Alica Schmidt Net Worth 2023: Bio, Endorsements & Update

The German track and field athlete Alica Schmidt has taken the athletic world and social media by storm. 

At the age of 24, Schmidt has become a household name, with Millions of followers on Instagram. Her viral workouts with stars like Manuel Akanji, Thomas Meunier, and Mats Hummels have also made her a well-known figure.

Hence, to celebrate the world’s sexiest athlete’s success, this article will discuss Alica Schmidt’s Net Worth. In addition, we will go over her monthly and annual earnings, sources of income, and career highlights. Let’s get into the details, then!

Alica Schmidt Net Worth at a Glance

Schmidt is on the verge of reaching a significant milestone– the $1 Million mark. But before getting into the precise figures, let’s walk through a brief overview of Alica Schmidt. 

The following sections explore the numbers and stories behind Alica’s financial journey.

NameAlica Megan Schmidt
Date of Birth8 November, 1998
Place of BirthWorms, Germany 
Occupation Athlete, Personal Trainer, Model
Net Worth$0.6 Million 
Gender Female
Nationality German
Height 1.75 m

Alica Schmidt Net Worth and Earnings

As of 2023, Alica Schmidt’s Net Worth is $0.6 Million, which she has acquired as a phenomenal athlete. However, her financial success extends beyond athletics.

Schidmt is the most beautiful and sexiest athlete, making her mark as a model and a notable Internet sensation. 

Alica Schmidt Net Worth
(Source: Instagram)

A major part of her income comes from her social media presence. This German athlete makes around $5K for each Instagram post. Moreover, her influence is evident, with over 17.2 thousand daily views on her YouTube channel.

On average, Alica’s YouTube earnings translate to approximately $2.06K per month. In the best-case scenario, Alica Schmidt may potentially earn more than $55.72K annually.

Alica Schmidt Endorsements

The German athlete makes a lump sum amount through various endorsements. Being a renowned athlete, Alica has attracted corporate giants like Adidas and Puma

As Schmidt’s credibility continues to rise, so do the opportunities for endorsements. 

In that reference, Alica Schmidt’s Net Worth likely saw a substantial increase during the 2020-21 Bundesliga season. This happened when she became the fitness coach for Borussia Dortmund

Alica Schmidt Endorsements
(Source: YouTube)

Even now, she is getting good engagement on her social media accounts as she collaborates with other athletes. Alica Schmidt recently challenged Erling Haaland to the 400m race

This video of her sharing this challenge went viral; everyone could see her Net Worth soaring high!

Alica Schmidt Career Highlights 

Several noteworthy achievements have marked Alica Schmidt’s career. The world’s sexiest athlete began her journey as a junior athlete and quickly made a name for herself.

In 2017, Alica won gold medals at the Under-20 European Athletics Championship in both the 400m and 4×400 relay events. She was part of a team that included Mieke Gerlach, Corinna Schwab, and Vanessa Anite.

In 2019, Schidmt won another prestigious medal at the Under-23 European championship. Additionally, she has represented Germany in the 4×400 meters at the 2021 European Athletics Indoor Championships.

In 2022, Alica finished second in the 400m race at the German Indoor Athletics Championship, just behind Corina Schwab. However, since then, she has decided not to compete indoors.

Alica Schmidt Personal Life & Career Beginnings

Alica’s journey began with her joining an athletics club at just seven years of age. Her career took off when she helped Germany win silver in the 4×400m relay at the European U20 championship in 2017

Schidmt’s exceptional athletic skills earned her a spot in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where she was set to compete in the mixed relay. Unfortunately, COVID put a half to her achievements.

Nonetheless, after the pandemic, Alica again returned with great performances at the 2021 and 2022 relay championships.

Alica Schmidt Personal Life
(Source: Wiki Celebs)

Beyond the track, Alica is a social media influencer with 4.5 Million Instagram followers, contributing to her Net Worth of $0.6 Million. The beautiful athlete often shares her running schedules and work advancements with her followers.  

Additionally, there are constant link-up rumors with bodybuilder Freddi Richter. However, Alica is not very vocal about her relationship.

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Conclusion: What is Alica Schmidt’s Net Worth in 2023?

Alica Schmidt Net Worth rounds up to approximately $0.6 Million for 2023. 

This mark will increase as she is now back in her form. So, beyond the world’s sexiest athlete, she is more than just a pretty face! In fact, Alica herself has criticized this tag for being not important for her sports career. 

Rather, she is ambitious to go beyond her achievements and make even more strides.


Is Alica Schmidt the highest-paid German athlete? 

Alica Schmidt is one of the most successful German athletes. However, she is not the highest-paid athlete, as that tag belongs to Sebastian Vettel, with $50 Million. 

How much does Alica Schmidt earn annually?

Alica Schmidt, being the world’s sexiest athlete, earns around $30.96 thousand annually. Schmidt’s earnings come from her sports career, Instagram, YouTube, and various profitable endorsements.  

How much does Alica Schmidt make through her Instagram post?

Alica Schmidt makes around $5K per Instagram post. Besides that, her Instagram brand collaborations bring her even more fortune. 

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