get started!

1. Kajiwoto

In simple words, Kajiwoto transforms your favourite characters into AI companions. You can further interact with those companions with the help of chats. 

Source: Kajiwoto

And although the website has no limit, it still restricts your message after 200 characters.

Kajiwoto Pros:- 

  • Well-defined AI with a stunning memory. 
  • And depending on your country’s law, NSFW is allowed.
  • Plenty of freedom to access the app.
  • You can select how your Kaji is feeling.

Kajiwoto Cons:-

  • In order to generate Business related ideas, you need a Premium account. 
  • Premium subscriptions are expensive.
  • AI can be repetitive. 
  • Navigating the app is difficult.

2. Novel AI

Novel AI helps in providing literature, and many believe that one day it might replace a human writer. It generates stories with a strong plot and story ideation as well!

Novel AI
Source: Novel AI

Novel AI Pros:-

  • Free of Cost
  • Can generate innovative ideas
  • Quality editing

Novel AI Cons:-

  • Emotional intelligence is quite limited.
  • Robotic way of writing
  • The information can be outdated

3. Replika

Replika is nothing but a therapist in an AI form. You can express your deepest concerns and further receive empathetic responses. 

Source: Replika

The sole purpose of this website is to help those who are struggling to feel less alone. 

Replica Pros:-

  • It can be used on the tab or on any smartphones
  • Great communication pattern which further helps the users to understand their thought process better
  • Non-judgemental expression

Replica Cons:-

  • Users might engage in destructive behaviour which lacks consequences
  • It cannot capture the true complexity of human emotion.
  • Not suitable for users with severe mental illness

4. ChatGPT

As you might have guessed, Chat GPT is used for making human-like interactions. It also helps you answer a series of questions, ranging from simple math equations to codes. 

Source: ChatGPT

However, note that the data is not always accurate since Chat GPT heavily relies on Internet information and can be prone to errors. 

Chat GPT Pros:-

  • Fast responses
  • Natural-sounding interactions (mimics humans)
  • Constant updates
  • Help you write essays, emails, and even codes, for that matter

Chat GPT Cons:-

  • Refers to Internet data at all times
  • Cannot answer a wide range of questions
  • Prone to errors
  • Cannot solve complex mathematical equations

5. Botify AI

With the help of Botify AI, you can interact with your favourite characters, which range from imaginary characters to anime ones. 

Botify AI
Source: Botify AI

And depending on your area of location, you can access the NSFW characters as well!

Botify Pros:-

  • Complete flexibility in the way you interact with the characters
  • Since the website is 17+ rated, there are plenty of NSFW materials
  • Available on Android, iOS, and Web

Botify Cons:-

  • You cannot build characters from scratch
  • Currently, you can only access six Anime characters

(However, Botify AI will introduce more characters soon.)

6. Chai AI

Just like, with the help of Chai AI, you can talk to AI generator models. 

Chai AI
Source: Chai AI

The only problem is, it’s not web-friendly! If you want to access it, then either go for the Android version or the iOS one. You can scroll through multiple characters before you set your mind on one. However, note that it doesn’t come with any NSFW filter. 

Chai AI Pros:- 

  • Free of cost for Android and Apple users. 
  • Easily accessible and can be downloaded from the official website.
  • The productivity is quite enhanced. 
  • User-friendly interface and privacy-focused. 

Chai AI Cons:-

  • Daily 100 sms restriction.
  • Not Web Friendly
  • It doesn’t offer NSFW Filter

7. Tavern AI

Tavern AI
Source: Tavern AI

It is another chatbot, and in the website’s own words, “adventurous atmospheric.” And with the help of it, you can interact with several unique characters. 

Tavern AI Pros:-

  • Automate responses which further helps in better communication
  • AI is purely text-based
  • You can enhance the traits of certain characters

Tavern AI Cons:-

  • No NSFW filters are available
  • There is no voice recognition feature

8. Live Person 

The end-Users of the live person platform can build, improve and manage the bots. Computational models of language were used to build this platform, which helps users create conversations that feel like humans. Additionally, users can design personalized avatars of themselves and communicate with them.

Live Person 

The ability of the live person to create and communicate across multiple phone channels and messaging platforms is another fantastic advantage. The person maintains the proper balance between formal business and social chat.

 live person Pros – 

  1. User Friendly Interface 
  2. In-built chat Interface 
  3. Flexible To use  

live person Cons – 

  1. Sometimes inconsistent browsing.

9. Jasper Chat 

Jasper Chat is one of the top AI chatbots in the market right now. However, the majority of people are still unaware of the fact that you can start free Tal using this platform. Jasper Chat does not support NSFW Content.  

Jasper Chat 

This Ai chat service finds the ideal connection between free conversation and ethical guidelines. Further, it allows users to express their ideas without any limitations. So overall, Jasper creates a safe area for its user to freely participate in the conversation about the wide range of subs. And lastly, you can use Jasper to learn, complete daily activities, enjoy, and have free conversations. 

Jasper Chat Pros –

  1. Maintain the balance Between unfiltered chats & Ethical Std 
  2. Human-like communication
  3. Fast to use 

Jasper Chat Cons 

  1. Costly paid plans  
  2. Unable to provide current data

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Conclusion: Which Alternative Is Perfect For You? (2023)

Kajiwato is the #1 alternative, as it provides plenty of flexibility and well-defined AI. Moreover, depending on what you are feeling, you can change the Kajis accordingly.

The only downfall is if you are a business owner, then going for a Premium plan is recommendable. And to make it worse, the subscription plan for the Premium version is a bit expensive ($25 per month). 

That being said, Kajiwato is only suitable for Android users. So, if you’re iOS or Mac user, then you can opt for the following alternatives:-

  1. Botify AI
  2. Chai AI

And if you’re not necessarily looking for a character to talk to, but any text medium is fine as well, then you can opt for the following alternatives:-

  1. Replika
  2. Tavern AI
  3. Chat GPT

And finally, if you’re a budding writer and looking for a medium to generate ideas or even full-blown stories, for that matter, then you can go for Novel AI.


What are some Character.AI alternatives?

Following are seven alternatives:-
1. Kajiwoto
2. Novel AI
3. Replika
4. Tavern AI
5. ChatGPT
6. Botify AI
7. Chai AI

What is the alternative to Character.AI with NSFW?

Pygmalion AI is one alternative with NSFW.

Is there a better alternative to Replika?

Yekaliva is a better Replika alternative, which not only tracks leads but also helps with customer support, automates workflow, etc. 

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