Funimation Free Trial 2023: How To Claim 14 Days Free Trial?

Getting yourself signed up for the Funimation free trial will give you a chance to check out the quality of their streaming service. 

Along with a regular free trial, Funimation is providing a free trial with a premium account too. 


Hence, it will be easier for anime lovers to access all the premium services for free in the 14-day free trial.

So, if you would like to try before you buy the subscription, below are all the specifics on the Funimation Free Trial that you need to know.

Is there a Funimation free trial available?

There is good news for anime fans who use Funimation to watch anime! New users can access a Funimation free trial regardless of where they are or whatever plan they choose. 

Funimation Free taril

Yes, Funimation offers a 14-day trial period to anime enthusiasts. 

How to get a Funimation Free Trial?

New customers can head to Funimation’s website or app to sign up for your 14-day free trial.

You will be asked to create an account or sign up with Facebook and select from one of its payment plans in order to proceed with the subscription trial. 

To sign up and take advantage of the Funimation free trial, visit the company’s website and follow the instructions there.

  • Step #2: Press the option in red, ‘Start My Free Trial,’ in the Premium Plus Plan section.
Fuanimation Premium
  • Step #3: By choosing “Start your free trial,” you will be brought to a window to create a Funimation Account.
Funimatipn login Page
  • Step #4: Create an account if you haven’t already.
  • Step #5: Type in your payment information.
Funianimation payment  Option
Funimation subscription ..
  • Step #6: After clicking on the green option, ‘ Start Subscription,’ you can watch animes for up to 14 days with Funimation’s free trial.

Tip: You will be asked for payment details to set up your plan, with the choice of entering Credit Card details or paying using PayPal. 

Remember, If you fail to unsubscribe before your Funimation free trial period ends, Funimation will only request payment. 

So, be careful and cancel it if you decide not to continue using the service after the 14-day trial period in order to prevent being charged.  

What is available to watch on Funimation with a free trial? 

A 14-day Funimation free trial gives users access to the entire online collection of the streaming service, which contains more than 600 anime series in both dubbed and subbed versions.

Moreover, Funimation offers a wide selection of well-liked series, including both old animes and new animes, with a free trial. 

So whether you want to watch the entire Dragon Ball series, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia,  Naruto, or Ace Attorney, Funimation is continuously adding up to its collection of shows to avail more animes for fans. 

With more than 15,000 hours of anime, there is a wide variety to choose from, including dramas, romances, and action adventures, and new seasons are always being added.

You can still access a small selection of anime series with advertising if you aren’t registered for a free trial with Funimation, but you’ll still need to sign up for a free account.

Is Funimation Free Trial available with a Premium plan?

Yes, anyone interested in trying out the streaming service can do so for a full fourteen days without charge!

You can select between any of the three Funimation Premium plans after creating your Funimation free account:

  1. Funimation Premium offers early access to ad-free dubs and subtitles for up to two devices at once.
  1. With Funimation Premium Plus, you may watch offline on up to 5 devices at once and receive discounts on the company’s products.
  1. You can get all of the aforementioned things from Funimation Premium Plus Ultra, plus a unique gift once a year.

To try out the features of the plan of your choosing, just click the “Start My Free Trial” option underneath it! 

Enjoy at least two weeks of ad-free viewing, total access to the Funimation app and website’s library, and possibly even offline viewing!

However, take care: after the two-week free trial period, you will need to pay for the selected service.

Can You Make a Free Account on Funimation?

You read it right—Funimation offer a free account that allows you to watch any episode in their catalog, dubbed or subbed.

However, signing up on the Funimation Streaming platform is required to create a free account on Funimation.

Therefore, you can follow the steps given below to create a free account:

  • Step #1: Visit the subscription plans page on the Funimation website.
  • Step #2: Select the Sign Up For a Free Account button at the bottom.
  • Step #3: Click the Continue button in red color after entering your email and password.

You only need that to add the best Japanese animation to your Funimation app!

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So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and head to the Funimation website and sign up to get your Funimation Free Trial as soon as possible. 

Plus, if you want to get a Funimation Free Trial on a premium plan, then that option also is available for anime lovers.

With just a few steps, you will have access to plenty of animes for seven days without paying a single penny. 

However, if you’re not willing to continue with your chosen subscription, ensure to cancel it at the end of your free trial. Otherwise, it may make you pay for a monthly subscription.


Can You use my Funimation login information to access Crunchyroll? 

Sadly, not at this time. When you have a Funimation, VRV, or Wakanim subscriber, buying a new subscription with Crunchyroll is the simplest way to get access to all the most recent series.

Is Free Crunchyroll better than Free Funimation?

If you’re primarily interested in a vast collection of anime entertainment, Crunchyroll is your best choice.
However, if you want to watch anime offline and would prefer dubs over subtitles, Funimation is your best choice. Both sites provide a free 14-day trial and a free monthly plan. 

Does Crunchyroll own Funimation?

The company itself changed its name to Crunchyroll, LLC in March 2022 after purchasing the corresponding streaming service in August 2021. However, the Funimation brand is still in use and coexists with Crunchyroll at the moment.

Is it simple to end the free trial of Funimation?

Anytime you decide to stop receiving Funimation content, your cancellation will take effect at the end of the current subscription period. 
Go to your Account, select Manage Subscription in the sidebar, then click Cancel Subscription to end your subscription.

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