25 Hottest Female Tennis Players of All Time (2023 Updated)

Hottest Female Tennis Players

Tennis, often associated with grace and class, has witnessed remarkable progress for female athletes. Beyond their exceptional skills on the court, some female tennis players have captivated hearts with their charisma and style.

To celebrate such gems, this article will take a closer look at the hottest female tennis players. I have gone through each player’s achievements as well to do justice to their rankings. However, there is no standard for comparing anyone; some are just made for the limelight. 

So, let’s explore the hottest female tennis players of all time!

Hottest Female Tennis Players of 2023 (Top 11)

The list of the hottest female tennis players keeps updating, and here I have the latest one for you. The following table will introduce you to the top 11 hottest female tennis players.

However, the list will extend further to give you some of the latest buzz.

Rank Tennis Player AgeCountry 
1.Eugenie Bouchard29Canada
2.Camila Giorgi31Italy
3.Fanny Stollar24Hungary
4.Paula Badosa25Spain
5.Maria Kirilenko36Russia
6.Sloane Stephens30America 
7.Aryna Sabalenka25Belarus
8.Ana Ivanovic35Serbia
9.Mandy Minella37Luxembourg 
10.Caroline Wozniacki33Denmark
11.Elena Rybakina24Kazakhstan

Now that you know about the top 11 hottest female tennis players, let’s move forward with their brief overview. 

In addition, this section will cover the 25 hottest female tennis players. Let’s get into the details, then.

1. Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard is currently at the pinnacle of her life, both on and off the court. Additionally, Eugenie was ranked No. 5 by the WTA in 2014, which made her the first Canadian tennis player to achieve that. 

Eugenie Bouchard
(Source: Instagram)

However, her achievements go beyond the courtroom. She is a fitness influencer for so many people out there. No wonder her strict workout schedule has helped her gain considerable attention from fans. 

2. Camila Giorgi

Camila Giorgi
(Source: Instagram)

Camila Giorgi is an Italian tennis player ranked No. 3 in Italy. As per current information, this Italian player recently won her fourth WTA title at the 2023 Merida Open. Moreover, her highest world ranking is 26.

Giorgi has a muscular physique, which makes her one of the hottest ladies too. Besides that, her dressing style comes from her mother, who is a fashion designer. 

3. Fanny Stollar

Fanny Stollar
(Source: Instagram)

Fanny Stollar, the Hungarian tennis sensation, has been making strides both for her talent and her hotness. She is the winner of the Wimbledon girls’ doubles title along with Dalma Gaifi. 

However, her breakthrough came in 2018, when she defeated sixth seed Johanna Konta at the WTA event. And she won her second double title recently, in 2021.

4. Paula Badosa

Paula Badosa
(Source: Instagram)

Paula Badosa is a Spanish tennis player with a WTA ranking of 2 in 2022. This is her rank in the singles; however, she is ranked No. 24 in the doubles. 

So far, she has won three WTA singles titles, and the list is never-ending. 

Paula has achieved great recognition for her career. In addition, she is well-established as one of the hottest sports icons, which comes as proof from her Instagram posts.

5. Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko
(Source: Instagram)

Maria Kirilenko is a former Russian tennis player with a great physique. Beyond her beauty, her tennis career is filled with impressive achievements.

During her stint, she won six WTA singles titles and 12 doubles titles. Even more, she was ranked No. 5 in the world in 2011.

However, now that she is a mother, Maria has inclined a bit more towards her personal life, but she is still popular among the fans.  

6. Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens
(Source: Instagram)

Sloane is an American tennis player with a WTA ranking of 3. During her career, she has won over six WTA singles titles as of now.

Stephens started from humble beginnings and rose to fame at the 2023 Australian Open. Even now, she is going strong in her career with her recent performance in the French Open.

As per her social media, Sloane is an avid traveler who loves to flaunt her body to flatter her fans.

7. Aryna Sabalenka

Aryna Sabalenka
(Source: Instagram)

Aryna Sabalenka is a Belarusian professional tennis player with a WTA ranking of No. 2 and No. 1 in singles and doubles, respectively. She is just 25 and has won 19 career titles in total, which gives her an edge over other players. 

Aryna is one of the hottest female tennis players with a significant tiger tattoo, which makes her even more attractive. Also, her great muscle strength and body are other factors that have made her popular among fans. 

8. Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic
(Source: Instagram)

Ana Ivanovic is a former Serbian tennis player who was ranked No. 1 as per the 2008 WTA rankings. Even at the age of 35 with children, she has not lost her place among the hottest female tennis players.

Ana has achieved great success in the WTA Tournament of Champions twice. Also, she has gained enough fame from her stint at the French Open.

9. Mandy Minella

Mandy Minella
(Source: Instagram)

Mandy Minella is a professional tennis player from Luxembourg. Although her tennis career hasn’t been so impressive, Mandy’s social media is what fans hunt for. 

Mandy often shares her life on social media, which includes everything from her children to her workout routine. She often posts hot pictures on Instagram, which raises the temperature.

10. Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki
(Source: Instagram)

Caroline Wozniacki is a Danish tennis player with a career-high ranking of 1 in 2010 and 2011. This achievement made her the first player from a Scandinavian country to hold the position. 

Caroline’s place among the hottest female tennis players has also brought her enough endorsement deals. She had previously collaborated with Adidas and Nike as their brand ambassadors.

11. Elena Rybakina

Elena Rybakina - Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Instagram)

Elena Rybakina is a Russian-born Kazakhstani tennis player who has been gifted beauty from both countries. She is the No. 1 player from Kazakhstan and also the first Kazakhstani tennis player to make it into the world’s top 10. 

Even more, her career titles are all worth talking about. However, her hotness has also not stayed away from the fans. Elena often sets the bar high in court with her hotness.

12. Bethanie Mattek

Bethanie Mattek - Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Instagram)

Bethanie Mattek is another hot tennis player from America. She was formerly ranked No. 1 in doubles and has won nine Grand Slam titles in total. 

In addition, Bethanie is the recipient of an Olympic gold medal.

Bethanie has also received enough fame for her unique fashion sense. She likes to always carry herself well, both on and off the court.

13. Laura Robson

Laura Robson is Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Instagram)

Laura Robson is a British tennis player and fashionista who does rounds with her hotness both on and off the court.

Robson has won various tournaments like the ITF Junior Circuit, the ITF Women’s Circuit, and Wimbledon. Alongside that, she has won various hearts with her hotness and beauty.

14. Katie Boulter

Katie Boulter is Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Instagram)

Katie Boulter is a British tennis player, specifically known as the Golden Girl of British Tennis. She is the number one player on the British women’s team. 

Being at the top is not surprising for her, as Katie has surpassed various benchmarks in her career. She took away the number one title from the A-class player, Emma Raducanu.

15. Sorana Cristea

Sorana Cristea is Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Outsports)

Sorana Cristea is a professional tennis player from Romania with a career-high ranking of 21 that she achieved in 2013.

Talking about her biggest achievements, she reached the quarterfinals of the French Open and US Open in 2009 and 2023, respectively. Besides that, she also made it to the finals of the 2013 Rogers Cup.

When not playing on the court, she is often seen endorsing various brands to elevate her title as one of the hottest female tennis players.

16. Andrea Petkovic

Andrea Petkovic
(Source: Instagram)

Next up is Andrea Petkovic, a German tennis player with a career-high ranking of 9 in 2011. She became the first German player to be ranked in the top 10

Andrea has won around seven WTA singles titles and three doubles titles.

At present, she has taken a retirement from the game and has devoted herself to her YouTube channel. She uploads vlogs of hers there, which are proof of her growing hotness.

17. Cici Bellis 

Cici Bellis
(Source: Instagram)

Cici Bellis is an American tennis player with the title of second-youngest player in the top 100 WTA rankings. She made history at just 15 years old when she won a match at the 2014 US Open.

This prodigy has evolved in the game since then and has a name of her own. However, now that she has retired from the game, she is more focused on her entrepreneurial ventures.

18. Anastasia Detiuc

Anastasia Detiuc
(Source: Instagram)

Anastasia Detuic is a professional Czech-Moldovan tennis player with a career-high ranking of 73 in 2023.

She is a budding tennis player who has yet to win various titles. However, her hotness has given her special publicity, for which fans usually recognize her.

19. Monika Kilnarova 

Monika Kilnarova
(Source: Flickr)

Monika Kilnarova is a Czech tennis player, but her achievements have yet to be noticed. However, her physique has attracted a fair amount of attention. 

Kilnarova has all the attributes of being one of the hottest female tennis players. The features include square-faced, blonde, expressive brows, sparkling grey eyes, flawless skin, pointed nose tips, and full lips.

20. Alona Bondarenko

Alona Bondarenko is Hottest Female Tennis Player
(Source: Instagram)

Alona Bondarenko is a Ukrainian tennis player with a career-high ranking of 19 in 2008. She often pairs with her sister in doubles, and they make a great duo.

However, Alona is hotter, as she made the list of the hottest female tennis players. Likewise, she has other titles that have made her a household name around the world.

21. Sabine Lisicki

Sabine Lisicki is Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Instagram)

Sabine is a right-handed German tennis player who holds a record for the most aces in a single match.

Like Court, she maintains the ace game in her lifestyle, too. Sabine is one of the hottest German players, with a good reputation among various brands. She often poses for different brands and never shies away from flaunting.

22. Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina is Hottest Female Tennis Player
(Source: Instagram)

Elina Svitolina is a professional tennis player from Ukraine. In previous years, she had been ranked No. 3 in singles by the WTA.

The Ukrainian player is a fashion enthusiast and always keeps up with the latest trends. Her amazing body makes her style even more charming on the court.

23. Alizé Cornet

Alizé Cornet is Hottest Female Tennis Player
(Source: Instagram)

Alize Cornet is a French tennis player with six singles and three doubles titles. She has made history with the most consecutive Grand Slam appearances.

She is a brand ambassador for a French clothing brand, Lacoste. Also, it comes as no surprise that a hot tennis player like her has endorsed various popular brands.

24. Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Instagram)

Sania Mirza is a former Indian tennis player who has achieved worldwide recognition for her game. She was ranked No. 1 as an Indian by the WTA in singles.

Mirza is also one of the most influential and highest-paid athletes in India. Now that she has retired, she is focused more on her fitness and health and still looks very good in shape.

25. Nicole Gibbs 

Nicole Gibbs is Hottest Female Tennis Players
(Source: Tennis World)

Nicole Gibbs is a former American tennis player with seven singles titles and five doubles titles. However, her fame extends beyond the court.

Gibbs has a massive fanbase, which she has converted into Instagram followers. Her photos on social media are proof of her hotness.

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Conclusion: Who is the Hottest Female Tennis Players in 2023?

As of 2023, Eugenie Bouchard is the hottest female athlete.

Bouchard is a well-known Canadian tennis player who has helped Canada get a brand-new identity in terms of women’s tennis. She is the first player from Canada to be ranked No. 5 by the WTA.

The other important thing to note here is that I am not talking about the first female player but all players as a whole. 

So, it’s quite evident that she is one of the best tennis players. Also, the hottest female tennis player tag comes to her out of love for her sizzling Instagram posts.


Who is the golden girl of tennis?

Katie Boulter is regarded as the golden girl of tennis. She is a British tennis player, number one in the women’s game, and has taken over the title from Emma Raducanu.

Who is the 21-year-old female tennis player?

Amanda Anisimova is a 21-year-old tennis player who has become a tennis star in the US at a tender age. According to the WTA ranking, she is ranked number 21. 

Who is the fittest female tennis player?

Serena Williams is the fittest female tennis player and one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Also, she had been ranked number one by the WTA for around five consecutive years.

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