Pygmalion AI: How To Use It, Features, Setup & More

Based on EleutherAI’s GPT-J GB, Pygmalion AI is mainly a roleplaying bot. Now, I understand there are plenty of concerns around the functioning of this platform or even its safety issues. 

I would say, for the most part, the NSFW-friendly Pygmalion Chatbot is incredible with its solid features be it analyzing trends, regulating data, or even being open source. The only downside from their side would be a lack of information about its security. 

Regardless, this detailed Pygmalion AI review would put all your concerns to rest!

Pygmalion AI Website: Key Takeaway 

Before I deep dive into Pygmalion AI website in detail, let’s quickly go through its basic information in the tabular format:-

PlatformPygmalion AI
TypeChat Bot Development 
Availability Open Source
Free VersionAvailable
Key ParametersSolid and Versatile, NSFW friendly, Open Source, Supports social media content generation, Best for human-like conversations (+Roleplaying)Analyze trends Regular new data
Link to Pygmalion ai websiteHere

Pros and Cons of Pygmalion AI  

The open source language models has its own sets of benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s check them out quickly:-

Pygmalion AI Pros

  • Solid and Versatile
  • Best for human-like conversations (+Roleplaying)
  • NSFW friendly
  • Open Source
  • Supports social media content generation
  • Analyze trends 
  • Regular new data

Pygmalion AI Cons

  • Not 100% Safe
  • Still under development

What is Pygmalion AI?

Pygmalion AI is an open-source AI chatbot specifically created for having human-like conversations, analyzing trends, and role-playing games. 

Pygmalion AI
Source: Pygmalion Ai

Additionally, the large language model is based on Eleuther’s AI GPT-J 6GB, which is perfectly suited for the NSFW content. Despite the model still being in the developing stage, it has generated incredible results:

  • Realistic and engaging role-playing conversations
  • Texts are almost similar to human-written text
  • Lastly, you can customize the response at your convenience 

Key Points To Keep In Mind Before Using Pygmalion AI

Pygmalion AI is pretty strict in terms of their policies. 

So, in case you violate their set of rules, you will be banned from using the platform. 

Not only that, but you might face severe punishment, too. With that being said, the following are some key points to remember before using the Pygmalion AI chatbot:- 

  • Any kind of obscene language, be it hate speech or discrimination, is not allowed.
  • Be consensual at all times.
  • Do not engage in/ promote illegal and harmful content.
  • If you encounter any inappropriate behavior, immediately report it.

Remember, Pygmalion ai chat doesn’t support negative aur unlawful activities. So, ensure you do not indulge in the same. 

How To Use Pygmalion AI? (Step-By-Step Guide)

The open-source language model is readily available on a cloud service on your respective device. Now, while using the platform, you will notice there are different types of Pygmalion AI models, such as Tavern AI and Pygmalion GB.

Unfortunately, most people reported facing issues while accessing Pygmalion GB. Hence, in this guide, I will show you how to access Pygmalion AI on Google Colab with respect to Tavern AI. 

On that note, follow the guide mentioned below to access the Pygamalion AI chatbot Locally:-

1: Go to your web browser and enter Node.js.

2: Now, select the 18.17.1 LTS.

select the 18.17.1 LTS
Source: Node.ds

3: Now, download the ZIP file and extract the same.

4: Tavern AI will start initiating once you double-click on start.bat.

5: Finally, a link will appear. Just click on it, and Pygmalion AI will work.

Pygmalion AI: Key Features

Pygmalion AI chat has a wide range of key features, and in the list below, I have covered a few of them. So, let’s go through these elaborative Pygmalion Ai Chat key parameters:-

1. Versatile and Solid

The 6 Billion-parameter coded Large Language Model promotes human-written efficiency. 

Additionally, the platform is used for creating creative outlets such as scripts, melodies, poetry, and so on. 

2. Best for human-like chats (Roleplaying)

The platform is specifically created for engaging and realistic conversations, which can also be role-playing. What it does is form interactive storytelling, which again is a valuable asset for creating writing and role-playing games.

3. Supports NSFW Content

Since the platform is not PG13, you can use it to generate any kind of NSFW content.

Most users use the platform for having sexual conversations, which often takes a disrespectful turn. Speaking of which, one of its competitors Character AI had banned the NSFW content due to overwhelming obscenity. 

However, if you like having NSFW content and were disappointed when Character AI pulled that move, then you’re welcome to shift to Pygmalion AI. 

4. Open source

Considering Pygmalion AI is open source, it allows you to customize the platform/ responses as per your needs. Because of this, this AI tool is quite versatile and can used for plenty of other reasons. 

5. Generating Content For Social Media

The platform helps you generate content that is highly search engine optimized for social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook. Now, the question is , how does it do it? 

Well, Pygmalion AI undergoes thorough research and covers everything high-traffic keywords and search queries that users are looking for. And that’s how you create information based on these social media queries.

6. Help in programming

If you’re struggling with the errors in your codes, then asking Pygmalion Ai to find where you’re going wrong can be helpful! What the platform does is point out your errors and further suggests a few rectifying workarounds. 

Remember, you need extensive Python knowledge for this to work.

7. Analyzing trendy content 

Pygmalion AI is immensely used for analyzing different content trends, and because of this, users are aware of what niches they should tap into. For example, their thought process is to cover which topics will get the maximum traffic. 

What’s The Relation Between Pygmalion Effect And Pygmalion AI?

Both Pygmalion AI and Pygmalion Effect involve expectations filled with shaping reality.

According to the ancient Greek story, Pygmalion didn’t approve of the women’s behavior in the society. Because of this, he created a statue representing his idea of a perfect woman: 

Beautiful, pure, and, most importantly, obedient.

Despite his not-so-nice outlook, the efforts Pygmalion put into the statue were commendable. 

It looked so real that Pygmalion actually fell in love with it, so much to the point that he started worshipping the Goddess of Love (Aphrodite) to bless him with a wife that’s precisely like his created statue.

Now, coming to the Pygmalion Effect in machine learning: It’s a situation where the expectations of the algorithm’s creators can most definitely fluctuate the outcome/ performance of the same. 

Therefore, in both scenarios, it’s important to keep our bias in check and, further, move ahead with the creations with much clearer minds.

Pygmalion AI: Security and Safety 

Since Pygmalion AI is a fairly new chatbot, there is not much information available regarding its security and safety. However, what I do know about the platform is it maintains the following measures:-

  • All the data available on the platform are well-encrypted.
  • The team at Pygmalion AI regularly runs through its security audits to check whether the platform is vulnerable.
  • Tying with the above point, the Pygmalion Team has a program called a Bounty Bug, which rewards the researcher’s team in case they find any security concerns. 

Does Pygmalion AI Offer a Mobile App?

Currently, Pygmalion AI doesn’t offer its service on any mobile app. 

However, some users have found the workarounds to use the platform on their mobile phones. Instead, you can use the Pygmalion Ai on your mobile’s web browser. 

Pygmalion AI: Is it Free?

This open-source roleplay and conversational model, aka. Pygmalion AI is free of cost.

The platform also supports paid subscriptions, but Pygmalion AI’s official team does not offer them instead, from third-party companies, which again raise safety concerns.

Pygmalion AI Alternatives to Check Out

Pygmalion AI has quite a few alternatives, out of which I have listed the top three below:-

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a free-of-cost AI Tool that is specially created and trained to have human-like conversations. You can also ask the platform to write you melodies, emails, codes, etc. 

The best part of ChtaGPT is its user-friendly interface: 

All you need to do is click on this link and further type in your queries in the blank space below. 

Source: ChatGPT

2. Chai AI

Another chatbot service that’s trained to have conversations with you. However, along with the free version, Chai AI offers paid subscriptions starting from $13.99/ Month.

The reason behind its large number of users is its easy-to-use platform. 

Chai AI
Source: Chai App

Click Here to Know more about the app installation.

3. Tavern AI

You are already familiar with Tavern AI, and just like Pygmalion AI, it, too, is open source and free of cost. In fact, the platform gives you a variety of conversation types, including Roleplaying, Storytelling, and overall chatting. 

Tavern AI
Source: Tavern AI

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The Final Verdict!

Although Pygmalion AI is fairly new in the chatbot market, with its easy-to-use interface and free-of-cost platform, this open-source language model has quickly attracted a good amount of traffic. In my opinion, its only drawback is not being 100% safe to use.

Additionally, Pygmalion AI is often compared with the Pygmalion effect, as in both situations, the creators’ expectations influenced the outcome. 

Therefore, it’s essential to use this role-playing chatbot with a clear mind. 


What does Pygmalion AI do?

Pygmalion AI is an AI chatbot that’s specially made for you to have human-like conversations, especially based on roleplaying. Despite its uncensored bot requiring fewer resources, it offers greater results.

What model is Pygmalion AI?

Pygmalion AI is an open LLM, which is a large language model that is heavily based on Meta-AI’s LLaMA 7B and Eleuthera AI’s GPT-J 6B. Additionally, to enhance your chatting experience, the model is constantly updated. 

Who created Pygmalion AI?

The natural learning AI chatbot Pygmalion AI is developed by Open AI, which is one of the leading AI research organizations.

How to use Pygmalion AI?

To use Pygmalion AI, follow the instructions. Web browser > Node.js. >  18.17.1 LTS > download > double click on start.bat > open the link.

What is Pygmalion AI Character?

The Pygmalion AI Character is one of the chatbots created by the Pygmalion AI platform. It’s mainly used for storytelling, roleplaying, and chatting.

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