Why Is There A Red Dot On Snapchat? (Updated Info)

I have lost count of how many times I have discussed Snapchat’s new updates. And recently, the most prominent one is the red dot on Snapchat. Be it your chat bubble, friend requests, or even near the memory gallery: the red dot happens to be everywhere. 

So, that’s what I am going to talk about in this article: What does the red dot on Snapchat symbolize? Moreover, what’s the reason behind it? On that note, let’s get started:-

What Does The Red Dot On Snapchat Symbolise?

The red dot present anywhere on your Snapchat account means you’ve received a notification. The red dot may appear on chats, memory, friend requests, or even stories. 

Red Dot On Snapchat

But no worries, it’s just the color and function of all the Snapchat features are still the same. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing The Red Dot On Snapchat?

Keep Seeing The Red Dot On Snapchat

If you remember, initially, the chat notification used to be blue. And as per My AI, the sudden change in Snapchat notification color was simply to make the notification pop up more strongly. Additionally, to a certain extent, it’s for aesthetic purposes as well!

I understand it might be difficult to adapt to this change. However, note that this red dot feature is also available for other social media sites like Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. So, there is a high chance of Snapchat keeping its competitors in mind. 

Previously What Did The Different Color Messages On Snapchat Mean?

Initially, the different color schemes on Snapchat served different purposes. 

Color Messages On Snapchat

The blue pop-up in a square shape indicates you have received a normal text notification, and then the purple one indicates you received a video message with audio, and the grey indicates expired Snaps. 

And lastly, the red one means that the snap is received without audio. Likewise, colored arrows indicate that you have sent a Snap. 

Finally, the open arrows and opened square icons indicate that those messages are sent. 

Red Dots vs. Blue Dots on Snapchat

The Social media Platform uses different icons to notify their different activities. Social media users, especially Snapchat users, have seen red and blue notification dots on their app, which may confuse users; what exactly does this mean? 

Here is what red and blue dots typically indicate on Snapchat:

Red Dot 

 The Red dot indicates that you received the new snap or your pending snap that hasn’t been viewed yet. The snap can be a photo or video your friend or contact sent. Once you open the snap the red dot will disappear.

Blue Dot

 The blue dot on Snapchat beside the contact name indicates they added you as a friend. It notifies you of a new friend request. Another scenario is where you can see the blue dot next to your Snapchat stories. if you see the blue dot next to the Snapchat stories, that means you haven’t opened stories yet.

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Conclusion: Red Dot On Snapchat?

If you are a regular Snapchat user, then you must be curious about Snapchat’s sudden update, which creates a red dot on the platform. Well, the red dot that you might see on your stories, friend requests, chats, etc., is a notification symbol. 

Although Snapchat itself didn’t disclose the sudden change, the My AI feature mentioned the notifications to be bolder and more prominent. And to a certain extent, the red dot is done for aesthetic purposes as well!

So, that’s all for my article on Red Dot on Snapchat. In case of new information, I will keep the page updated!


What are the dots on Snapchat pictures?

There are a total of three dots on Snapchat, be it purple, blue, or red. And all of them serve different purposes. So, the following are some of those features.
Note that these color schemes have recently been changed, and all of them are red. Regardless, the following are the color dots on Snapchat:- 
1. Red Dot: Snapchat memory notification. 
2. Blue Dot: When someone is actively chatting with you and is online. 
3. Purple Dot: Notification to check out unread stories. 

What does the little circle on Snapchat mean?

The little circle on Snapchat means that your mutuals have posted a Snap story. And it’s your cue to view it. 

What does red open mean on Snapchat?

The red opened snap means that the snap (with audio) that you have sent has been viewed. 

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