How To Use GPT 4: Is It Worth The Hype?

Another addition to the GPT family, GPT 4, is a text-generating bot that delivers responses as per your precise prompts. Now, if you are wondering, “How to use GPT 4?” then keep reading. This article will primarily cover the steps to use GPT 4. 

I will also add a GPT 4 overview, how to use the platform for free, and whether it is worth the hype. However, if you are looking for ways to download the platform for your PC, then you can read about it here. 

GPT 4: Overview

The fourth version of Chat GPT, GPT 4, is developed by Open AI, a human-like text-generating tool. And as per your precise prompts, the AI tool delivers responses such as poetry, emails, codes, and you name it. 

Just like the previous versions, Chat GPT 4 too is well-trained to understand human language with utmost fluency. However, keep in mind GPT 4 is not available for free. You must pay a monthly subscription worth $20 to access the same.

If you are already a premium subscriber, upgrade your platform from the 3.5 version to 4. However, if you are a free user, then subscribe to Chat GPT+ 

(You can check out the following section to do the same.)

How To Use GPT 4 Via Chat GPT: Step-By-Step Guide

As mentioned earlier, to use GPT 4, ensure you have upgraded the platform to its latest version. Remember, GPT 4 is a language model that supports ChatGPT Plus. 

That being said, follow the steps below access GPT 4 via Chat GPT:-

Step 1: Go to your web browser and enter Chat GPT.

Step 2: Click on the Sign-Up option. 

Click on the Sign-Up option

Step 3: Click on Continue with Google.  

Click on Continue with Google

Step 4: Choose the account you will use to access ChatGPT. 

Choose the account you will use to access ChatGPT

Step 5: You will locate an Upgrade To Plus option in the bottom-left corner. 

You will locate an Upgrade To Plus option in the bottom-left corner

Step 6: A premium plan box will appear once you click on the Upgrade To Plus option.

Next, click on the Upgrade to Plus green button.

click on the Upgrade to Plus green button

Step 7: Enter your billing information and mark the necessary boxes.

Enter your billing information and mark the necessary boxes

Step 8: Finally, click on the green button that says subscribe. 

Tools That Support GPT 4

As you must know, GPT 4 is a language model that supports several platforms. Therefore, if you are curious about which tools GPT 4 supports, then check out the list below:-

  • Bing Ai
  • Chat GPT Plus
  • Chatsonic
  • Hugging Face’s Transformers

Can You Use GPT 4 For Free?

Unfortunately, GPT 4 is not available for free. Instead, you can opt for Bing AI’s latest version. Not only can you access it for free, but it also offers most of the features that GPT 4 does. 

In fact, due to its up-to-date and relevant information, Bing AI beats ChatGPT’s free version. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Of GPT 4

Before jumping to a conclusion about whether GPT 4 is worth it, let’s go through its key advantages and disadvantages in the bulleted points below:-

GPT 4 Advantages

  • Multilingual: Since GPT 4 is compatible with all languages, users across the globe can interact with the platform and resolve their queries. 
    • Scalable & Cost-effective: The businesses that use GPT 4 end up handling large amounts of queries on a cost-efficient rate. 
      • Time-saving: If you have almost no time to waste and expect immediate responses, then GPT 4 is for you!
        • Personalized: You can enter as many specific prompts as you need so that GPT 4 generates immensely personalized content. 

          GPT 4 Disadvantages

          • Biased: Several experiments show that GPT 4 is biased toward certain political opinions/ figures. Moreover, it displays extremely prejudiced responses towards certain minority groups, gender-wise, sexuality, etc. 
          • Manipulation Ultra Pro Max: ARC ran an experiment where they discovered GPT 4 is capable of assessing and planning human labor through TaskRabit. In fact, this platform can perform tasks on its own. 
          • Lack of Emotional Intelligence: GPT 4 doesn’t recognize human emotions, so it fails to respond when faced with challenging times. Because of this, it lacks to provide immediate support for sensitive matters. 
          • Not entirely accurate: When GPT-4 doesn’t have the data you are looking for, the platform sometimes generates fluff information. 

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          Wrapping Up

          GPT 4 indeed has a few drawbacks (as stated above) that hinder complex queries. However, if you are looking for time-saving responses, then GPT 4 is certainly worth the hype. 

          However, remember the information is limited till 2021. So, if you ask the bot about events that happened after 2021, then you will not receive accurate information. 


          How do you use GPT-4?

          You can head to Chat GPT and subscribe to GPT Plus. However, know that you cannot access the fourth edition of GPT for free. Instead, you will need to pay $20 every month. 

          Is GPT 4 free of cost?

          Unfortunately, you cannot access GPT 4 for free. Instead, opt for its alternative version, Bing AI. Not only can you access the platform for free, but it also offers GPT 4’s all features.  

          Where can I go to use GPT-4?

          Some platforms offering GPT-4 free of cost are Bing AI,, Hugging Face’s Transformers, etc. Plus, you can use GPT-4 in the ChatGPT plus variant. 

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