Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant

American musician and The Voice mentor Gwen Stefani has been in the news for a while. In fact, her recent outfit added fuel to these headlines even more. Plus, recently, people kept suspecting, “Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant?” 

So if you are curious about the same, then keep reading. 

In this article, I will discuss: Whether Gwen Stefani is indeed pregnant. Who is the baby daddy? And Stefani’s April Fool prank. 

Is Gwen Stefani indeed Pregnant?

Gwen’s pregnancy rumors have been circulating since 2022. While one may think it’s been one whole year, why is the baby not out yet? 

Is Gwen Stefani Pregnant

Well, 53 years old Stefani has been trying to get pregnant for a while. In fact, she regularly visits the IVF Clinic and undergoes fertility-specific treatments. But then again, there is no confirmation on whether Gwen’s conceiving efforts are successful. 

Additionally, she has undergone a similar procedure to conceive her other child, Apollo.

Who Is The Baby Daddy?

Blake Shelton is the rumored baby daddy of Gwen’s unconfirmed pregnancy. He is a fellow The Voice Mentor and has tied the knot to Stefani since 2021. Although the ceremony was super private, the pair received immense love from everyone. 

This is a second marriage, and she already has three children from the previous one. 

Who Is The Baby Daddy
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The source close to Gwen shared that she was more than content with her family. However, when she saw Blake with her children, Stefani realized how good of a father Blake could be. 

And that is the reason she wanted to give Blake Shelton their own child. 

They have been trying to conceive since 2021. Moreover, that’s how her clinic visit pictures were leaked and stirred the pregnancy rumors. But looking at her age and the fertility complications, there were quite a few instances when she failed to conceive. 

Regardless, fans spotted a baby bump on Gwen in the recent The Voice episode. So, it looks like all the rumors are indeed true. However, let’s wait till either one of the parents officially confirms anything. 

Gwen Stefani April Fool Prank

Gwen Stefani April Fool Prank
Source: Don’t Talk About Baby

If you think this is the first time Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy has gone public, then you are wrong. Back in 2016, Gwen had pranked her Instagram audience with an ultrasound picture, which she captioned, “It’s a girl!”

Unfortunately, that was April Fool’s day. 

Other than that, Stefani has made fun of her pregnancy rumors in her song “Make Me Like You,” which features her holding a tab with the headline, “Gwen Stefani Pregnant with an Alien Baby!” 

Along with this song, Stefani had tributed multiple songs to Shelton. 

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The Final Verdict: Is Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Expecting Their First Child?

So, is Gwen Stefani Pregnant? There is no confirmation that Gwen and Blake are expecting their first child yet. 

However, a series of events point towards the same: First, in the recent The Voice episode, Gwen Stefani had a visible baby bump. 

Along with that, there were multiple photo leaks of Gwen’s regular IVF Clinics. 

However, despite having little evidence, let’s not jump to any conclusion. Rather wait till either one of the parties confirms anything. And in that case, I will keep the page updated!


How long have Blake and Gwen been together?

Blake and Gwen have been together for eight years. They first started dating each other in 2015 when they were co-mentoring a reality show. And in July 2021, they tied the knot. 

Is Gwen Stefani pregnant?

As of now, there is no official confirmation of Gwen Stefani’s pregnancy. However, fans have seemingly spotted a baby bump on a recent episode of The Voice. 

Who is Gwen Stefani’s baby daddy?

Gwen Stefani’s husband, Blake Shelton, is the rumored baby daddy of Gwen Stefani. 

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