Prince Jackson Net Worth 2023: Bio, Salary, Rumors & Update

After Michael Jackson’s recent birth anniversary, the Jackson siblings are trending all over the Internet. And the most famous of them all is Prince Jackson, Michael’s eldest son. The Music Star was carrying a low profile in the event, which has led netizens to wonder about Prince Jackson Net Worth. For this reason, this article will discuss Prince Jackson’s Net Worth and monthly and annual earnings

Also, it will shed light on his properties, cars, inherited wealth, and personal life.

Let’s find out if Prince Jackson is the richest of the Jacksons! 

Prince Jackson Net Worth 2023

It’s rare not to know about Prince Jackson. However, in that case, this section will solve your problem. Here, we will give you Prince Jackson’s basic information:-

NameMichael Joseph ‘Prince’ Jackson Jr
Date of Birth13 February, 1997
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States 
Occupation Singer, Music Video Producer, TV Personality 
Net Worth$100 million 
Gender Male
Siblings Bigi Jackson, Paris Jackson 
Nationality American
Height 1.78 m

Prince Jackson Net Worth & Estimated Salaries

As of 2023, Prince Jackson’s Net Worth is $100 million, which is part of his entertainment career and father’s inheritance.

The privileged Singer receives an annual allowance of $8 million from the Michael Jackson estate. In addition, his monthly allowances round up to around $66,000.  

Although he is a well-established Singer, his monthly and annual earnings are not quite obvious. So, as soon as we get the exact figures, we will update this section.

Prince Jackson’s Inherited Wealth From Michael Jackson

Prince Jackson inherited $33 million from Michael Jackson, as his father’s will specified. This huge amount is equally shared among each of his siblings. 

At present, Paris has access to only one-third of the trust funds. And the rest is scheduled to be distributed until he reaches 35. Other than this, Prince Jackson also receives monthly and annual allowances from his father’s estate. 

Prince Jackson
(Source: Instagram)

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, he had a net worth of $500 million, which was divided among his mother and children. 

Almost 40% of the assets were left for Prince, Bigi, and Paris Jackson. The remaining 40% was for Michael Jackson’s mother, and the remaining 20% was distributed among the children’s charities.  

Prince Jackson House and Car Collection 

Michael Jackson left a wobbling wealth for his children, but they are now on their own. Prince Jackson lives in California in his $2 million home he bought himself.

Prince bought his house back in 2017 in the town of Rancho Palos Verdes and has been living there since then.

Prince Jackson House
(Source: Virtual Globetrotting)

Michael Jackson’s eldest son has an impressive line-up of Cars ranging from the conventional to the most modern ones. Some of the cars owned by Prince are Range Rover, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Jaguar.

Prince Jackson’s Personal Life and Rumors: How they impact his net worth?

Prince Jackson is the oldest son of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. However, after the couple split apart, he was raised by his father, he received full custody of him.

Now, the world knows Prince as Michael Jackson’s son, but there were various rumors back then. According to some sources, it was claimed that he was not Michael’s biological son.

Prince Jackson's Personal Life
(Source: Hollywood Life)

But Michael’s will outcasted all the rumors, which mentioned his wealth to be distributed among his children, including Prince. Prince’s $100 million net worth is a massive part of his father’s riches.   

As Prince continues with his father’s legacy, he is determined to maintain Michael Jackson’s multi-million dollar wealth.

Prince Jackson’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Prince’s career followed the shadows of his father’s legacy as he entered the entertainment industry. He first started as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in 2013 and made his acting debut in the same year.

Since then, he has been part of various Television shows and produced many music videos. 

The junior Jackson graduated from college in 2019 and is now more engaged in his musical career. 

Apart from that, he has a passion for bike riding and owns a Harley-Davidson worth $22,000.

Prince Jackson's Early Life
(Source: Daily Mail)

Prince Jackson: Career Highlights

Prince Jackson is a well-known celebrity, but not only because of his father. And his career has also brought him enough fame. 

The Singer is the founder of the production company, ‘King’s Son Production’. You certainly know who the king is here!

Through his production house, he aims to give a platform to the budding artists. Also, he runs a charitable trust ‘Sense of Home’ for Underprivileged children. Likewise, he has some more charity organizations under his name.

The most intriguing part of Prince’s career is his father’s documentary ‘Alive III Michael Jackson The Living Dead.’ He contributed wholeheartedly to it to pay tribute to his father.

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Conclusion: What is Prince Jackson Net Worth in 2023?

At present, Prince Jackson’s Net Worth is approximately $100 million.

The Pop Star’s son has amassed this much wealth through his career in the entertainment industry. Also, he has inherited a great share of Michael Jackson’s wealth, making him a multimillionaire. 

However, Prince doesn’t want to live on his father’s riches and thus has built a name of his own in the Industry. Prince has also contributed to growing his father’s fortune to pay tribute to the legendary icon’s career.


Who is the richest Jackson member?

Janet Jackson is the richest Jackson member, with an estimated net worth of $180 million. She is the younger sister of Michael Jackson and a notable American Singer, Songwriter, and actor. 

How is Prince Jackson so rich?

Prince Jackson is rich because of his musical career, properties, and 40% of the wealth left behind by his father. Also, he gets a good share of the royalties of Jackson’s estate.  

How much money did the Jackson kids inherit?

Michael Jackson’s kids inherited $33 million each and considerable allowances. Also, they have access to one-third of Michael Jackson’s trust fund, and the rest will be disbursed to them after they turn 40.

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