Paul Reubens Family: Married Status, Dating History & More

Popularly known as the Pee Wee Herman Actor, Paul Reubens was a widely recognized actor and writer. After his tragic death in 2023, most people have grown curious about Paul Reubens Family Life: Was he married? Did he have children? And so on. 

Therefore, this article covers all the necessary information about Reubenfeld’s life. So primarily, you can expect for me to tackle the following queries:-

  • Was the Pee Wee Herman Actor Ever Married?
  • Paul Reubens: Immediate Family (+ Dating History)
  • Pee Wee Herman Actor Six Years Cancer Battle

Apart from that, I will also discuss who Paul Ruebens was (plus his career highlights) and provide a brief tabular overview. So, if that sounds like what you’re interested in, then keep reading!

Paul Reubens Family: Overview

Before I discuss Paul Reubens’ personal life in detail, let’s quickly check out his overview:-

Full NamePaul Reubenfeld
(Changed to Reubens in 2016)
Famous ForCreating & Portraying Pee Wee Herman 
ChildrenNo Children
Immediate FamilyMilton Rubendfeld (Father)Judy Rubenfeld (Mother)Abby Rubenfeld (Sister)Luke Rubenfeld (Brother)
Date of Birth27th August 1952
Place of BirthPeekskill, New York, US
Net Worth$5 Million
Date of Death30th July 2023 – 70 Years
Height1.78 Meter

Was Pee Wee Herman Actor Ever Married?

Paul Reubens was never officially married. However, the Pee Wee Herman Actor did exchange vows in an impromptu mock wedding with Chandi Heffner. 

Paul Reubens

This 1989 wedding ceremony occurred at the Shangri La, Doris Duke’s Estate. The couple had met through a common friend, Jim Nabors, who acted in Gomer Pyle USMC. The star had attended the mock wedding and performed in it. 

As per Reubens, he still has the temporary marriage certificate. 

Paul Reubens: Immediate Family (+Dating History)

Since Paul Reubens was never officially married, he has no children either.

Reubens’s only immediate family was his parents (Milton and Judy Ruebenfeld) and siblings (Abby and Luke Rubenfeld). Apart from that, Paul was in a serious relationship with Debi Mazar. In fact, the pair was together for a good six years. 

Paul Reubens
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

In addition, Reubens had openly admitted to Mazar being an incredible influence on him. 

Following his arrest in 1991, he experienced severe depression, and if it weren’t for Debi’s support, Paul wouldn’t have come out of it. 

Overall, it’s truly a shame that the couple couldn’t legally bind because the pair experienced the highs and lows that most families experience. 

Pee Wee Herman Actor Six Years Cancer Battle

Before his tragic death, Pee Wee Herman Actor had been battling Cancer for six long years. 

Paul Reubens
Source: Bradenton Herald

After his death, Reubens’ team released a statement in which Paul expressed his gratitude to his fans and loved ones and even apologized to them for not expressing what he was going through behind the scenes.

Who Was Paul Reubens? (Actor & Writer)

Paul was Born in Peekskill, New York, on 27th August 1952 as a Reubenfeld. 

However, he changed his surname to Reubens in 2016. Paul’s immediate family also encompasses his parents, Milton Ruebenfeld and Judy Reubenfeld, who were Israeli Airforce Founding Pilot and Teacher, respectively.

Source: Pee Wee’s Blog

After graduating from the Californian Art Institute, he performed drama with his group, the Groundlings. Around that time, he created Pee Wee, an innocent man playing a few tricks on his friends. 

Eventually, Reubens appeared in films, and one of the roles that marked his popularity was Pee Wee. HBO aired the TV Special – The Pee Wee Herman Show, where Reubens played the lead character and wrote the script.

Later on, he reprised the role in the following sequels:-

  • Pee Wee Big Adventure
  • Big Top Pee Wee
  • Pee Wee’s Play House
  • Pee Wee’s Play House Christmas Special
  • Pee Wee’s Big Holiday

Overall, this franchise was not only appreciated by the critics but also a commercial hit!

Apart from this, Paul has starred and voice-acted several films, earning notable awards for his contributions.

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The Final Verdict!

Paul Reubens has become popular due to the Pee Wee Herman Franchise, which he wrote and acted in. Additionally, the 70-year-old Millionaire was battling cancer for six long years before passing away: That re-stirred Paul Reubens Family curiosity even more. 

Because of this, in this article, I have discussed whether the Pee Wee Herman Star was married (NO) and built a family (AGAIN, NO). 


Did Paul Reubens have any children?

Paul Reuben had no children despite exchanging (an impromptu) vows with Chandi Geffner in Shangri La in 1989.

Does Paul Reubens have a family?

Paul Reubens had an immediate family consisting of his parents (Milton and Judy) and siblings (Luke and Abby). Other than that, he didn’t get to make his own family apart from them, as he was never married and had no kids. 

What kind of cancer did Paul Reuben have?

Paul Reubens had Meta Static Lung Cancer and Leukemia, which resulted in his death at 70.

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