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How Mr Beast Make Money?

Those who have spent years watching Mr. Beast are surprised to see his stable growth. How can you start earning by playing video games? This is why, in this article, we have tackled how Mr. Beast makes money.

Here, we have discussed Mr. Beast’s income sources, including ad revenues, brand deals, merch, business ventures, etc. We have also covered whether Mr. Beast is richer than Pewdiepie, his Net Worth, and other popular queries.

With that being said, let’s begin!

How Does Mr Beast Make Money? 

Mr Beast make money through several sources, and we have mentioned some of them below:-

How Does Mr Beast Make Money

YouTube Ads

Currently, Mr. Beast is the most subscribed (116 Million) YouTuber. 

Moreover, his popularity is due to hard work, creativity, and constant desire to improve! Whenever someone points out his mistakes, he works on his craft instead of taking them destructively. 

Because of this, he has created a loyal fanbase who supports him by watching his ads, whose revenue further adds up to his Net Worth. 

Moreover, he has six extra YouTube Channels where he uploads different kinds of content, including gaming content, reaction, etc. 

According to Social Blade, he makes $126,000 to $2 Million on average. However, in recent years, Mr Beast’s YouTube revenue has increased to $56 Million. 

Additionally, Squid Game’s recreated video surpassed 4.5 Million views in the first few hours and currently has 371 Million views.


Once Mr. Beast observed the growing support, he instantly took advantage of the situation and started merchandise. His shop (ShopMrBeast) is a Shopify-run store that sells T-shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Beanies, Plush Pillow, Gift cards, and more. 

MrBeast Shop

You can check out the products on their website or official Instagram account. 


In the last four years, Mr Beast and his team started four Business ventures, including ShopMrBeast, Feastables, and MrBeastBurgers. 

MrBeast Burgers

While the first two ventures are available on Shopify, MrBeastBurgers is a first-delivery restaurant chain with over 1600 delivery locations. Besides that, Feastables is a snacking chain, and we have already talked about ShopMrBeast. 

You can check out his ventures below: 

Brand Deals

Since Mr Beast’s channel grew, he partnered with several brand deals, including CSGO Lotto, Honey, Quidd, TikTok, etc. 

They have collaborated with him several times. And why wouldn’t they? Mr Beast not only produces quality content but also possesses qualities that Brands want to be associated with. 

How Did Mr Beast Start?

Mr Beast began his career almost accidentally: all 13-year-old Jimmy did was sit in his bedroom and play video games. However, he soon posted his screen recording on YouTube, where he battled players worldwide, and somehow he got 20 K views on it. 

As expected, that boosted him to work hard and provide quality content, and it helped him grow his audience. Though his first video went viral accidentally, his journey to the top was constant efforts to improve. 

Moreover, he wasn’t afraid of taking risks either. Besides that, his “business” started when he resold Counter Strike knives at a double rate. 

Of course, his mother did not approve this. However, this business trick stayed!

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Conclusion: How Does Mr. Beast Make Money?

Who would have thought someday 13-year-old Jimmy, who did nothing but play video games all day, would grow up to be Mr Beast? 

After nearly ten years in the industry, his Net Worth (as of 2023) is $105 Million. 

So naturally, fans are curious about where all this money comes from. 

Mr Beast has several income sources, which include Brand Deals, Advertising, Merchandise, Ad revenues from the main Youtube Channel, and Personal Ventures (ShopMrBeast, Feastables, MrFeastBurgers). 

With that being said, we hope our article was helpful! 

However, we will keep our page updated in case of new information!


Is Mr Beast richer than Pewdiepie?

Yes, Mr Beast is richer than PewdiePie. (All thanks to his multiple income sources outside YouTube).

Is Mr Beast real?

We understand you’re amazed by Mr Beast’s ability to earn money, so to answer your rhetorical question, yes, Mr Beast is indeed real. 

How much does Mr Beast make per Month?

We don’t know Mr Beast’s accurate per Month check, but approximately, he makes around $3 Million.

How much does Mr Beast spend a year?

Mr Beast has once revealed that he spends $65 Million on average. 

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