How To Get Prime Video Student Discount?

Prime Video student discount

Schools have started again after a short Christmas vacation. Amazon is now running several promotions and sales that provide significant savings for students. Since you’ve found this page, you’re probably a student looking for details about the Prime Video Student Discount. It’s no secret that Amazon Prime members get access to Amazon Prime Video. Students are going completely nuts because of this insane deal. There is a service specifically designed for students called the Prime Video Student Discount that offers a membership to Prime Video at a reduced cost. Read more information about all the great Prime Student discounts and packages.

Does Amazon Prime Offer Student Discounts?

A student discount is available for Amazon Prime Video if you have Amazon Prime. Students are eligible to receive a discount on Amazon Prime membership. In most cases, this reduction is equal to fifty per cent of the total cost of the membership package. Those students who sign up for Amazon Prime will not only receive free delivery on the majority of items delivered by Amazon when they buy from the firm, but they will also have exposure to Prime Video and a whole host of other benefits.

Suppose you are a student, which means you have a legitimate and operational student email account (which will often end or contain the name of the chosen institution in the email account). In that case, you may utilise your email id to demonstrate your identity as a student and sign up for the service—the easiest method to do this. You also can send Amazon service additional evidence, including the entire student syllabus (calendar of courses you are enrolled in) and your identity and student details; this data can be utilised as evidence. Additional information that I can provide everyone is that even though users have graduated from college, if you continue to have accessibility to your student email and are capable of showing that you are enrolled in an educational institution, then you might be eligible for the prime video student discount.

How To Claim Amazon Prime Student Discount?

To qualify for the Prime Video free trial and discount, students must show that they are enrolled in an accredited educational institution and have a current school email address. Regardless if you already possess an existing Amazon account, you may sign up for a Prime Student account. Create a Student Prime Account for free if you are a student and do not already have one.

Step 1 – 

Claim Amazon Prime Student Discount

Create an Amazon account for yourself, and for that, put into your browser’s address bar.

To get started, click over the option that says, Sign In and select the following Start Here option.

Step 2 – 

amazon registration

Fill in your name, email account (and verify them), and contact information in the corresponding fields.

Put in a passcode and verify.

Just go ahead and select create account tab.

Step 3 – 

amazon prime video create account tab

After signing up, you’ll be sent to the Prime Student portal, which allows you to confirm that you’re currently enrolled in an educational institution. If you did not have an email id, you might still prove your college enrollment by sending a copy of your class schedule, your most recent report sheet, or your id Card.

prime student trial

Step 4 –

Prime Video student discount payment option

After your student status has been confirmed, students must submit an active credit card for billing purposes. After the initial six months, Amazon will start charging users 50% less for Prime unless they cancel. If users wish to avoid being charged for a Prime subscription after the trial run finishes, they must unsubscribe.

When you’ve finished, you’ll enjoy every advantage of Amazon Prime Video Student Discount.

What Additional Benefits Can You Get Through Amazon Student Discount?

Prime Video Student

Students who sign up for Prime Student get access to the bulk of the features that Prime members enjoy, including free delivery both ways within two days. Amazon offers a discounted version of its Prime membership service for students currently enrolled in an academic programme. When you sign up for Prime Video Student Discount, you can receive a free version of Amazon Prime for six months.


  • ü  You get unrestricted access to all of your favourite TV series as well as movies just at the lowest possible membership price.
  • ü  additional savings on Prime membership bundles
  • ü  Additional savings on a selection of items sold via
  • ü  By using the Prime Video Student discount code specifically for students, you can access all of Amazon’s music for no cost. Offline listening is available for each of your favourite songs, and you may download a limitless amount of music.
  • ü  By using the Prime Video Student Discount, you may have access towards the Amazon Kindle service at no cost.
  • ü  On days specified as sales, you can purchase items at a discount.

Amazon Prime Pricing For Students 

Prime Video Student Discount membership comes with a free testing period of six months for students, making it the most extensive free trial Amazon presently provides. In contrast, those members who are not students get a free trial period for 30 days only. Later, students have the opportunity to renew their subscription to Amazon Prime at a subsidised cost.

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Final Thoughts!

Are you planning to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s free student subscription?

If you are currently enrolled in school, you are insane if you do not subscribe to this. All academic learners will benefit tremendously from this opportunity.

This justifies the cost in every way. Please tell us what you think about the Prime Video Student Discount by leaving a comment below. It would mean a lot to us to hear your thoughts.


In what ways does Amazon Prime for Students change if I decide to terminate my membership?

Prime Student subscribers of Amazon have the option to unsubscribe at any moment. And if you change your mind after cancelling, your subscription may be reinstated at any time. But the complimentary six-month trial period will be ended. Even so, you may save some money annually by signing up for an entire year.

When comparing Amazon Student with Amazon Prime, which do college students prefer?

As we have seen, Amazon Student offers many advantages over Amazon Prime that students may put to good use. Amazon Prime charges more ($119 a year) and has a shorter trial period (1 month) than its competitor. 

How much does a student Amazon Prime gift card cost?

Prime Students will also receive an Amazon e-Gift Card worth the equivalent of 10% of the total hotel reservation price. This information will be emailed to your registered email address approximately five working days after your travel has ended. 

What is an Amazon discount code?

Students benefit significantly from the Amazon student discount since they can now join Amazon Prime at a 50% discount and take advantage of the free two-day shipping benefit. The student of the nation can benefit significantly from shopping at Amazon.

How long do I get the discounted rate if I sign up for Amazon Prime as a learner?

Prime Student members who are asked for verification of enrolment are expected to produce appropriate documentation. After four years or even when you graduate, whichever happens first, your Prime Student discount will be removed from your Amazon Prime membership.

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